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Getting Started with Self-Remediation in AIOps

Think of how many repetitive tasks are executed daily in an IT operations environment, from addressing cyber risks, managing over-heads or dealing with downtimes. Most of these tasks start with an event or alarm that initiates the firefighting. It is evident we can have thousands of different SOP (standard operating procedures) so it is important to set a small scope (e.g. Top-5 most common root cause alarms) to start benefiting from AIOps self-remediation or self-triage.

Launch Your ITSM Transformation with Automation & AIOps

In this Spotlight Session from Cherwell CLEAR 2020, Resolve VP of Global Sales Engineering Rob Kelsall explores how AIOps and automation can transform your entire incident management process by reducing alarm noise, correlating events, and automating resolution procedures without any human intervention.

Two Gartner 2021 strategic tech trends which IT Ops should be paying close attention to

Gartner recently released their top strategic technology trends for 2021. It’s no surprise that these trends reflect what many of us and our organizations have been experiencing, dealing with ongoing challenges during this global pandemic.


AIOps: Beyond the Hype - It's Not Hollywood AI

Many AIOps initiatives experience difficulties due to unrealistic expectations and a lack of a clear AIOps strategy. What is the reality beyond the AI hype, and how do we make these initiatives a success? Join us in this CTO Perspective discussion with Jason Walker, Field CTO at BigPanda, to find out.

Why AIOps and Why Now - An Overview by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Based on EMA research, including the EMA Radar for AIOps, Dennis Drogseth, Vice President at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), explores why organizations need an AIOps solution and the value being received from AIOps today based on real deployments. Learn about common use cases, what to look for in an AIOps solution and the rich diversity of benefits of Broadcom's AIOps solution.

Five Worthy Reads: Has the pandemic accelerated digital transformation?

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week we explore how the pandemic and the rise of the remote work culture have enabled digital transformation.