Windows Server 2019 OS hardening

Windows Server 2019 ships and installs with an existing level of hardening that is significantly more secure compared to previous Windows Server operating systems. Gone are the bloat of Xbox integration and services and the need for third-party security solutions to fill security gaps. Operating System (OS) hardening provides additional layers of security and preventative measures against both unauthorized changes and access.


Now Available: Calico for Windows on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Approximately one year ago, Kubernetes 1.14 made support of Windows containers running on Microsoft Windows Server nodes generally available. This was a declaration that Windows node support was stable, well-tested, and ready for adoption, meaning the vast ecosystem of Windows-based applications could be deployed on the platform.


IT security: Keep calm and monitor PowerShell

In our last release of the PowerShell security series, we talked about how PowerShell could be leveraged by malicious actors to gain unprecedented access to your organization’s critical assets. From enumerating sensitive domain information and carrying out credential-based attacks to running malicious executables in memory (file-less malware), we shined a light on the potential of PowerShell and why it’s an ideal weapon for cyber attackers today.


Announcing Icinga for Windows v1.0

It is finally ready for launch – the first final release v1.0 of Icinga for Windows. The past months were quite challenging: Analyzing, troubleshooting and fixing issues reported by our awesome community and customers: Your support made it possible that we can celebrate the release of our new foundation for Windows monitoring. Scalable. Simplified. Extendable.


Migrate Your Windows 2003 Applications to Kubernetes

There’s no one-size-fits-all migration path for moving legacy applications to the cloud. These applications typically reside on either physical servers, virtual machines or on premises. While the goal is generally to rearchitect or redesign an application to leverage cloud-native services, it’s not always the answer.

SolarWinds Server Configuration Monitor Overview

SolarWinds Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) is designed to provide insights into Windows® server and application changes to help you pinpoint the root cause of performance problems faster. Detect, track, and receive alerts when changes occur, allowing you to correlate system performance against configuration changes, know who made changes, and compare configurations over time. SCM integrates with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, allowing you to extend troubleshooting of system and application performance from one unified console.

Automate Continuous Compliance for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2019

SaltStack Enterprise 6.2 is now generally available and represents our continued commitment to providing innovative solutions for security and IT operations teams. This new SaltStack Enterprise release is even faster and more scalable than ever, and it now includes automated continuous compliance support for Windows Server.