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Citrix Print Manager Service is not running

The Citrix Print Manager Service is part of the Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) software which runs on a single or multi session machine. It is used for the Citrix Advanced Universal Printing Architecture. It takes care of the client printer mappings between a user client and the VDA within an ICA session. This service heavily relies on the Windows Print Spooler service which spools print jobs and handles interaction with the printer.


Citrix Audio Redirection Service is not running

The Citrix Audio Redirection Service is part of the Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) software which runs on a single or multi session machine. It is responsible for redirecting audio over the Audio Virtual Channel to be used within the ICA session. If this windows service has stopped running, users having a virtual desktop session to the respective session machine have no sound.


Most Citrix VAD/DaaS stack components are not Citrix

A Citrix Virtual Apps and Deskstops or Citrix Desktop as a Service deployment does not comprise Citrix components only. For instance, SQL databases are crucial components of every Citrix VAD stack and therefore need to be monitored and managed intensively. Besides whether your Citrix delivery controllers have proper access to them, you obviously need to track the database performance and capacity as well.


Citrix NetScaler Denial-of-Service (DoS) JavaScript Triggers

Are you aware when Denial-of-Service (DoS) JavaScript triggers occur on your Citrix NetScaler devices to block DoS attacks? Do you know when exceptions are made based on 'valid' DoS cookies? MetrixInsight for NetScaler monitors for these occurrences and alarms you whenever this happens (too often).


Citrix NetScaler HA Failover Monitoring

When your NetScaler appliances are running in a High Availability (HA) pair you should be aware when failovers occur, as this indicates an issue on one or both of the appliances, which you need to solve before both the appliances have the same issue. In the case the latter happens, or is already the case, the appliances will fail over continuously, which is known as HA failover ‘flip-flopping’.


Citrix NetScaler Unsaved Configuration

Are you aware when an administrator has forgotten to save configuration on a Citrix NetScaler device? If configuration is not saved after a configuration change it will get lost when the NetScaler appliance restarts. This can obviously have severe consequences. MetrixInsight for NetScaler will alarm you whenever unsaved configuration is detected.


Top 5 reasons to monitor Citrix PVS with GripMatix PVS SCOM Management Pack

GripMatix SCOM Management Pack solution for monitoring Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix DaaS, MetrixInsight for Citrix VAD/DaaS, includes comprehensive monitoring for Citrix Provisioning Service, also known as Citrix PVS. Check out our top 5 reasons to monitor this advanced Citrix software-streaming technology with GripMatix PVS SCOM Management Pack, to increase your Business Continuity and Performance.

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