Autumn Launch: PHP 8, Autoloading Performance, Deprecation Tracking, Alerting Improvements

This autumn launch for Tideways includes new features and improvements that we worked on the last three months. These are (in no particular order): Aside from this blog post explaining the new features in detail and the documentation, we also invite you to sign up for our 30 minute webinar "New Features and Improvements launched in autumn 2020" scheduled for 25th November 2020, 15:00 Europe/Berlin.


Learnings from Sqreen's State of App Sec report: PHP apps are 3x more likely to be exploited

With each passing year, we move more and more aspects of our lives online. The line between the online and the offline is becoming thinner and thinner as time goes by. In this scenario, saying that digital security matters is as true as it is obvious. Getting application security wrong can have dramatic consequences for organizations and individuals. That’s the dilemma of security: it’s both incredibly important to get right and amazingly easy to get wrong. And people do get it wrong.


The 9 Most Popular PHP Frameworks for Developers

Web development before the age of web frameworks is difficult to imagine. Setting up a robust, dependable web app from scratch is a daunting task that requires years of knowledge and experience. Nowadays, however, with the help of effective, easy to use web frameworks, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get going.


Reduce Time Spent Troubleshooting PHP Applications with Continuous CPU Profiling in Production

PHP profiling is used by developers to identify performance issues or bottlenecks in their code. Profilers enable developers to drill into individual lines of code to ascertain which ones are running slow or are resource intensive. There are several reasons why a program might consume more CPU resources than it is expected to. To troubleshoot and/or optimize a PHP application’s consumption of CPU resources, a PHP CPU profiler is necessary.


On Tracing Symfony, Twig and API Platform

According to their Website, “Symfony is a set of PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a Philosophy, and a Community — all working together in harmony.” The Symfony project provides a set of solid components for building applications in PHP and has shaped the landscape as many other projects either adapt their components or switch to using the framework directly. A Symfony Web Framework application consists of a set of routes, which translate to controllers and / or actions.


Fundamental support for the Laravel framework

Laravel is one of the most beloved web framework for PHP. It was developed as an alternative to CodeIgniter and today is the most popular PHP project on GitHub based on the amount of stars it has received. With the PHP tracing extension v1.8.0, Instana introduced full-featured support for the Laravel framework.

Seamlessly Immunize Binaries Flowing through Artifactory with RunSafe Alkemist

In this webinar, RunSafe and JFrog will introduce cutting-edge security techniques, allowing users to protect both source and binary code flowing through their pipelines from memory based attacks. Includes a walkthrough of a real world exploit where Alkemist was successful at mitigating the attack in Apache/PHP.

Top 10 security best practices for PHP

While developing a PHP web application, a web developer should also be concerned with security best practices. An insecure web application gives hackers the chance to steal valuable information, such as user data or credit card information. In addition, a data breach may have a drastic impact on the credibility and future operations of your organization. To strengthen your defense mechanisms, this article lists 10 important security best practices for PHP applications. Let’s get started!


Summer Release: Slow SQL Query Log, Callgraph Profiler, Memory Tracepoints

This Summer Release of Tideways builds on the previous Beta Announcements in May's Spring Release and marks the general availability of This new functionality is fully available by updating the Tideways PHP Extension to version 5.2.4 and the Daemon to version 1.6.18. In addition to rolling out new features, we also renamed the concept of "Application" in Tideways to "Project" and we provide a detailed explanation why at the end of this post.