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Better Together: Real Devices, Emulators & Simulators for Mobile Testing

Ten years ago I saw a Selenium test that could click on a capital "I" that was one pixel wide. I was not capable of clicking on it myself. Around that time, a lot of people began using phrases like "End to end is further than you think." Simulators and emulators, after all, could not simulate heat, poor memory management, low power, and other problems. Then again, that was ten years ago.


Types of Automation Testing: A Beginner's Guide

In the software testing world, there are two types of testing techniques — manual and automated. Both aim to execute the test case and then compare the actual outcome with the expected result. Manual testing is a testing technique that requires significant human effort to ensure a software solution does everything that it is supposed to do. While great for specific test cases, excessive use of manual testing proved to be inefficient over time.


ETL Testing: What, Why, and How to Get Started

Companies use their data to accelerate business growth and overtake their competitors. To achieve this, they invest a lot in their ETL (extract-transform-load) operations, which take raw data and transform it into actionable information. It’s no wonder, then, that ETL testing is a crucial part of a well-functioning ETL process, since the ETL process generates mission-critical data.


Black Box Testing: What You Need to Know

Today’s software development life cycle includes a variety of quality and security testing techniques at every stage. Frequent testing throughout the DevOps pipeline is imperative considering the ever-increasing pace of development. One of the most common testing methods that companies use to ensure the products they are pushing out are secure and high-quality is black box testing.