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Empower Your IT Team with Comprehensive Citrix Monitoring

In today's remote work environment, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions such as Citrix have become essential tools for organisations to enable their employees to work from anywhere. Citrix provides access to virtual desktops, applications, and data, allowing employees to work from any device and location. However, to ensure a seamless user experience, it is essential to have comprehensive monitoring of the Citrix environment. Unfortunately, many IT teams need help identifying and resolving issues that impact the user experience, particularly when the problems are intermittent or challenging to reproduce.

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Performance and User Experience Monitoring for Citrix Linux Workspaces

Citrix for Linux VDI and DaaS options allow organizations to deploy Linux digital workspaces and Linux applications that can then be accessed by end-users from Linux or non-Linux endpoints. This allows organizations to deploy applications optimized for Linux OSs to users using mobile, Mac, Windows, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) endpoints as well as those using native Linux.

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Application Testing and Remediation with Self-Healing Technology

In my previous blog, I highlighted how Goliath is configured out-of-the-box with the hundreds of data points for your EUC environment. This is a great and valuable tool to help get you started. But just knowing what is good versus bad only helps so much. That’s where the automation component of Goliath comes in and takes the next step. It can save you from getting pinged in the middle of the night, and more importantly, can keep your business running.

Citrix & VMware Horizon - End User Experience Monitoring & Troubleshooting Platform

Industry-leading Citrix and VMWare Horizon end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, with embedded intelligence and automation, that enables IT pros to anticipate, troubleshoot, and document performance issues regardless of where workloads, applications, or users are located.
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How do I fix high latency issues for remote users?

If you’re working remotely or managing remote teams, high latency can be a frustrating issue to deal with. High latency, also known as lag, is the delay between when a user inputs a command and when the server responds. High latency can make remote work slow and inefficient, making it difficult to get work done. Here are some things you can try to fix high latency for a remote user.

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Doing more with less in IT, yes this impacts Citrix teams too!

If you work in a technology role, then it won’t be any surprise to you when I say organizations have pivoted from specialist IT job functions, such as Citrix only roles, to making sure the infrastructure team can support many workloads. The adoption of cloud technologies has also created support for this approach because our infrastructure teams are doing less architecting and more application configuration and user work.

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Goliath Technologies Launches Intelligent Cloud Monitoring Solution

Philadelphia, PA – February 8, 2023 –Goliath Technologies, a leader in end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, has today announced the launch of Goliath Cloud Monitor – a new cloud monitoring platform that provides centralized monitoring of AWS and Azure cloud environments from a single location. With 75% of organizations worldwide implementing a multi-cloud strategy, the market demand for effective cloud monitoring solutions has never been greater.

Introducing: Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Google ChromeOS

Goliath Technologies’ purpose-built software, with embedded intelligence and automation, is the industry-only solution to help IT professionals monitor ChromeOS devices (Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, etc.) and troubleshoot end-user experience issues.
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Automate & Visualize Your Citrix Environment

“Why is everything down?” Nod your head if you’ve had this experience. No changes were made, yet suddenly everything is down. Where do you start looking? If you’ve been in the EUC world long enough, you probably have a good idea. But what about those junior admins you are mentoring so that you can get some time back in your day?

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Resolve Citrix Resource Enumeration Issue

Citrix is a popular virtualization and remote access solution that allows users to access their applications and data from anywhere. However, like any technology, it is not without its issues. One common problem that users may encounter is the “resource enumeration” issue. Resource enumeration is a process that occurs when the Citrix server scans the network for available resources, such as printers, scanners, and other peripherals.