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Sematext Update Review Episode 2 | New Product Features

The first half of 2023 has been a fantastic year thus far. We are super excited to share with you some of the newest updates and improvements we have made to your favorite monitoring tools inside of the sematext cloud. Whether you work in DevOps for a multi-billion dollar company or if you are a freelancer who owns an online business, Sematext has the perfect monitoring solution for you. Today, we will discuss our new OpenSearch integration, Changes we have made to Sematext Synthetics for HTTP monitoring, and UI changes we have made to the events tool.
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From Business Challenges to Solutions: The Requirements of Being a Solution Architect

Imagine being at the helm of a technological maze, ready to decipher and implement emergent trends like artificial intelligence, edge computing, and microservices. The impact is enormous - enabling efficient business operations and fostering growth. Enter experienced Solution Architects. As the lifeblood of the business strategy and as a Solution Architect, you transform complex challenges into innovative opportunities.

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Risk Management for Solution Architects: Mitigating Framework Risks

As a solution architect, you know that your expertise in envisioning and constructing robust systems is vital, especially as navigating third-party frameworks and platforms becomes increasingly integral in today's complex technological landscape. Risk management, therefore, plays a crucial role in safeguarding your organisation's digital assets and ensuring optimal performance. But how do you ensure you effectively mitigate the risks associated with these third-party frameworks and platforms? Read on to learn key tips and strategies for mitigating and managing framework risks.

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Solution Architects: Beyond Technical Skills - Developing Soft Skills

As an experienced Solution Architect, you understand the crucial role technical expertise plays in your career. However, to truly excel and stand out in your field, it's vital to recognise the importance of soft skills. In this article, we will dive deep into various critical soft skills and explore how they can propel you to even greater success in your role as a Solution Architect. Let us dive in.

Synthetics and Service Watch Dashboards

Combining Service Watch and CloudReady synthetics is easy to do and extremely powerful. Quickly pinpoint where the issues are occurring and skip the troubleshooting where the issues aren't which will speed up their resolution time, saving your organization money and time. Combining this information will also provide your app owners a quick and thorough view into how the user experience is going and how the application is performing in general. When issues do occur, they’ll have all the information available making it easy to prove the vendor is at fault and recover SLA credits
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Understand the emerging digital employee experience market (DEX)

The Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is a term that's been gaining momentum in recent years. Simply put, DEX refers to the employee's experience of technology at work. This includes everything from the devices and applications they use to the network connectivity and support they receive. The Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is "a holistic approach to designing and managing the technology environment in which employees work." It includes a variety of components, such as digital workspaces, collaboration tools, and workflow systems. DEX is all about creating an environment that is engaging, productive, and conducive to a positive employee experience.


What is Synthetic Monitoring: The Secret Sauce to Network Monitoring

Picture this: You're the IT manager at a large company, and you're responsible for ensuring that your network is running smoothly. But how do you know if everything is working as it should be? You could wait for someone to report a problem, but that's reactive and not ideal. You could monitor your network constantly, but that's impractical and time-consuming. So what's the solution? Enter synthetic monitoring, the secret sauce to network monitoring.


Real User Monitoring (RUM) vs. Synthetic Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RAM) and Synthetic Monitoring are two different approaches to website and application monitoring. They both serve the same purpose of ensuring optimal performance of a website or application, but they differ in how they collect data and the types of insights they provide. Understanding the difference between the two can help you determine which approach is best suited for your specific needs.


10 Best Tools to Monitor SSL Certificate Expiry, Validity & Change [2023 Comparison]

Webmasters always have their hands full with everything from user experience, search engine optimization and last but not least, SSL certificates. While some may not prioritize SSL certificates, they are still critical to the correct operation of your websites. Because Secure Layer Certificates are so important, monitoring them is a must! To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best tools for monitoring SSL certificates for validity, expiry, and change.