7 Steps to Make eCommerce Performance be your Competitive Advantage for the Holiday Season

Performance testing in preparation for the 2020 holiday season is more important than ever. Going into the busy season with confidence that your eCommerce can handle whatever is thrown at it is not just about mitigating risk, it's about seizing opportunity. In this report, we address the seven practical performance testing considerations to help make sure your website is ready for the 2020 holiday online shopping bonanza and help you avoid snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Analyzing, Interpreting, and Reporting Load Test Results

In today's app economy, the speed at which businesses secure revenue directly correlates to application quality and customer perception, expectation, and delight. The objective of performance testing is to identify and expose the most likely sources of application risk and deliver the actionable insight required to mitigate performance bottlenecks. Accurate interpretation of performance test data informs the tactical and strategic decisions that drive the business and impact revenue, brand, market perception, and the user experience.

Analyze Your Load Tests

OctoPerf’s report engine provides many graphs to sort and presents test metrics in a comprehensive way. We’ve tried to improve it over the years so that you can access critical information very quickly. But requirements vary from one project to the other. In this post we will look at how you can configure the report to show you preferred metrics, and also all the shortcuts you can take to achieve this goal.

sauce labs

Tech Tip: Pointing Your Automated Tests to Sauce

So you’ve realized the benefits of test automation. Through your own research, or perhaps a small proof of concept, you’ve realized removing once-manual quality processes can accelerate release cycles and improve your user experience. You’ve built a small suite of tests, and the benefits are real. The next step in your journey, you realize, is to achieve the real value of automation, which means running it continuously and at scale.

Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Benchmark Report 2020

Continuous testing is the key to unlocking digital confidence. How does your organization stack up? Now in its second iteration, the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Benchmark Report details the best practices critical to successful continuous testing, and track organizations' collective performance against those metrics. Based on real-customer data from the more than 3 billion tests run on the Sauce Labs platform, the 2020 Continuous Testing Benchmark is a community resource unlike any other.

The Essential Guide to Continuous Testing

No matter the industry, every company is now in the business of developing applications and online experiences. To keep up with the competition, you need to stand out in all of the digital noise. For your app to succeed, it is critical that it delight your customers with a flawless experience, regardless of what device they use to access it. New features and updates need to be delivered quickly and frequently, but without compromising quality.

Testing vs Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control What's the Difference?

A product, an application, a website, the success of all these do depend on the functionalities built into them. But answer to some questions like “How easy they were to use? How easy were they to understand? Did they do the job without any errors?”, ‘quality’ becomes the most important factor of it all. A developer may build the functionality but a tester determines the quality of the software and how well they were built.


How NeoLoad Performance Testing Helps You Get Ready for the Biggest Holiday Shopping Year Yet

The 2020 holiday season is shaping up to be the biggest wave of online shopping ever. No matter how our “new normal” plays out over the next few months, there’s no question that fewer people will be shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. When you consider that about half of all shoppers last year completed the bulk of their holiday shopping in physical stores, we’re looking at millions of consumers who’ll be turning to online retail for the majority of their shopping.


What's New in ReadyAPI

This blog is part of a monthly series highlighting the updates and happenings of our all-in-one automated API testing platform, ReadyAPI. Hello friends! Our team has been working hard since our last update and we’re excited to deliver ReadyAPI v3.3.0 to our beloved API testers. As all versions, ReadyAPI 3.3.0 is built on our core product principles of user-centric, collaborative, open, balanced, and frictionless.