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Troubleshoot WiFi and Wireless Networking Issues Everywhere

In today’s varied workspace dynamics, wireless networking issues can greatly impact user experience and productivity. Whether it’s slow download speeds, poor wireless coverage, connectivity, or collaboration problems during virtual meetings, wireless troubleshooting is crucial to ensuring remote and office productivity.

Digital experience monitoring in Applications Manager

Digital experience monitoring (DEM) involves tracking the entire digital user journey of your applications, websites, APIs, and other digital services. It focuses on tracking the performance of your web application from the end user’s perspective, offering in-depth insights on user experience, app performance, and customer satisfaction.

Effective Monitoring for VPN Gateways

As the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) becomes increasingly prevalent, ensuring their efficient, speedy, and reliable performance is crucial. Synthetic monitoring allows organizations to create simulated scenarios to evaluate and measure VPN performance, enabling them to optimize user experience and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Exoprise provides a suite of products which work together for highly effective VPN performance gains.

Branch Office Monitoring With EUEM

The modern workforce has become increasingly remote and distributed, necessitating the need for monitoring solutions to ensure optimal performance in branch offices. Employee Experience Monitoring or Digital experience monitoring (DEM) has emerged as the critical tool for IT teams and businesses to address the challenges associated with remote work environments. This article combines two informative pieces to provide a comprehensive guide on how to monitor remote branch offices using DEM.

Understanding User-Centric Metrics in Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

User experience holds the utmost importance, and closely monitoring the digital experience from the user's standpoint is essential for achieving success. User-centric metrics offer invaluable insights into how users interact with digital platforms and enables businesses to optimize performance, enhance satisfaction, and drive growth. In this blog, we'll delve into the significance of user-centric metrics in digital experience monitoring and explore the key metrics that businesses should prioritize.

Solve UC Problems Before They Cost Money

In this webinar, we discuss the high cost of UC&C application issues, and the impact these issues have on organizations. We'll be doing a deep dive of the amount of tickets organizations receive, the amount of time these tickets take to resolve, some real customer examples, the typical steps taken with and without Exoprise, and the ROI of real-user monitoring.
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Analyzing SASE DEM Solutions

Vendors across security sectors are now offering their own digital experience monitoring products, especially when the security products can impact customer networks and performance at various levels. While these monitoring tools can provide valuable information to customers, it raises concerns about whether there is a potential conflict of interest between the vendor and the customer. If the SASE platform or security tools are introducing latency and slowing response times, how can the monitoring tools be trusted to accurately reflect their overhead?
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Monitoring Teams & Zoom on macOS Devices

When it comes to macOS, monitoring the digital experience comes with many challenges. When considering these challenges in relation to monitoring such business-critical UCaaS applications like Zoom, Teams or Cisco Webex, the challenges multiply - especially if relying solely on built-in macOS tools.

Microsoft Teams Outage, TM710344: Some users may experience multiple issues with their Microsoft Teams

Earlier today, Microsoft Teams experienced service degradation causing multiple issues for users. Users attempting to log in were presented with an “oops” page, while already-logged-in users were missing messages, experiencing issues with loading messages in channels and chats and preventing them from viewing or downloading media (images, video, audio, etc…) Exoprise proactive monitoring first detected the outage in North America starting shortly before 11 AM EST.