What's New in ReadyAPI

This blog is part of a monthly series highlighting the updates and happenings of our all-in-one automated API testing platform, ReadyAPI. Hello friends! Our team has been working hard since our last update and we’re excited to deliver ReadyAPI v3.3.0 to our beloved API testers. As all versions, ReadyAPI 3.3.0 is built on our core product principles of user-centric, collaborative, open, balanced, and frictionless.


Cybersecurity penetration testing explained

Cybersecurity penetration testing is a method of checking for security weaknesses in software and systems by simulating real-world cyber-attacks. Also known colloquially as 'pen tests,' penetration tests probe beyond the scope of automated vulnerability scans. Pen tests find gaps in protection that can arise when unique combinations of applications, systems, and security defenses work together in live environments.


Inevitable or Preventable? Herein Lies Our Mission

Software bugs are inevitable. Performance and load surprises are inevitable. API errors are inevitable. Software, delivered with vast differences from what you envisioned, inevitable. Tighter timelines and more and more feature requests are inevitable. And that’s all in a normal year. New viruses with potential to turn into global pandemics are also inevitable – and we haven’t seen the last of them. Problems are everywhere.


3 Best Practices for Testing Your Website's Performance in 2020

For a website to succeed in 2020, it’s not enough for your content to be engaging. As we all spend more time online, we want websites to be fast and the experience to be seamless. Those that don’t will lose out on customers even if their content is top-notch. Cutting down on your website’s loading time is one of the best ways to improve the overall user experience (UX).


Techniques To Prevent Software Bugs

Creating a bug-free software is hard, to the extent that it seems like a myth. Bugs in software represent the discrepancy between the expected and actual behaviour of the software. Although it’s unrealistic to make software bug-free, efforts can surely be made to minimize the number of bugs in software through various prevention and detection techniques. Prevention techniques are the ones that can be used to prevent bugs from occurring in the software.

[Webinar] Migrate from Selenium to Katalon Studio: Testing can be done faster, and easier.

Thousands of testers have migrated their Selenium tests to Katalon Studio since the release of this new feature. The positive feedback and results have encouraged our experts and us to further introduce the functionalities and values of this feature through this webinar. and more!

API Performance Testing with LoadUI Pro: The Why, the How, and the Measures of Success [Part 3]

This post is the final part of a series on API performance testing. In Part 2 of our post, we discussed how load testing with LoadUI Pro does not have to add a significant amount of bandwidth to your API testing workload. When starting a new project with LoadUI Pro, you can select a template that will allow you to easily configure a load test so you can quickly get started on your performance testing journey.


Cloud Load Testing Tools for Websites, Web-Mobile Apps and APIs. LoadFocus is the easiest way to test your Websites, Mobile / Web Applications, Web Services or APIs.

Testcontainers for Containerized Integration Testing at Moogsoft

Here at Moogsoft, we take quality seriously and one of the most important goals for our test suites is to catch issues early on in the development process. A lot of our automated tests are integrated into our CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipeline as gates that can block a merge request with quality issues. Therefore, to ensure stable CI/CD pipelines as well as quick and quality releases to production, it is important to have tests that are stable and lightweight.