Coronavirus and the New IT Management Challenge

The unplanned and unbudgeted surge in remote workers due to the Coronavirus has IT teams scrambling to ensure their virtualized desktop and application infrastructure (Citrix or VMware Horizon) can support the increased usage, workloads, and expectations of seamless performance from workers who are not familiar with remote working.
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Trouble Finding Citrix Expertise? The Answer is Technology

Why is it so difficult to find the Citrix expertise you need to successfully manage the end-user experience? It is all in the numbers. And the numbers are not changing anytime soon. Citrix sites support over 400,000 customers. On average, an organization has 2-3 total FTEs managing and monitoring their Citrix environment. If you take those numbers, then roughly there is a demand for at least 1.2 million experts who need to be able to interact with Citrix in a knowledgeable way.

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Are Your Remote Workers Working?

Whether it is due to the scare of the Coronavirus, inability to hire locally with the competitive job market, or the growing trend of offering flexible workstyles, more organizations are offering work from home or remote working options. As someone who has worked remotely for the past 10 years, I know more often than not my days start sooner than most in the office and end later as I have no commute to worry about.

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Citrix SCOM Management Pack is Reaching EOL - eG Innovations Can Help!

Over 100 million users across 400,000 organizations use Citrix virtual apps and desktops technologies for accessing different types of business applications. There are many software products for monitoring the availability, performance, and usage of Citrix technologies. Of these, Microsoft SCOM is the most popular.

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Goliath Technologies Makes Troubleshooting the End-User Experience Faster and Easier with Latest Release

Goliath Technologies announces the latest release of its industry-leading technology with enhanced embedded intelligence and automation, raising the bar for end-user performance monitoring and troubleshooting for environments built on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop or VMware Horizon platforms, whether on-premises or in the cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure).