Tideways 2021.2 Release

This quarterly release of Tideways includes External HTTP Monitoring, Observations about PHP Metrics and Application Configuration, a redesigned Callgraph Compare screen, the ability to name traces, a new GitHub app to synchronize users into an organization and many other features. Update to PHP Extension 5.4 and Daemon 1.7 to access all new features of this release. In this blog post we will provide a detailed overview of all the changes.


A Guide To PHP Performance Monitoring

Performance is not something you should compromise on, and it's important to have a healthy development process that improves as your application grows. If your PHP application is not super-fast, it will be much harder to scale and maintain. You need to identify errors in the early stage to fix them as soon as possible. And if you don’t know where your bottlenecks are, you can’t fix them.


PHP Workers: Everything You Need To Know

When you are on the lookout for a hosting plan or web hosting solution for your websites, you must choose a hosting solution that matches your website’s needs and requirements. The hosting plan you choose must provide the required storage space, bandwidth, and other resources that easily accommodate your website’s traffic without any performance lag or other issues.


7 Must-Have Tools for Best PHP Performance

Delivering high-quality PHP applications is growing more difficult as applications become more complicated. Perfecting your PHP performance monitoring procedure is more crucial than ever. To all PHP developers out there, it is highly recommended that you use the appropriate PHP performance tools for each application you design to guarantee that it performs correctly. There are a number of tools available to track the performance of your application.

Best Site Builders for Linux

Ubuntu is preferred by many people who know their tech and love coding and tinkering with different projects, but one of its drawbacks is that common software on Windows or MacOS might not be available for Linux. The good news is that there are many brilliant site builders for Linux; just because it can be harder to get big-name software support on Ubuntu doesn't mean you can't make an excellent website.

Innocent looking array_unique - 2 Stories of performance hogs in Shopware 6 and Tideways own backend code base

This post tells a story of a performance mistake that is quickly made even by experienced developers: The expectation that a built-in PHP function has better performance than a better suited data structure written in PHP. The protagonist in these stories is array_unique, a function that takes a list of values and removes duplicate entries to return a list of each value occurring only once.


Testing for PHP Composer security vulnerabilities with Snyk

PHP is used extensively to power websites. From blogging to ecommerce, it’s embedded in our everyday lives and powers much of the internet we use today. According to a Wappalyzer report on top programming languages of 2020, PHP has a 79% market share of backend languages used on the internet today. One of the biggest challenges with PHP libraries over the years has been package management. There have been a few ways to easily install and maintain libraries including PECL, CPAN.


Debugging in PHP

PHP is a great language to start with when you are learning how to code. It has a simple syntax, it’s easy to learn and you can make dynamic websites with it. But even though it’s easy to write PHP code, it’s not always easy to debug. There are a lot of tools out there that can help you, but since PHP is an interpreted language, you can also use a couple of debugging techniques to help you find bugs in your code. In this blog post I'll cover the the following sections.


Elastic APM PHP Agent 1.0 released

We are proud to announce the 1.0 release of the Elastic APM PHP Agent! If you are interested in this work, please try the agent and let us know how it works for you and what features you miss! The best way to give feedback and ask questions is in our discussion forum, or if you find an issue or you would like to submit a pull request, jump to our GitHub repository. The agent is Apache-licensed, and we are more than happy to receive contributions from the community!