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Reduce Downtime and Boost Efficiency with AI and Automation

IT service outages, while inconvenient, also carry widespread ramifications that affect productivity, revenue streams, business reputation, and customer satisfaction. These outages can also drive burnout and increased human error for the IT operations (ITOps) teams tasked with managing the stress that comes with urgent issues and escalations.

Resolve Actions - Compute: Create new AWS Instance (via Slack)

See how we use our the Resolve Actions automation platform internally to streamline the provisioning of new Resolve Actions Evaluation instances on AWS. Via a ChatBot integration with Slack, Resolve creates the new instance, configures the networking and firewall rules, and informs the Sales Team and Customer of the connection details.

Reducing MTTR and the Hidden Costs of Downtime Through AI & Automation

Of all the KPIs that gauge the health and operational fitness of an enterprise, Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) from an outage or downtime is one of the most crucial. Yet while MTTR is a universally recognized metric, many organizations still fail to consider the total cost of MTTR when deciding where and how to invest in their IT environments.

Building on Legacy: How Government Agencies Can Consolidate Tools with Automation

Tool sprawl, further compounded by the inflexibility of legacy tools, poses a major challenge for government IT teams. As agencies work to deliver the digital services their constituents demand, their digital ecosystems have grown to comprise numerous apps, systems and microservices, all specific to the individual IT components of the experience. With disparate tools and systems leading to siloed insights, higher costs, and increased complexity, it’s easy for technical debt to get out of hand.