Running Mobile Device QR Code Tests

When injecting an image with a QR Code or barcode, the image size in your preview may exceed the boundaries of the target scanner area, which would prevent your app from reading the code. In this scenario, you'd need to add padding to your uploaded image so that when it's scaled to full-screen, the QR Code will fit inside the scanning area limits and can be processed
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3 Challenges to Overcome When Implementing Low-Code Development

Frequent software delivery drives innovation. According to the State of DevOps Report, high-performing organizations deploy 200x more frequently and have 3x lower change failure rates than lower-performing organizations.This type of velocity and scale is only possible for a highly capable engineering team with an advanced DevOps infrastructure. However, legacy and startup organizations may have a harder time accomplishing this.

Why Error Monitoring is an Essential Part of Continuous Testing

In the modern era of DevOps-driven development, teams are increasingly pushing smaller and smaller increments of code into production faster and faster, often leading to inadequate testing. To assure and improve the quality of software in production, many developers are now benefiting from a new test methodology that combines functional testing with error monitoring in production.

Top 10 features offered by leading software testing companies

With the world embracing more digital tools to create new efficiencies, businesses that want to stay relevant in the market need their offerings to remain dynamic, optimized for users, and pristine quality. Since it’s often not possible to build, maintain, and enable technology alone, partnering with a software testing company is a great solution for continued success. But among so many options, how can you be confident that the software testing company you want to work with is the best?


Why you should go framework agnostic for test automation?

The most flexible native mobile-app testing solution.” It’s a bold claim that we are making about the BitBar Real Device Cloud. One of the essential features of being the most flexible is being framework-agnostic. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this term and see how QA teams and managers can benefit from such a platform. BitBar Cloud recently extended Flutter support to include Flutter 2.2 released by Google on May 18th, 2021.

Developing and Testing a Web App with Continuous Integration

Continuous integration seems to be a difficult topic that often eludes many individuals. Some typical questions that arise are which technologies should we use and how do we actually put everything together? However, CI doesn't need to be so difficult with the combination of the right tools.