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Putting HC3's Cyber Posture Recommendations into Practice

Of growing concern to both patients and the professionals who facilitate their care is the growing trend of healthcare organizations being preyed upon by cybercriminals. In the United States, recent political dialogue has brought special attention to patients’ privacy rights under HIPAA and the ongoing security of their records.


Announcing Unified Alerts

When an alert goes off, it can trigger some of the more stressful moments of being an on-call engineer. That stress can be compounded by the scale of the alert, the relative newness to the role, or the level of visibility that management has into the issue. When an alert triggers, you want to be able to quickly move from triaging the alert to begin investigating, mitigating, and resolving the issue. An actionable alert enables you to move through this process quicker.

Investigate critical alerts on the go with the Datadog mobile app

The Datadog mobile app provides real-time visibility into critical alerts, incidents, and application performance metrics across your entire environment, helping you troubleshoot directly from your mobile device. On-call engineers can quickly evaluate the conditions that triggered an alert, determine its urgency, and decide the next course of action—anywhere, anytime.

How to Scale Your Alerts Beyond PromQL with Coralogix Flow Alerts

When building alerts, engineers aim to create accurate, timely, and actionable alerts. In pursuit of this goal, many engineers will leverage PromQL throughout their careers. PromQL is the query language used by Prometheus and Alert Manager to query metrics and define alerting rules. While PromQL works very well for simple use cases, as infrastructure scales, architectural patterns grow more complex, engineering practices accelerate, and alerting use cases become more multivariate.


So You Received an Alert. Now What?

Your phone buzzes with an incoming text message right when you’re about to start dinner. Inconvenient, but better than a 3 am call. It’s an Uptime.com Alert, and if you want to clear it before your dinner gets cold you need the right tools for investigation… If that scenario sounds familiar to you, then you’re in good (if tired) company.


Is being on-call a reason to quit?

“Well, that’s the job.” Have you ever heard that from your colleagues or bosses when it came to being on-call? Imagine you started a new job 3 months ago and were looking forward to it from the start. You are on-call one weekend a month and thought there wouldn’t be many incidents from Friday evening to Monday morning. But by now you’ve noticed how much being on-call duty actually stresses you out. You get restless as soon as your shift starts.