Automate Your Way to a Better Citrix End User Experience

See how IT generalists can deliver exceptional end-user experience using Citrix, regardless of their individual level of Citrix expertise. Technology is the solution - Goliath’s embedded intelligence and automation automatically discovers and maps your Citrix Delivery Infrastructure, monitors it based on best practices, and then alerts on any issue that may impact end-user experience, so root cause can be isolated and fixed quickly.

Troubleshoot Slow Logons for Citrix or VMware Horizon

Logon slowness can be caused by issues with the delivery controller, authentication, specific group policies, logon scripts, registry extensions, printer mapping, and many other areas. While logon slowness has typically been difficult to isolate, in this webinar you’ll see how new technology allows you to get to the root cause - in a few clicks.
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Monitoring the Citrix Delivery Controllers

When the Citrix architecture moved from v6 to v7, one of the main components that was introduced in the v7 architecture was the Citrix Delivery Controller (CDC). A Citrix Delivery Controller is a server-side component that is responsible for managing user access and brokering (enabling application and desktop access) and optimizing connections. Each site will have one or more delivery controllers.


Citrix Monitoring on SCOM | New Management Pack by NiCE & Teqwave

NiCE and Teqwave join forces to enable next-level Citrix monitoring on Microsoft SCOM. Both companies have a long-standing relationship in delivering SCOM-based monitoring services to large-scale enterprises. Our companies are partnering to help Citrix solution owners and administrators providing even better services and end-user experience. The Citrix Management Pack by Teqwave is a proven solution enabling discovery, monitoring, advanced analytics, and reporting on essential Citrix components.

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Citrix Issues and Problems

A few days ago, we hosted a very well received webinar presented by Barry Schiffer (CTP) from eG’s Benelux team and George Spiers, CTP and real-world Citrix Administrator. They covered key questions and workflows, such as: A colleague and I were answering questions during the live webinar, and we received a lot of questions. One of the best things about participating in these webinars is the high quality and breadth of questions that we receive from the attendees.

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Game Changer: Using Scorecards to Benchmark Citrix End User Performance

Enterprise administrators often feel blamed for performance issues that they don’t have any visibility into. While these virtual environments are constantly monitored to deliver strong performance for end users, the way they are typically viewed can leave us assuming that individual user performance is okay when it may not be. When monitoring a Citrix environment, typically your storage, network, and other infrastructure are monitored separately.