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What is YAML? A Beginner's Guide

YAML is a digestible data serialization language that is often utilized to create configuration files and works in concurrence with any programming language. YAML is a data serialization language designed for human interaction. It’s a strict superset of JSON, another data serialization language. But because it’s a strict superset, it can do everything that JSON can and more.


What is a cybersecurity strategy and how can your business develop one?

The number of users, devices, and resources on company networks is growing exponentially. With this expanding attack surface, a company’s assets, intellectual property, reputation, staff and customer data are all at risk. It’s no wonder cybersecurity has increased in prominence, with many organizations investing in more sophisticated technical solutions. But just because you have all the network security solutions in place, it would be unwise to get complacent about your security posture.


Three Ways MSPs Can Benefit From Dynamic Thresholds

People around the world depend on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to keep their businesses running like clockwork, even as their IT infrastructure evolves. Keeping workflows efficient leads to higher profits, but this can be a challenge due to a mix of on-premise infrastructures, public and private cloud, and other complex customer environments. The shift to remote work in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic has only made this more challenging for MSPs.


Is Your Business Ready For Life After Covid?

As we all prepare for a new life after Covid-19, more businesses than ever are looking at expanding their digital presence and making online their number one channel. Despite this, many are unaware and ill-prepared for the threats facing them as we all transition to a “new normal”. Thanks to the rollout of vaccines, the threat of Covid-19 is steadily diminishing and businesses are set to resume normal service.


13 Best Kubernetes Monitoring Tools: Free, Open-source & Paid [2021 Comparison]

While Kubernetes revolutionized distributed orchestration, it also added complexity to logging and monitoring. Now, to rise to the challenge of working with Kubernetes clusters, you need to adapt your monitoring strategy, including the tools you use. To help you ensure the performance of your Kubernetes environment, we made a list of the best Kubernetes monitoring tools, both open source and commercial.


IDC: Become a Digital Innovation Factory with These 4 Pillars of Modern DevOps

It’s do or die. In today’s brutally competitive digital economy, it is imperative for organizations to transform themselves into software-driven businesses — becoming “digital innovation factories” that can quickly and efficiently create and distribute new digital services. This enables them to be resilient, nimble, and innovative, creating business value and responding to market shifts and to customer needs.


How to Choose the Best Performance Profiling Tools

You finish writing your code and launch your application. Then, you begin experiencing performance issues. How can you fix this? It doesn’t matter how talented your development team is, every code should always be analyzed, debugged, and reviewed to make it run faster. What you need is a performance profiling tool. In this article, you will learn about performance profiling and how to determine the best performance profiling tools for your software.


Service the Everywhere Workplace

Drive outcomes with insights What if you could give employees reliably great experiences while improving outcomes across your organization? You’ve got it with Enterprise Service Management from Ivanti. It arms you with insights and actions that let you dramatically reduce resolution times and give you more time for the cool stuff you love to do.