CloudHedge Windows IIS App Modernization

Have age-old Windows applications eating away tons of resources every month? Here is a sneak-peek on how Windows IIS based applications can be transformed to a container platform of your choice by using CloudHedge's patented tools - Discover, Transform and Cruize. CloudHedge leverages these tools in a sequence to perform automated app modernization to enable enterprises with the benefit of deploying their apps on the choice of cloud - AWS, Azure, GCP, and ICP.

Research Finds Almost 20% of Orgs Still Running Windows 7

Support for Microsoft's 10-year-old operating system, Windows 7, will officially end in six months, yet research shows 18% of larger enterprises still have not migrated to Windows 10. At the beginning of the year, researchers found that 43% of organizations were still running Windows 7, 17% of which had no clue when the official end of life date was for the operating system.


Enhanced Security Capabilities for Windows Hosts and Containers

This technical deep dive highlights key capabilities released as part of Twistlock 19.07. To learn more about what’s included with Twistlock 19.07, check out our full release blog post. In a previous blog post, we demonstrated Twistlock security capabilities for Windows containers and hosts. The last year has continued exponential growth in the adoption of Microsoft Azure and microservices.


Hunting for Linux library injection with Osquery

When analyzing malware and adversary activity in Windows environments, DLL injection techniques are commonly used, and there are plenty of resources on how to detect these activities. When it comes to Linux, this is less commonly seen in the wild. I recently came across a great blog from TrustedSec that describes a few techniques and tools that can be used to do library injection in Linux.


Announcing Preview Support for Windows Server Containers

Today we are announcing the support for Windows containers with Kubernetes 1.14 in Preview mode. As many users may know, Rancher 2.1.0 supported Windows containers in experimental mode. Now that SIG Windows and Microsoft have announced the general availability of containers in Windows Server 2019 with Kubernetes 1.14, we have upgraded Rancher to both support the latest version of Windows containers (and Kubernetes) and after the preview is over, make it generally available.


Monitor Microsoft Hyper-V with Datadog

Hyper-V is a hardware virtualization platform used to create and run virtual machines on Windows host systems. Hyper-V allocates resources from the physical hosts it runs on to the virtual machines it creates. If those resources are spread too thin, virtual machines may encounter slow performance and startup failures. With our new integration you can monitor the health of every layer of your Hyper-V stack: physical hosts, virtual machines, and all of the applications and services running on them.


It's About Time: Business Insights with Calendar Window Analytics

Ever wish you could monitor the total number of widgets produced by your service since the actual beginning of the day in New York, rather than interpret a sum calculated over, say, the last 10 or 24 hours? What about a real-world view of the SLA for a service you manage, showing the maximum latency reported for closed months and quarters, with the results neatly plotted at the ends of those months and quarters?