Windows System Monitoring Dashboard in 5 Minutes

This video demonstrates how to quickly build a dashboard to monitor a Windows system. The dashboard shows various metrics like uptime, processor and memory utilization, disk IO, network, etc. All the values are stored in InfluxDB for advanced analysis using full history. This video shows a whole end-to-end process that only takes 5 minutes. It begins with the Windows template installation and Telegraf agent installation and configuration that captures all the metrics from the monitored machine(s).

How to dynamically monitor disks in Windows with Pandora FMS

In this tutorial we're going to see how easy it is to dynamically monitor the disks of our Windows machines with Pandora FMS. To do this, we only need to have the software agent installed on these devices and use the agent plugins that are already loaded by default. We will find two options, to obtain the free space in the disks or the possibility of monitoring the occupied space in these disks. occupied on the disks.

How Windows 11 Could Impact User Experience

If you’ve been following recent tech news, you’ll know that Windows 11 is one of the hottest topics right now. Most of the conversation has been focused on users of the Home version, as Microsoft tries to get the average consumer excited with hot new features and a fresh look. But what about enterprise users who won’t have a choice in whether they upgrade or not? How are they going to feel about Windows 11?

RDS and RDP Monitoring

Monitor the entire RDS, RemoteApp and VDI stack with continuous login simulation from anywhere in your network. Monitoring Server Based Computing environments with just performance counters isn't enough. To fully evaluate the entire application delivery installation, IT architects must synthetically exercize the components and measure the end-user experience. CloudReady RDP sensors enable logon simulation with no changes to the servers. The RDP sensors capture, read and analyze the screen to record application launch times like a real end-user would.

Graylog Illuminate: Getting Started with Sysmon

The Windows System Monitor (Sysmon) is one of the chattiest tools. With all the information coming in, it can be difficult and expensive to use it efficiently. However, the Graylog Illuminate package gives you a way to fine-tune it so that you can get better data and manage your ingestion rate better. Sysmon gives you awareness of what’s going on in your endpoints.


Monitor Windows without an Icinga Agent

Looking to monitor your Windows systems with Icinga, but aren’t allowed to install non-Microsoft certified software on them? Then you are in the right place. After all, you want to monitor your systems somehow. But you don’t want to lose the support from MS afterwards, just because you installed a monitoring system on it. Well, today I will show you how to monitor your Windows without having to install the Icinga agent.


Icinga for Windows: Hyper-V and Cluster Plugin Release v1.0

After months of developing and testing, we are finally ready to announce the release of our Icinga for Windows Hyper-V and Cluster plugins version v1.0 today! We collected lots of feedback, tested different approaches and re-designed some plugins to ensure we can provide good monitoring basics for these environments, allowing us to improve and extend them in the future.