7 Wins That Helped IT Save its Work-From-Anywhere Program

I think I have been reading way too many “doom and gloom” articles this year about IT. For many companies, the switch to a prolonged work-from-anywhere (WFA) model has exposed serious cracks within their IT infrastructure. To be honest though, the cards have been stacked against IT for some time and 2020 was just the tipping point. Employees often resist new work technologies and there’s mounting evidence to prove that IT tends to overestimate how well their services are received.


Evaluating Cloud Service Providers

Cloud adoption has continued to push the momentum on digital transformation. The initial apprehension within enterprises on managing the disruption caused by the ongoing pandemic has slowly waned. Enterprises now have a clearer picture of the situation and are moving forward. The need for online collaboration and online meetings has forced most enterprises to rely more on cloud services for managing their workforce and to provide an environment that allows employees to work remotely.


Monitoring Within the Enterprise Network

Most businesses rely on communication and collaboration tools like email, Zoom, Teams, etc. So, staying connected over a reliable network can go a long way to increase efficiency and security in the day to day business. A corporate network that connects geographically dispersed users, from areas that could be anywhere in the world, is called an Enterprise WAN. Every enterprise has special use cases for certain network designs that meet the specific needs of the individual business.


50 Expert Employee Productivity Tips to Improve Your Team's Results

Employee productivity is pivotal to any organization’s performance. As employee productivity takes center stage in a rapidly shifting professional landscape, determining the best ways to improve it becomes increasingly critical to every company’s growth and survival. Building on your employees’ performance requires attention to both interpersonal and administrative details.


Digital Transformation: Strategies for Success from Top Tier Enterprises

In our last post on Catchpoint’s 2020 CIO New Normal Survey we talked about how COVID-19 is driving a “reverse industrial revolution” that is fueling a mass exodus from America’s biggest (and most expensive) cities. This week, we focus on a more pragmatic set of findings: the IT lessons that we can learn from those American enterprises that have fared the best during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Enhanced Data Analysis and Insights with Catchpoint and Splunk

Digital experience monitoring is only effective if incidents are detected immediately and the data aids in quick root cause analysis and resolution. To track the availability, reachability, performance, and reliability of each component in the application delivery chain, different teams within an organization, use multiple tools. Each of these tools generate huge volumes of data that can make it difficult to gain any meaningful insight or even to correlate relevant KPIs.