I&O Leaders Should Pay Attention to Gartner's 2019 Market Guide For Digital Experience Monitoring

Many Industry and Operations (I&O) Leaders working in end-user computing today can attest to that famous Dylan lyric. In Gartner’s latest Market Guide on Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) they report that “by 2023, 60% of digital business intiatives will require I&O to report on user’s digital experience, up 15% from today”. Compare that to just a decade ago when I&O Leaders rarely had to think about their employees’ digital experiences when making decisions.


Practical Advice For Operationalizing IT Surveys

If you have successfully deployed an ITSM solution like Nexthink, you’ll next want to collect timely employee survey data to provide context for your support team. From our experience we recommend you take the following steps: In most large-scale companies, internal communication is usually already owned by the corporate communications department.


Digital Experience Monitoring: An Overview

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, it’s critical for companies to be in sync with their users and customers. From websites and web applications to internal mission-critical applications, businesses must ensure that their services are always available and running smoothly. If not, users are likely to easily abandon your website, directly affecting revenue.


How Our Customers Get 80% Response Rates From Employee Surveys

You can’t really blame most people for thinking employee surveys are a lost cause. Survey fatigue is a real thing, and every organization has its unique red tape when it comes to data collection and HR policy. If you can even manage to convince your employees to respond to that well-crafted questionnaire, how do you separate the signal from the noise and operationalize this information for ITOps?


Good IT Support? Or Just a Pain In The Bits?

Good IT Support is harder to pin down than you’d think but deciding which technology is better than the next is pretty straightforward for most of us. Who wouldn’t pick the latest iPhone or Android device over a flip-phone? Actually, most senior citizens—but to their credit flip-phones never really die, they just regenerate into larger flip-phones. Bad example. Point is we can rate, compare, trial, and study just about every digital technology on the market.


Poor Work Experiences Are a "We" Problem

A few weeks ago I attended the Digital Workplace & Employee Experience Summit in Berlin hosted by Platinum Edge. I’ve been to hundreds of conferences in my professional career but none like this one. Surprisingly, the attendees and speakers weren’t just IT engineers like myself, but instead a mix and mash of human resources, change management, content marketing, and digital analytics professionals—all with skin in the proverbial workplace experience game.


Q&A with Andrew Hewitt (Forrester)-Experience NYC '19

Experience NYC hosted several quality speakers but one in particular stood out to me for his unique message: Andrew Hewitt, a leading IT Analyst from Forrester. Probably the last thing you would expect to hear at an IT solutions conference is a captivating talk grounded in human psychology. Feelings? Perceptions? Beliefs? These topics don’t seem to fit nicely into bits and bytes. They’re perceived as foreign, un-engineer speak.