End-to-End Performance Monitoring for Citrix Cloud

It’s no secret that Citrix Cloud adoption is growing. As more organizations embark on their Citrix Cloud journey, it’s important to consider a well-thought-out performance strategy. Given the hybrid nature of Citrix Cloud deployments, it is challenging to detect performance bottlenecks. Relying on built-in Citrix tools is not sufficient to troubleshoot performance issues.

How UHS Troubleshoots Cerner and Citrix Session Slowness

Joe Alexander, Sr. Software Architect at UHS, shares how they were able to quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot the root cause of session slowness and downtime across three hospitals, collaborate with Cerner and resolve the issue in less than an hour with Goliath Technologies!
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How do you really know if your EHR running on Citrix is ready for the workday?

Healthcare environments must ensure application availability around the clock to serve the needs of their patients. In many hospitals, while they serve patients 24×7, there is typically a lighter overnight load, but by the time the sun rises, healthcare teams start staffing in full force. Oftentimes applications in healthcare are deployed via Citrix. The Citrix infrastructure can be complex and adding an EHR application such as EPIC can make early morning health checks take a long time.