Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm

Today, most organizations are rearchitecting their applications and moving them to the cloud. Use of microservices architecture and containers has completely transformed the way organizations develop and deploy new applications in the cloud. These technologies, alongside container orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm, allow organizations to develop small, independently deployable components of code that require minimal resources.


OnPage’s New Integration With ServiceNow

If you’re an IT professional who has followed our blog, you’re familiar with OnPage and ServiceNow’s integration and their shared commitment to ensuring that critical alerts are never missed. But, did you know that OnPage and ServiceNow just took this powerful integration to the next level? The latest release of the integration provides significant enhancements. It’s also fully certified by ServiceNow and available on the ServiceNow Store.


ML and AI enabled IT Ops: the NOC as a modern cockpit

A common sentiment among our prospects after they see our demo for the first time is: “That’s it? It can’t be that simple!”. The truth is – yes it can be, and it should be. ML and AI should make IT Ops simpler, and a big part of that is usability. If your ML & AI powered IT Ops tools take months to set up and weeks to learn, and then don’t provide a substantially improved user experience, you’re obviously using the wrong tools.


DevOps vs. ITIL Incident Management Process Flow

IT incidents from active directory, account deletion, printer not printing, and monitor flickering to software development incidents such as application delivery and code merge issues can affect anything from a single user to an entire business. Both DevOps and ITIL (IT infrastructure library) incident management process flows can restore your day-to-day service operations.


Operationalizing ThousandEyes Using RingCentral Glip

What to do with an operations alert can sometimes be a daunting task. Some of our customers opt to get started with email alerts, the easiest and quickest way to consume alerts. But with email alerting, if not granularly customized, can often result in email fatigue. On the other hand, some customers will put significant investment in ingesting alerts and integrating test data into their correlation engines using webhooks or the ThousandEyes API.


Implement IT Service Alerting (ITSA) Tools for your Business

IT service alerting (ITSA) tools are quickly becoming must-haves. These tools notify IT teams about infrastructure problems, poor performance and other IT management issues. In doing so, ITSA tools empower businesses to avoid outages, reduce downtime and comply with service-level agreements (SLAs).


New Integration: Google Firebase Crashlytics

Keep Your Apps Stable Using PagerDuty’s Integration With Google Firebase Crashlytics. Are you a developer tasked with keeping a mobile application stable and performing as expected? If so, you probably know that the worst tends to happen when you aren’t around to deal with it—like that time a high-impact crash happened when you were traipsing through Europe.