Your MS Teams Rollout Needs Specific Help-Not General Guidance

Imagine for a moment you work as an IT project manager. Your boss just granted you the permission to deploy one of the most powerful workplace collaboration tools on the market. The tool, MS Teams, is like the “Excalibur” of our day—a seemingly magical piece of software that can put order to chaos, and instill direction and security across the entire digital employee landscape.


Want to Repair a Toxic Work Culture? You Need a New Type of Hero

There’s something weird going on in the world of enterprise tech. IT support—often stereotyped as being distant, detached, and uncharismatic—is somehow becoming a source of cultural inspiration for employee productivity and happiness. Most think a Sales Manager, C-Level Executive or HR Leader should be the ones to repair a toxic work culture. This line of thinking isn’t necessarily wrong—it’s just incomplete.


How To Give Your Employees A Voice During Digital Transformation

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the need for companies to take into account what their employees’ needs are when rolling out new technologies. Many new technology initiatives fail because employees aren’t involved in the process at some level — whether it’s helping design a solution to their problems or providing regular feedback to their leadership teams on what’s working and what they need to be successful.


Settling the Score: The Digital Employee Experience Score That Helps IT Power Business

Thousands of IT professionals wake up every morning focused on improving their employees’ digital experience at work. Even while our customers and their forward-thinking tech executives work tirelessly to improve that experience, many expressed frustration with their inability to show progress and success.


Three Letters That Can Take Your Investment in ServiceNow to WOW

Organizations around the world are starting to grasp the often harsh reality that their employees’ digital experiences have a direct impact on their bottom line. Indeed, with employees increasingly dealing with ever-changing digital devices, tools and processes, they are also inevitably exposed to new IT problems and frustrations.

MS Teams: Migration overview and comparisons of performance and satisfaction | Product Demo

In this quick product demo, discover Nexthink's Teams migration overview dashboard and how to compare the technical performance of Teams with other tools (such as Skype for Business), as well as the comparison of employees' satisfaction from pre to post-migration.

24/7 Outside-in Web Application and User Experience Monitoring

SolarWinds® Pingdom® is used by Traxo to provide an outside-in, third party assessment of the availability and performance of the web services they provide to the travel industry. They also use Pingdom to monitor the customer's digital experience so they can make sure they continue to deliver a high level of performance.