Puppet's journey into Continuous Compliance

During my tenure at Puppet, I’ve learned that almost everything we do is focused on two things — eliminating soul-crushing work, and the never-ending desire to solve really hard customer problems. Couple those with the positive and energetic attitude of the Puppet team, and we’re bound to have a profound impact on our customers. Maybe I’ve had too much Kool-Aid?


Introducing CFEngine Custom Promise Types

In CFEngine 3.17, custom promise types were introduced. This allows you to extend policy language, managing resources which don’t have built in promise types. The implementation of custom promise types is open source, and available in both CFEngine Enterprise and CFEngine Community. To implement a new custom promise type, you need a promise module.


Responding to COVID-19 in the Workplace: CDC Says Case Management Can Help

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released recommendations on how organizations should use case management solutions to manage returning to onsite work in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the CDC, case management tools can “make the traditional contact tracing process faster and more efficient” by streamlining data capture and management and merging workflows with other workforce management solutions such as surveillance systems.


Solving financial services regulatory challenges in Australia with Puppet

The recent record-breaking fine of $1.3 billion for money-laundering breaches exposed the dangers of poor systems in the banking industry. Now is the time to get compliance right. In my role, I regularly speak with FS&I clients about their security and compliance challenges, including vulnerability remediation. It’s a complex topic with many pieces that must coalesce to create a holistic solution.

Launch Your ITSM Transformation with Automation & AIOps

In this Spotlight Session from Cherwell CLEAR 2020, Resolve VP of Global Sales Engineering Rob Kelsall explores how AIOps and automation can transform your entire incident management process by reducing alarm noise, correlating events, and automating resolution procedures without any human intervention.

Preventing and Responding to COVID-19 in the Workplace

As many countries face another wave of COVID-19 cases, organizations around the world are planning new ways to keep their workforces safe. Leading companies have made huge strides in managing coronavirus while keeping their workplaces open. But despite how far we’ve come, many employees still doubt that their organizations are ready to respond to COVID-19.


Your lookback at Puppetize Digital 2020

That’s a wrap on Puppetize Digital 2020! Our first-ever virtual conference series attracted attendees from all over the world and brought the Puppet community together despite the pandemic’s attempt to keep us apart. With three events happening across three regions — Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas — all on the same day, there was something for every one of our users, customers, and partners. Let’s take a spin through the event highlights.


Deployment Rollbacks via FireHydrant Runbook

FireHydrant has a sophisticated set of response actions for coordinating communications, activities, and retrospectives for incidents that affect your services. Relay helps by automating remediations that involve orchestrating actions across your infrastructure. In this example workflow, an incident that affects an application deployed on Kubernetes can trigger a rollback to a previous version automatically.