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Monitoring Best Practices for Citrix Cloud

The evolution of cloud computing has transformed all aspects of the IT landscape – how applications are deployed, how data is consumed and stored, how security is managed, and so on. A recent Forbes survey reports that in the span of 15 months, about 80% of all IT funds will be committed to cloud solutions. Cloud adoption has also started in the end-user computing (EUC) world.

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How to Troubleshoot Logon Duration and Find Root Cause

When trying to identify the root cause of a Citrix end-user experience issue, one of the key pieces of information is if the issue is widespread or if the issue is somewhat isolated. The quickest way to make that determination is by using the Automatic Citrix Discovery and Dependency Map (topology view) within Goliath Performance Monitor.

How One Insurer Enabled a Seamless End User Computing Experience for a Growing Remote Workforce

Learn more about how Goliath Technologies and IGEL enabled Penn National to gain end-to-end visibility into their virtual workspace environment, while providing anywhere, anytime access and availability to cloud-enabled digital workspaces.
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Why Troubleshooting Tools are Important to Any Citrix Upgrade

The Extended Support end-date for XenApp 6.5 is just under two months away, so the remaining customers, which I expect to be a fair few, should be on their migration journey to the Flexcast Management Architecture versions of Virtual Apps and Desktops 7. We should take a moment to firstly identify the different types of customers and where they are on their Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops journey.

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8 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Policies You Should Consider Tweaking

You have just deployed a new Virtual Apps and Desktops Site for your customer. You thought about what policies should apply in the environment, however you can’t possibly know them all. So, what you will want to do is to before deploying anything to end-users is shift through all the Citrix Policies on offer and configure them appropriately based on business needs and end-user requirements. There are many policies available. Luckily, you will likely not need to touch 80% of them.


Virtualization Monitoring with OpsRamp

Hypervisor-based server virtualization is widely used in hybrid IT environments for better infrastructure utilization, improved disaster recovery, and considerable cost savings. Given the complexities involved in managing virtualized environments, IT teams need the right insights for virtual resource monitoring so that they can address performance issues quickly.

How to Troubleshoot Poor Session Performance within your Citrix or VMware Horizon Environments

When end-user experience is plagued by poor performing Citrix or VMware Horizon environments IT needs to move fast to resolve. Or better yet, head off the issue before it ever becomes a problem for end-users. But how? Hint: you need end-to-end visibility for faster troubleshooting.
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Top 3 Ways to Identify Root Cause of Poor Performance Issues in Your Citrix or VMware Horizon Deployment

Enterprise troubleshooting is not an easy task with many enterprises. Administrators are typically left maintaining many different solutions, attempting to evaluate root cause manually, or are left with solutions that do not give broad visibility into all aspects of the deployed Citrix or VMware Horizon deployment. This can leave systems down for longer than necessary and can leave administrators in a tough spot. We covered some of these pain points previously and can be found here.