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Performance Ratings and Experience Scores for Meaningful Alerting and Rapid Observability

Administrators and IT management are increasingly leveraging simple quantifiable KPI indicators such as “Performance Ratings” to gain rapid overviews and track key outcomes. Modern IT architectures are designed and built to scale and be resilient. Systems are now usually built to handle failover and auto-scale up and down to handle varying demand and workloads with very different properties and needs.

How to ensure HTTP notification delivery

Rely on AppDynamics alerts but consider no alerting system is immune from failure itself. Just like how a power outage could prevent an alarm clock from alerting you at the expected set time, issues can lead to alert failures if say for example, there is a misconfiguration during the setup or perhaps if an endpoint or gateway communication goes offline. Being able to rely on alerts is necessary, expecting one when a system is experiencing a health-related issue, however, we must prepare that there could be a failed HTTP request, that you must rely on that would notify you of an issue.

SIGNL4 Onboarding: 3rd Party Integration: Webhook & Email

The SIGNL4 Onboarding series walks users through the process's of SIGNL4 from Signup to Alerts to Settings. Todays video focuses on Scheduling users for duty shifts. Learn how to create an app inside of Signl4 to receive events from third party systems. Learn how to create an app and then receive events from those apps to create alerts. This video is packed with helpful tips to help you get the most out of your account.
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Prometheus Sample Alert Rules

Prometheus is a robust monitoring and alerting system widely used in cloud-native and Kubernetes environments. One of the critical features of Prometheus is its ability to create and trigger alerts based on metrics it collects from various sources. Additionally, you can analyze and filter the metrics to develop: In this article, we look at Prometheus alert rules in detail. We cover alert template fields, the proper syntax for writing a rule, and several Prometheus sample alert rules you can use as is. Additionally, we also cover some challenges and best practices in Prometheus alert rule management and response.


The Ultimate Guide to Automating and Mobilizing Your Secops Processes with Derdack SIGNL4 and Microsoft Sentinel

The threat and security landscape is becoming increasingly cluttered. As incidents increase, so do alerts and notifications, leading to too many alerts and too few hours to address them. Many businesses work remote and with the ever-present smartphones, we are always on the go. Yet it is essential that security teams receive and prioritize meaningful threats, but that task is easier said than done.