Top 12 tips every pentester should know

In 2020, both big and small companies alike are embracing pen-testing as a solution to ensure the quality and availability of their mission-critical communication systems and data storage. Detectify Crowdsource is our private bug bounty community that’s powering our automated web security scanners to protect 1000s of security teams.


TestComplete Furthers Test Automation Scalability and AI Innovation with Version 14.4

TestComplete is excited to announce its next release that will continue to accelerate your testing initiatives, ensuring confidence in the quality of your application. The 14.4 Release of TestComplete includes features that will scale your tests to the cloud across devices and configurations, solve for complex controls such as tables or grids, and adds AI-powered improvements to self-healing tests. At SmartBear, we know this industry is complex, so we strive to simplify it at every level.

SmartBear Strengthens Enterprise-grade Portfolio with Acquisition of TM4J from Adaptavist

TM4J is the #1 user-rated test management app in the Atlassian Marketplace and offers enterprise teams unmatched BDD support and powerful integrations with leading agile and DevOps tools

The 7-Step plan for successful AIOps implementations

The idea of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to more rapidly and accurately resolve IT incidents and manage alerts has been gaining steam in the past year. While AIOps, as it’s frequently called, has spawned an entirely new market of startups, many enterprise IT leaders are playing a cautious hand so far – and for good reason. There are risks, though. If an AIOps tool goes wrong out of the gates, IT and executive trust diminishes.


SmartBear + Test Management for Jira: Delivering testing solutions and BDD within Jira

We are thrilled to announce that SmartBear has acquired Test Management for Jira (TM4J), the #1 user-rated QA and test management app in Jira for enterprise teams, from London-based Adaptavist. Today’s enterprises know they need to become more agile in order to meet increased business demands, but they often find themselves held back by the limitations of legacy or inefficient testing solutions.


k6 as alternative to Azure load testing and Visual Studio load test

At the end of 2018, Microsoft stated that Visual Studio 2019 is the last version with load testing features. A few months later they formally announced that Azure load testing is closing down on March 31st, 2020. This announcement came as a bomb to the community. But for those who follow this market, the news was not a complete surprise.


What Is a Requirement Traceability Matrix?

When developing software applications, we want to make sure the application does what the software requirements say it’s supposed to do, and testing proves that it does. In this article, I’ll explore how to link requirements to test cases, and I’ll explain what a requirement traceability matrix is and how to build a simple one.