How AIOps is transforming customer experience by breaking down DevOps silos at KPN

DevOps means dev fails fast and ops fails never. The challenge is that the volume of data exceeds human ability to analyze it and take action before user experience degrades. In this session, Dutch telecom KPN shares how AIOps from Broadcom is helping connect operational systems and increase automation across their toolchain to breakdown DevOps silos and provide faster feedback loops by preventing problems from getting into production.

The Truth About AIOps

If you are in IT Ops or DevOps, hardly a day goes by without someone mentioning AIOps. There are a few who think AIOps can replace IT Ops tools today. Others debate this, saying that AIOps is still a nascent field, and it will take a few more years until we see a full-fledged AIOps platform for IT operations management. But there’s always been a lot of confusion on how AIOps really works.


OpsRamp Fall 2019 Release: Deliver Better Uptime with Service-Centric AIOps and Enable Compelling Customer Experiences With Multi-Cloud Monitoring

The OpsRamp Fall 2019 Release delivers comprehensive features for hybrid infrastructure management with machine learning-powered intelligent correlation and multi-cloud monitoring support. The new release also offers enhanced synthetic monitoring capabilities and a new custom integration framework for sharing data with third-party IT management tools.


The results of our 2019 "Future of Monitoring and AIOps" survey are in

IT operations is at a crossroads. The increasing complexity of IT infrastructure and software is challenging IT teams and the business. So this year we decided to focus our survey on what IT Ops execs, managers and practitioners think about the current state of their operations, the future of their systems and the role automation and AIOps might play in their transformation.


AIOps Technology Applied to DevOps Incident Response

Modern application delivery and resilient IT infrastructure rely heavily on collaborative workflows and highly observable technical operations. Not only are developers constantly pushing code to production and changing the applications and services you maintain, but the environment around your code is changing too. So, engineering and IT organizations are adopting DevOps principles of continuous improvement, collaboration and transparency to combat unknown unknowns.


CIO Dive Playbook: AIOps Brings Calm to Overwhelmed IT Ops Teams

Much has been said about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already proving its ability to transform business, as well as the way most people live. In fact, according to Accenture’s “ExplAIned: A Guide for Executives,” AI is on par with such life-changing innovations as electricity and the internal combustion engine, and is no longer science fiction.

Adam Frank: AIOps & Observability to Lead Your Digital Transformation

The day to day life of a DevOps & IT Ops engineer should be spent on developing the beautiful products and services you offer your customers and less time operating them. In this Sensu Summit 2019 talk from Moogsoft Sr. Product Manager Adam Frank, you'll learn how Moogsoft & Sensu, along with other monitoring and observability tools, will drive your digital transformation, allowing you to understand the significance of your alerts and the alerts that are correlated, to give you better and faster context of an incident.

Keep pace with the digital speed of your business with AIOps

Remember when the “cloud” was just a buzzword? 10 years ago, many people thought that cloud technology was overhyped. Now, the cloud is a given. There’s a similar discussion about AIOps today. Once again, some people are sceptical. However, I predict that AIOps is destined to follow the cloud, with widespread adoption across industries. Organizations will quickly learn that they can’t remain competitive without AIOps. Just like the cloud, AIOps is going to rewire IT.


Showcasing AIOps for SD-WAN and Cloud powered by Broadcom Silicon at ONUG Fall 2019

Broadcom is a proud sponsor of ONUG Fall 2019 in NYC. Join us as we showcase how to simplify SD-WAN and Hybrid Multi-Cloud deployments by combining AI and ML with rich granular data captured at the Broadcom chip level for one-of-a-kind AIOps analytics and automation. Our customers are experiencing challenges today with managing complex network architectures like SDN, SD-WAN and NFV to deliver an innovative, reliable, and responsive digital experience.