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Autodesk uses BigPanda's Event Enrichment Engine to accelerate their IT Ops

Today’s incident pipelines are noisy. The average enterprise deals with at least 15 different monitoring and observability tools that create thousands of alerts a day, often overwhelming and drowning their IT operations. But it’s not just their number that’s an issue.


Domain-Centric vs. Domain-Agnostic AIOps: What to Use When

AIOps platforms fall into two main categories: domain-centric and domain-agnostic solutions. What are the differences between domain-centric and domain-agnostic AIOps, and why should you choose one type of solution or the other? Read on for guidance on understanding the respective pros and cons of domain-centric and domain-agnostic AIOps.

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3 IT Workflow Automation Use Cases to Turbocharge Your Business

According to a recent survey by Gartner, business leaders anticipate a return to growth for their enterprises and industries in 2022, and a big part of their investment plans involve digital transformation. In fact, 20% of CEOs cited digital transformation as a priority for strategic investment. That is a significant shift from 2012 when Gartner found that only 2% of CEOs surveyed had made digital transformation a priority.


Observability And AIOps: Why Convergence Is The Future To Improving Uptime

On October 4, Facebook and its properties, Instagram and WhatsApp, were down for more than five hours due to configuration changes on routers in Facebook’s data centers. A five-hour outage is an eternity in our always-on digital economy, costing the company an estimated $65 million and 4.8% in stock valuation. The high-profile Facebook outage is emblematic of just how digitally intermediated our economy is becoming, and the incident renews C-level focus on preventing similar service failures.


Observability and SaaS Providers

SaaS is exploding and so it should; it takes commoditized work and infrastructure away from tech teams so that they can focus on differentiating features. But what happens when it goes wrong? How do SaaS platforms make sure they aren't letting their customers down and in turn, letting their customers down? Observability, bolstered with AI gives all the partners the best chance to optimize availability and customer experience. Here's how.