Introducing solr-diagnostics: collects Solr and system info

If you’re running Solr and have to troubleshoot it (or maybe you just want a good overview!), then you’d probably want to collect logs, configs, maybe a snapshot of metrics and some system data, like top or netstat. We created a small tool for this exact task, creatively named solr-diagnostics. It’s been out there for almost two years, and we found it useful in our Solr consulting and production support engagements. So we thought it’s about time to spread the word.


Control the phase transition timings in ILM using the origination date

As part of Elasticsearch 7.5.0, we introduced a couple of ways to control the index age math that’s used by index lifecycle management (ILM) for phase timings calculations using the origination_date index lifecycle settings. This means you can now tell Elasticsearch how old your data is, which is pretty handy if you’re indexing data that’s older than today-days-old.


BKD-backed geo_shapes in Elasticsearch: precision + efficiency + speed

With the addition of new data structures in Lucene 6.0, the Elasticsearch 5.0 release delivered massive indexing and search performance improvements for one-dimension numeric, date, and IP fields, and two-dimension (lat, lon) geo_point fields. Building on this work, the Elasticsearch 6.0 release further improved usability and simplicity of the geo_point API by setting the default indexing structure to the new block k-d tree (BKD) and removing all support for legacy prefix tree encoding.


Introducing the enrich processor for Elasticsearch ingest nodes

As part of Elasticsearch 7.5.0, a new ingest processor — named enrich processor — was released. This new processor allows ingest node to enrich documents being ingested with additional data from reference data sets. This opens up a new world of possibilities for ingest nodes.


Why Nine Publishing rebuilt their infrastructure using search solutions

What does the revamped, modern technology stack of a 185-year-old Australian news corporation look like? In an industry that faces serious competition from anyone with a WordPress site and something to say, Nine Publishing, producer of Australia’s three largest news sites, sought to preserve a competitive edge by understanding how to enrich the experiences of their readers and journalists, while simultaneously identifying pain points and spotting problems before they happen.


A deep dive into Elasticsearch authentication realms

This is a technical deep dive into the authentication process — a necessary first step before addressing the authorization decisions that are at the core of Elasticsearch security. The following will be a very detailed explanation of the inner workings of a key part of the authentication process: realms. If you'd prefer to start with a broader view of authentication (and authorization) in Elasticsearch, you may want to check out Demystifying authentication and authorization in Elasticsearch.


Free Elasticsearch Service upgrade: 60% more storage for the same price with our improved hot-warm template

Today we are proud to announce a free, seamless upgrade for all our Elasticsearch Service customers across Azure, GCP, and AWS: 60% more disk storage for warm Elasticsearch nodes in our hot-warm deployment template.

Elasticsearch Service: Getting Started with Hosted Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch Service is a hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana solution from Elastic. Get started with a free 14-day trial (no credit card required). Elasticsearch Service makes it easy to deploy and manage your Elasticsearch clusters. Just tell us the size of your cluster, your preferred cloud provider, and the geographic location; we take care of the rest.

Elasticsearch Service now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Earlier this year, we announced a deeper partnership with Google to make our Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud more accessible to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) users. Today, we are excited to see the first milestone in this initiative realized: the general availability of the Elasticsearch Service on GCP Marketplace following a successful beta with key customers.