Types of Automation Testing: A Beginner's Guide

In the software testing world, there are two types of testing techniques — manual and automated. Both aim to execute the test case and then compare the actual outcome with the expected result. Manual testing is a testing technique that requires significant human effort to ensure a software solution does everything that it is supposed to do. While great for specific test cases, excessive use of manual testing proved to be inefficient over time.


Creating Azure VM images with Packer and Puppet Bolt

HashiCorp Packer is a free and open source tool for creating golden images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. Packer makes it easy to codify VM images for Microsoft Azure. In this blog post we’ll look at how to use HashiCorp Packer and Puppet Bolt to define our VM templates in code.

Test Automation Landscape 2020

Amid the unprecedented year of 2020, the state of software testing continues to fluctuate. To better understand current trends, we, the Katalon team, conducted this comprehensive report to empower individuals and organizations and help them better adapt to "the new normal." Synthesized from valuable contributions of 5,000+ IT professionals across many industries worldwide, the report reflects diverse insights that shape the future of testing.

The best of the PowerShell Gallery, right in your PE Console

PowerShell DSC might be the new kid on the block when it comes to configuration management, but it's certainly not lacking in power. DSC resources offer unprecedented hooks into the Windows operating system and provide straightforward configuration functionality that will make your Unix coworkers green with envy. It's a shame it's not easier to use….

Automating incident response with Relay and PagerDuty

DevOps and SRE teams are under intense pressure to reduce the Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) in resolving incidents. The latest integration between Relay and PagerDuty eliminates the “digital duct tape” by creating reusable, event-driven workflows to close the loop on incidents faster through Relay’s event-based automation approach.

Modern Codeless Test Automation: Myths And Facts

With the advancement in technology together with the advent of Agile and DevOps, the software industry is witnessing many changes. Testing, being the part of the software arena, is also advancing to great new heights. From manual testing to record-and-playback tools, then to automation testing and now to codeless test automation, we have traversed a long path. And as we know only change is constant, there will be further advancements to make this journey more fun and fruitful.

How Automation Helps The Site Reliability Engineer

Automation has been with us for decades now and with years of experience and experimentation we are arriving at a best practice known as site reliability engineering. Site reliability engineering seeks to manage the risk imposed from multiple agile changes to protect business revenues and sustain positive customer experiences.

Automation and changing needs, featuring Forrester

In an ever-changing world, the future of work is changing as well, and it has accelerated some areas of automation that we were already moving toward. I sat down with our guest speaker, Leslie Joseph, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development and Delivery at Forrester Research, for a webinar to discuss these questions and get a better understanding around how automation plays an important role in supporting companies through crises and preparing them for an uncertain future.


Building Momentum with a Gold Stevie and Highest Ranking in AIOps Market Analysis

We are super excited this week to celebrate not just one but two major accolades: winning a Gold Stevie Award and achieving the highest ranking in every category of EMA’s new AIOps Radar Report. Resolve won the Gold Stevie in the Digital Process Automation Business Technology Solution category, which recognizes the best solutions for automating complex workflows and digital business processes.