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Terraform, GitOps, Helm: Automation and package management with VMware Tanzu Mission Control

Sneha Narang, Carol Pereira, and Lauren Britton contributed to this blog post. Kubernetes adoption is on the rise because it helps organizations improve software development with increased flexibility and efficiency while controlling cloud costs. In fact, our State of Kubernetes 2022 report shows 62 percent of respondents claiming that Kubernetes increases the flexibility of applications and 54 percent agreeing it offers better developer efficiency.


The Rise of the Cognitive NOC and the Role of IT Process Automation

Today’s Cognitive Network Operations Center (Cognitive NOC) is a significant advancement that employs artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to dramatically modernize and improve network management and operations. Working together, the NOC and IT Process Automation (ITPA) propel superior efficiency and effectiveness of network operations, minimize downtime, lower operational costs, and overcome additional challenges in optimizing network performance.