What is Synthetic Monitoring and What Are The Benefits?

Many traditional network monitoring solutions use a packet capture method to capture real-user data and monitor network performance. Now, modern network monitoring tools have switched to synthetic monitoring as a way to monitor network performance more securely - without collecting user information. In this article, we’ll be talking about synthetic monitoring and its benefits.


NEW Feature: Journey Pre-Actions

We have released a new upgrade to our script editor which is part of our ongoing commitment to build the best Synthetic User Journey monitoring tool on the market – Journey Pre-Actions. This upgrade is simple but will be useful for those websites that require certain prerequisites in order to allow tests such as these to be run. As with many of our features here at RapidSpike, this was born from a real-world requirement from a number of our customers.


Three Reasons You Need Synthetic Monitoring

First off, what is synthetic monitoring? What if synthetic monitoring meant monitoring whether or not something is real or fake…watch out Kardashians! Jokes aside, no, synthetic monitoring doesn’t monitor celebrity plastic surgery decisions. Synthetic monitoring is a kind of website performance monitoring that simulates user interactions with a site. A great synthetic monitoring tool instantly alerts you when an issue is encountered.


It's code! Synthetic monitoring with Terraform Cloud & Checkly

How does one manage monitoring in the age of digital infrastructure as code? Also as code, of course! Combining HashiCorp Terraform Cloud and Checkly enables you to configure synthetic and API monitoring as part of your existing infrastructure codebase. It is flexible, programmable and will keep you out of maintenance hell, even at scale: it is monitoring for developers. Extending your existing Terraform Cloud configuration takes only two minutes. Let's take a look together.


Synthetic Monitoring: When Bad things Happen to Good Checks

Running synthetic monitoring thinking it will match up with a user’s reality throw for throw is a fool’s game. While you can test in prod, your testing parameters are limited by an insider’s knowledge of the transaction’s pathways – making true objectivity challenging to achieve in testing. Yet still, every transaction tells a story.


10 Best Tools to Monitor SSL Certificate Expiry, Validity & Change

Webmasters always have their hands full with everything from user experience, search engine optimization and last but not least, SSL certificates. While some may not prioritize SSL certificates, they are still critical to the correct operation of your websites. Because Secure Layer Certificates are so important, monitoring them is a must! To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best tools for monitoring SSL certificates for validity, expiry, and change.


10 Best Synthetic Monitoring & Testing Tools of 2020: Pros & Cons Comparison

Synthetic monitoring has been a staple of performance testing for years now and it’s probably going to stay that way for quite some time. Also called proactive monitoring, this relatively simple way of keeping track of the performance of your website, and is your safest bet to ensure you can rise to your visitors’ expectations.