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May 2024 Update - New shift scheduling brings increased productivity and improved user experience, along with revamped stand-in functionality

Our May update includes a newly revamped shift scheduling for your SIGNL4 teams. It is now much easier to run your shift model in SIGNL4 and schedule team members into shifts. It also includes a new calendar view and a fundamental revision of our substitute function for the scheduled colleagues on duty. All details are as always available in this blog article.

How to Build an Effective OnCall Schedule in 2024

When it comes to oncall scheduling, your enterprise must plan as much as possible. Fortunately, with the right processes and tools, you can effectively implement and manage an oncall schedule. You can also use this schedule to quickly identify and resolve incidents and prevent them from causing long-lasting damage to your organization and its stakeholders.

PagerTree Team Admin QuickStart Guide

In this quick start guide, we will cover the basics of getting started as a team admin within PagerTree. Transcript: In this Team Admin QuickStart guide, we will explore the basics of team management in PagerTree. Team admins are responsible for managing teams within PagerTree. In the Team Page, admins can edit current teams, on-call schedules, and escalations policies. When editing teams They can assign and remove members as well as assign team admins.

An Introductory Guide to Grafana Alerts

Grafana is a resilient open-source dashboard and visualization platform celebrated for its ability to help users grasp complex data. The alerting system is an essential element enhancing its capabilities. By notifying users of data shifts or irregularities, the alerting system significantly improves the user experience. This guide covers the basics of Grafana alerts, emphasizing their importance and offering practical tips for seamless setup.

How to Promote your Status Page to Customers and Stakeholders

In today's digital landscape, maintaining transparency with your customers and stakeholders is paramount. One effective way to achieve this is through a status page. A status page provides real-time updates about your service’s performance, incidents, and scheduled maintenance. However, you must first promote your status page so your customers can take advantage of it.

What's New at OnPage: Enhanced Phone App and Security

Welcome to the latest OnPage phone app update! Our dedication to enhancing our product and streamlining customer workflows remains unwavering. In our continuous quest for improvement, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to our application. We’ve listened intently to your feedback and are excited to announce a significant modernization of our phone application, showing our commitment to meeting your evolving needs.

PagerTree Account Admin QuickStart Guide

In this quick start guide, we will cover the basics of getting started as an account admin within PagerTree. Transcript: In this quickstart guide, we will show you the basics of an account admin in PagerTree. Before watching this video, it is suggested to read and watch the Architecture Guide to build a strong foundation for your understanding of PagerTree and how it works. Here is a brief overview of the alert workflow.

False Positive Alerts: A Hidden Risk in Observability

Observability systems are designed to keep tabs on key metrics, identify unusual patterns, and alert teams when things go awry. Despite best efforts, however, these systems are not infallible, and sometimes they send out alerts for issues that don’t exist. This is what we call a false positive. These false alarms can wreak havoc on team efficiency, lead to alert fatigue, and obscure genuine problems. Let’s delve into what false positives are and why they matter so much.