Our Selenium Synthetic Monitoring Stack

We maintain a highly optimised browser automation stack in order to provide the most stable environment for our customers to run their Selenium scripts in. Our goal is to deliver the best user experience for writing and maintaining a synthetic script and configuring the browser environments it runs in. The synthetic monitor data we produce is used for simulating website processes such as form-based authentication, eCommerce transactions, and regulatory checks.

Use Datadog's new GitHub Action to add Synthetic testing to your workflows

Testing early and often throughout the software development process (shift-left testing) helps teams stay agile and reduce the time it takes to validate and release new updates. Datadog Synthetic CI/CD Testing enables you to implement shift-left testing throughout your CI/CD pipeline so that your team can prevent faulty code deployments from degrading your end user experience.

Top 5 user-requested synthetic monitoring alerts in Grafana Cloud

We often hear from Grafana Cloud users who are asking for guidelines on how to write better alerts on synthetic monitoring metrics and get notified when synthetic monitoring detects a problem. We already ship a predefined alert in Grafana Cloud synthetic monitoring. A predefined alert that we ship is alerting on the probe_all_success_sum metric and makes use of the alert sensitivity config to create multiple Grafana Cloud alerting rules. Check out synthetic monitoring alerting docs for details.

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Growth of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM FTW)

Application Performance Management (APM) measures how a SaaS or Web application performs on the backend (for Devops). End-User Experience Management (EUEM) focuses on user behavior within those applications. Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) collects network telemetry to facilitate performance degradation. DEM combines all these tools to holistically look at the entire digital journey and see how each dependency drives successful experiences for customers and employees.