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The Cost of Avoiding Security Automation

Security touches every aspect of an organization's infrastructure and influences most of its processes. That's a lot to cover, and it seems like there are never enough people to handle the work. Even with budgets increasing by an average of 10% annually over the last 5 years, the recent increase in remote work and cloud adoption is stretching security teams even thinner.


Selecting targets for plans in Puppet Enterprise

Do you author plans for Puppet Enterprise? Looking for ways to improve them? Read on! The Puppet Plan language allows a variety of methods to pick targets. In this article we will explore two of these methods (TargetSpec parameters and PuppetDB queries) and how plan authors can employ the latter to: Note: the following examples assume that you are running against targets that have the Puppet agent installed.


How to Structure Low-Code Teams: The "Developer And ________" Approach

IT and development teams are embracing low-code for many reasons: It reduces technical debt. It improves collaboration with business users. And it makes you vastly more efficient by keeping things simple—including your application teams. Unfortunately, even as IT organizations embrace low-code, many still rely on bloated, heavily specialized development teams. They’re only scratching the surface of low-code’s power.


3 Ways to Navigate Disruption in the Energy Sector

Now more than ever, the energy industry is facing disruption that impacts costs, damages productivity, and threatens the success of the industry. To combat this, organizations are looking to implement new technology solutions that allow them to stay resilient and agile when the unexpected happens. Here are three of the most prevalent disruptors in the industry today, and how digital capabilities can help organizations respond.


Why you should go framework agnostic for test automation?

The most flexible native mobile-app testing solution.” It’s a bold claim that we are making about the BitBar Real Device Cloud. One of the essential features of being the most flexible is being framework-agnostic. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this term and see how QA teams and managers can benefit from such a platform. BitBar Cloud recently extended Flutter support to include Flutter 2.2 released by Google on May 18th, 2021.


When can Testsigma be your perfect Scriptless Test Automation Solution?

Scriptless test automation might mean different things to different people but the motive with which is made is to get better results in less time. Scriptless removes the barrier of learning and implementing a scripting language while you can automate the same scenarios. Today, test automation is moving towards scriptless. While there are multiple approaches to scriptless test automation, in this article we will discuss what makes Testsigma a perfect scriptless test automation solution.


Automated Testing Software for web and mobile: some features you would need

It’s a known fact that automation testing is extremely crucial in maintaining software quality. Mobile applications and websites are a genuinely dynamic landscape with several new enhancements and advancements happening every day. To secure their quality and to help you deliver delightful experiences to your users and ones that’ll keep your users engaged with your products — testing is essential.

Hear From Product Automation & AIOps Lightning Talk

Learn about what's new with PagerDuty Runbook Automation & AIOps from the Summit 2021 Launch. Our Product team shares how you can benefit from our latest updates and enhancements and enjoy demos that were recorded live from Summit 2021 featuring PagerDuty Runbook Actions, Customer Change Event Transformer, Change Correlation, and Outlier Incident.