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Enterprise Alert 9.4.1 comes with fixes and the revised version of the sentinel connector app

In this release, we have addressed a number of bugs that were impacting the performance and functionality of the system. In the Kernel, we have resolved an issue where the broadcast was not being stopped after the first user acknowledged it. Additionally, we have fixed a crash that was occurring when loading component infos and an error log that was being generated when the Kernel started in suspended mode.

OnPage - Never Miss a Critical Alert Again (For IT, Clinical Comm. and Collab. & Crisis Comm.)

OnPage is an Incident Alert Management platform that elevates critical notifications to the right person on call to remediate critical events. With Alert-Until-Read capabilities, dynamic digital schedules, escalation policies, incident reports, and redundancies, OnPage aims to ensure that critical alerts are never missed. OnPage serves many industries including, healthcare, information technology, managed services, IoT, and manufacturing. With over 250+ integrations, the solution extends incident alert management to popular ITSM (ticketing), RMM, monitoring and cybersecurity tools. On the healthcare front, OnPage integrates with popular scheduling, IoT, nurse calls, and EMR systems.

A Complete Guide to PagerDuty Alternatives

Exploring Options for Incident Management: A Comparison of PagerDuty and Other Tools Effective incident response is crucial for managing operational issues and resolving them in a complex technology environment. With the increasing complexity of systems built from numerous services, it is important for companies to have a way to keep these systems running smoothly.


What Is IT Mapping and How Can it Prevent the Next Production Incident?

IT infrastructure mapping is the process of creating a visual topology of a network infrastructure. This mapping process helps understand the geographic and interactive layout of a network, which applications depend on. Using infrastructure mapping for troubleshooting, you can quickly understand the relationship between application issues and hardware issues.


Better Uptime Powered Status Page

Better Uptime is a robust uptime monitoring and tracking tool that helps businesses ensure the availability and reliability of their websites and online services. It continuously monitors the performance and availability of a website or application and provides real-time alerts and notifications in case of disruptions or outages. They also provide a relatively simple status page, albeit gorgeous looking and useful for some simple use cases; your team will, in all likelihood, outgrow it at some point.


How to use Kubernetes events for effective alerting and monitoring

Kubernetes, a graduated project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ecosystem, is the most prominent and widely used container orchestration systems. It’s used to manage and deploy containers in a wide range of environments, from IoT devices based on Raspberry Pis to enterprise environments consisting of millions of services.


Thousands of Insights at a Glance With Coralogix Alert Map

An effective alerting strategy is the difference between reacting to an outage and stopping it before it starts. That’s why at Coralogix, we’re constantly releasing new features that redefine how alerts are consumed, to enable teams to push their ambitions even further, release with confidence, and tackle issues proactively. Alerts Map is now an indispensable tool for that mission.