Using automation and IT workflows to tackle complex challenges

Technology teams have long sought to innovate more quickly to deliver better experiences to employees and customers. These teams often have to tab between hundreds of tools to make it happen, slowing progress and increasing risk, complexity, and cost. This complexity has the downstream effect of negatively impacting employee and customer experience due to manual processes, information silos, and disconnections.


Achieving 86% Productivity Gains Through ITSM Automation

Manual incident management is an enormous challenge facing today’s enterprises. It wastes time and money, and often results in unhappy customers who have to deal with unreliable services because of persistent, unresolved issues. Manual ticket generation can take 20 to 30 minutes, and routing another 90—assuming the ticket is delivered to the right team.


4 Ways to Automate Application Security Ops

Maintaining an online business presence nowadays means that malicious actors are going to target and likely exploit any application vulnerabilities they can find sooner or later. According to the 2021 Mid Year Data Breach Report, although the number of breaches has declined by 24%, the staggering number of records that were exposed (18.8 billion) means that there is still room for improvement.

Resolve Actions Pro - Introduction to Action Tasks

Learn more about what makes an Action Task in Resolve Actions Pro. Action Tasks are the fundamental building blocks of an automation or runbook. An action task performs a specific function, and usually returns some sort of output (so you use that data later on in your automation, or to change the flow of your automation).

A closer look at how Puppet's new Compliance Enforcement Modules work

Since we launched Puppet Comply last year, we’ve been working hard to build out the solution’s capabilities so that we can provide our customers with more options in implementing a continuous compliance program, and become more proactive and efficient in how they manage compliance. A key activity in any strong continuous compliance program is remediation.