Monitor applications from your network with Datadog Synthetic private locations

Synthetic monitoring lets you improve end user experience by proactively verifying that they can complete important transactions and access key endpoints. But your applications serve many users, from customers to all the employees who run your business. This makes testing the performance of any internal-facing services within your private network just as critical as monitoring your external-facing applications.


Improve Website Performance and Availability with Synthetic Monitoring

Enterprise monitoring tools have traditionally paid attention to the performance of monolithic applications hosted on physical and virtual infrastructure resources. The adoption of cloud native and microservices architectures has brought greater focus to end-user experiences delivered by web applications across different global locations. The bar for a great digital customer experience has never been higher.


User experience monitoring: using synthetics to prioritize end-users

Whether you call it end-user experience monitoring or user experience monitoring, getting insight into how your customers struggle with your product is the first step to improving. If you’re not already monitoring user experience, we created this simple guide to help you get into the habit and start identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your website or application’s user experience. First, you need data on your current user experience.


Why Synthetic Monitoring is a Must for SaaS-based Solutions

Bounded to service level agreements (SLAs), vendors must monitor performance of their SaaS-based solutions for an optimal user experience. Monitoring performance of a SaaS-based solutions is a challenge since it varies extensively across user locations and geographies. These applications and their content need to travel a rigorous path of geography-specific variables (CDNs, local ISPs, etc.) en route to users. This level of complexity can eventually effect the experiences of end users differently.


Introducing Sematext Synthetics for API & Website Monitoring

No matter which path of the stack you work on, it’s crucial you make sure your website or API is up and running. We wanted to create a tool that can give you superpowers. Enter, Sematext Synthetics! You can monitor the availability of APIs and websites as well as their performance, and user journeys. This means 24×7 monitoring from multiple locations around the globe with alerts when things go wrong!

Improve Website Performance and Availability with Synthetic Monitoring

Any delay in the response time of your website can adversely affect user satisfaction and customer delight. OpsRamp synthetic monitoring allows you to track the performance of your websites and internet services and remove bottlenecks before they can affect your users. This TechTalk with feature a glimpse into the roadmap with OpsRamp product management. Also, follow us on social media channels to learn about product highlights, news, announcements, events, conferences and more -