Eureka! Nexthink Shines Light on What Users Really Think About IT

Digital Experience firm analyzes employee sentiment on the IT service they’re receiving IT experience management software company Nexthink is revving its efforts to help companies measure and improve how employees feel about their IT environments with a new release of its platform.


IT's Lifeline - Digital Experience Management for Modern Work

As odd as it might sound, I think these past few months have done a lot of good for IT, and following the recent news from Nexthink last week, I actually feel optimistic for many enterprises out there that might be struggling. Hear me out. Right now, there are millions of people working in new, flexible work environments that didn’t even exist six months ago.

10 Essential Use Cases for Employee Experience Monitoring

Today's digital workplace includes SaaS apps, remote workers, and a digitally native workforce with high expectations for performance. Deliver a world-class digital employee experience, hold SaaS and other service providers accountable to SLAs, and maximize workforce productivity with Catchpoint. This handbook covers 10 common digital employee experience monitoring use cases.

The Need for 'Real ISP' Visibility in your DEM Strategy

Recently, one of my buddies moved to a new apartment. As an extreme binge-watcher, he tried all different combinations for positioning his 65-inch 4K TV and leather recliner in almost every single sq. ft of the living room. The only flexibility he did not have was in choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for his new house. As a backend dev professional, it did not even matter to him as long as he was getting a 150Mbps internet connection.


Digital Experience Monitoring for Remote Teams - Featuring Insights from Forrester

IT teams face many visibility challenges due to the massive shift to remote work due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This includes the variability of home network environments, reliance on SaaS and cloud applications, the unpredictability of Internet transport, and higher congestion than ever before. How do you overcome these monitoring challenges?


Managing the Digital Employee Experience: The Next Frontier for the Modern IT Organization

IT’s role in the modern workplace has never been more critical and complex than right now. IT is pressured to roll out new technologies and drive innovation all while providing instant support for end users in an ever-changing workplace. Employees expect to work with the best tools in tech, from wherever they are, and however they choose.


Forging Ahead, Nexthink's Fight for Smarter IT & Better Digital Work Experiences

Today we launched the next generation of our digital employee experience (DEX) management platform, Nexthink Experience™. We strongly believe that this technology will shape the future of end-user computing and I cannot help but think back nostalgically to how this entire journey started.