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Beyond API testing with Jest

Jest is a JavaScript-based testing framework that lets you test both front-end and back-end applications. Jest is great for validation because it comes bundled with tools that make writing tests more manageable. While Jest is most often used for simple API testing scenarios and assertions, it can also be used for testing complex data structures. In this tutorial, we will go through how to use Jest to test nested API responses and hopefully have fun in the process.


Well-tested code: in search of meaningful coverage

If you work anywhere near the field of software development, you’ve likely already heard that you should always write code that is well-tested. Everyone wants to have well-tested code and for a good reason! Testing ensures our code is working as intended and protects against regression. Thoroughly testing code helps teams confidently ship software faster and with fewer issues.

Testing with k6 + Grafana: Better together by Nicole van der Hoeven

k6 is one of the newest additions to the Grafana Labs family, but what exactly is it, and what does it have to do with Grafana? In this session, Nicole van der Hoeven will demonstrate how to use k6, how to integrate it with Grafana, and why k6 and Grafana are better together. Nicole van der Hoeven is a Developer Advocate at k6, living in the Netherlands.

JMeter Load Testing | JMeter Performance Testing | Load Testing Tutorial Using JMeter | LoadView

In this tutorial video, we will show you how to quickly and easily set up and execute large-scale, cloud-based load tests with the LoadView platform using JMeter test plan scripts. Learn more about load testing JMeter and how LoadView can be used to load test websites, APIs, web applications, streaming media, and Postman Collections!

Performing database tests on SQL databases

Testing is one of those activities that if not exhaustive will not have its complete impact on your software development process. Oftentimes developers are only concerned about testing the application layer of the system (a.k.a the codebase) and ignore testing the data layer (the database) which is also as important as testing the code itself.


Optimizing Continuous Testing with Continuous Test Data Management

Continuous testing has emerged as a popular practice within DevOps, assisting teams in their quest to release high quality software on demand. While test data management (TDM) practices are extremely important to ensure that testing is effective, various surveys have indicated that TDM issues are one of the leading causes of delays in testing and application delivery.


Optimizing Long-Running Tests

Thundra’s engineering team has been building cloud observability solutions for years. In this time, we’ve discovered how crucial analytics and visibility are for the CI/CD process in general, and for tests specifically. After all, these parts of the development pipeline also run in the cloud, so if those tests fail, it’s often not clear why. This makes monitoring these remote environments all the more important.