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Important API metrics you should monitor

In this article, learn which API metrics you should watch and how Uptrends’ API Monitoring can help you with API tracking and reporting. It is important to know the availability, speed, and validity of API responses whether you publish an API for consumption or your website or app relies on one or more APIs. If an API slips in any of those areas, you’ve got potential trouble. Uptrends API Monitoring has multiple ways to enable you to safeguard your APIs.


Macros, We Don't Need No Stinking Macros! - Featuring the New Microsoft O365 Email Add-On

Recently, I’ve been on a mission building a new Microsoft Office 365 Email Add-on for Splunk. This has been built for use with Splunk Enterprise, while making sure that it properly supports Splunk’s Common Information Model (CIM). CIM is paramount when wanting data to play nicely with Splunk Enterprise Security.


7 Ways UEM Enhances Your Security

Introduction Many things blur the line between endpoint management and security. Examples? Managing an endpoint. Configuring it. Performing application and software management. And patching the endpoint. The fact is, managing and securing a device is so interrelated that it makes sense for these two functions to come together in a single platform that can accomplish these, and other tasks needed in your IT organization. Here are the seven ways Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) can support security.


For Accounting Firms, Managing Source Documents is 10x Easier with an Information Management System

If you had to make a list of all the things that are critical for small business compliance, the successful management of source documents would be right at the top. This is especially true for accounting firms, in particular, who are dealing with massive volumes of documents — like bills, invoices, receipts, and anything else related to countless transactions on a daily basis.


Part 2: B2B Customer Support Transformation Imperatives

In Part 1 of this three-part series we introduced the new report by ServiceXRG and TeamSupport. The 2021 Customer Support Transformation report examines current trends in Support delivery and offers tangible guidance for Support and Service professionals to meet growing expectations of both customers and company executives. Part 1 explored the transition of support from a reactive transactional model to a more proactive and preventive approach.


Why Data Engineers Should Consider Microsoft Azure

Modern applications don’t function in isolation. To get the most out of the enterprise apps you build or buy, you’ll have to connect them to other applications. In other words, data engineers have to engage in effective application integration to achieve their business goals. Sometimes, this means connecting one application directly to another. But this is a rare occurrence in digitally transformed industries.