BCD Travel Selects Exoprise for Microsoft 365 Digital Experience Monitoring

Waltham, MA - June 10, 2021 - Exoprise, a leading provider of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution for Microsoft 365, today announced that BCD Travel, a provider of global corporate travel management services, has selected Exoprise to help the company achieve end-to-end visibility of critical Microsoft 365 SaaS application performance to enhance the digital experience, collaboration, and productivity of a large remote workforce.


Smartsheet's SRE Team Takes Center Stage As It Hits The 8M User Mark

Smartsheet was founded in 2005 with the mission of helping companies simplify and streamline how work is managed. Over three quarters of the Fortune 500 rely on Smartsheet. Through its enterprise platform for dynamic work, the platform aligns people and technology to help businesses move faster, drive innovation, and achieve more.


What the Fastly Outage Can Teach Us About Observability

On Tuesday June 8th, the Content Delivery Network Fastly experienced an outage that made large swaths of the web unavailable for nearly an hour. To focus on the positive, this outage can serve as a wakeup call for Observability teams, because it shows how much modern sites depend on resources beyond their immediate control, and how hard it is to "observe" these kinds of issues with an incomplete Observability mindset.


The Impact of Continuous Improvement on Technology and Business Outcomes

Determining what the best digital workspace looks like for your organization requires deeper insights into the way your organization performs. Basically, you need to visualize the relationship between technology and business outcomes. This relationship is always an important component to delivering a consistently great employee digital experience.


Incident Review - Fastly Outage Impacts Major Websites Worldwide

On June 8, 2021, many of us were left staring at blank screens or “Service Unavailable” errors when trying to access the internet. The panic was shared by millions of people around the world. Everything from Spotify, Amazon, and Reddit to Vimeo, Twitch, and Pinterest was inaccessible to users. This major outage that impacted any service using Fastly. Here is a quick rundown of what happened and why.


What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation refers to the process of adapting to and embracing digital technologies and innovations that can replace manual and non-digital processes. In practically every industry, digital transformation is essential for keeping pace with the competition. Kodak, for instance, used to be one of the most widely recognized brands in the photography business, earning billions of dollars in revenue every quarter.


Kudos, You've Earned a Digital Experience Monitoring Reward!

Digital experience has existed for a while now. We have now begun to scratch the surface to measure it. So that calls for Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM). DEM extends Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Network Performance Management (NPM) to view and optimize application performance issues from the end-user perspective.


Microsoft Silverlight End-of-Support - Ten Steps to Take Now!

The planned date of October 12, 201 for Microsoft Silverlight End-of-Support is rapidly approaching. This isn’t new news. It was originally discussed in a Microsoft blog on moving to HTML 5 premium media in July 2015. Currently, the only browsers that continue to run Silverlight are Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and 11.


Four KPIs for Measuring Hybrid Worker Productivity

Beginning in September, Google employees will split their time at work, spending at least three days a week in the office and the remainder of the work week working from home. Microsoft and Ford have also signaled their intention to implement hybrid working models. Other, smaller businesses are sure to follow these examples. Spoiler alert: the future of work is hybrid.

Exoprise Delivers Resilient Digital Experience and Microsoft 365 Visibility to BCD Travel

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in the Netherlands, BCD Travel is a provider of global corporate travel management with offices in more than 100 countries. The company simplifies the complexity of business travel and drives savings for travel and procurement partners. The company's IT department has hundreds of employees worldwide with expertise in managing and supporting infrastructure across North America, Europe, and Asia.