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ACTION REQUIRED: Secure Your Testing Experience - Best Practices for Updating Sauce Connect

Sauce Labs provides a number of features that help secure your testing experience and ensure that your data and applications are safe while using our cloud platform. One of the most popular features is Sauce Connect Proxy—a built-in HTTP proxy server that opens a secure "tunnel" connection for testing between a Sauce Labs virtual machine or real device and a website or mobile app hosted on your local computer ("localhost") or behind a corporate firewall.

Reviewing Findings in Veracode for VS Code

In this video, you will learn how to: Veracode IDE Scans find potential security issues in your code in seconds so that you can fix the findings directly in your IDE. Veracode for VS Code is an extension to Visual Studio Code, which performs an IDE Scan at the file level. It supports JavaScript, TypeScript, and C#. You can scan either a single file or all files in a selected Visual Studio folder.

Should You Build A Test Automation Framework From Scratch?

Frameworks are crucial for any automated testing process in a software organization. They not only reduce the testing efforts and maintenance costs but also increase the return on investment (ROI) of an organization who is looking to optimize their agile processes. A well-designed test automation framework makes it easier to continue running and improving the system consistently.

A Universal Approach for Building a Successful Automation Testing Framework

In the past 20 years, open-source was speeding up software development. As the Agile world requires teams to release fast and often, it’s time for open-source play its role in ensuring software quality. Join Katalon VP of Product as he uncovers the approach to developing your automation testing tool from open-sources, and the 5-year lessons his team learned from building Katalon Studio - a free, inclusive automation testing tool based on Selenium.