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Why Life Sciences Needs the Science of Security

Those who have worked in the life sciences industry have undoubtedly observed a sea of change in the discipline over the past twenty years. From new modalities (like CAR-T to microbiome) to external collaborations, the way drugs are developed in the 21st century is more complex, more distributed, and faster. Alongside fundamentally new discoveries is a pan-industry shift from on-premise computing to the cloud.


File transfer security risks and how to avoid them

Ransomware attacks increased by 105% in the first quarter of 2019, according to Beazley’s tally of insurance claims and data analytics. Other alarming reports show that new variants of Ransomware keep appearing almost every month. In addition, two years after the WannaCry Ransomware attacks, 1.7 million computers still remain at risk in 2019 according to TechCrunch. Fortunately, there are cybersecurity solutions that can protect your data during file transfer and file storage.


Countdown to CCPA: Steps to Start Getting Your Content in Compliance

The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), set to go into effect in January 2020, will have a big impact on companies that do business in California or collect the personal information of California citizens. Driven by growing public demand for privacy, CCPA is the latest in a line of regulations that gives individuals greater control over how their personal data can be collected, stored, purchased, or shared by private companies. Wondering what CCPA means for your business?


Countdown to CCPA: 5 Questions You Need to Ask

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, known as CCPA, is a data privacy law aimed at protecting the personal information of California consumers. Frequently compared to the UK’s expansive GDPR, CCPA will have a big impact on how companies collect, store, and process personal information of California consumers.


4 Must-Have Qualities of a File Server Replacement

It’s no surprise that data creation is rapidly growing, but did you know that we’ve actually created 90% of the world’s data in just the last two years alone? With that kind of growth rate, it’s no wonder that traditional file servers are having trouble handling these massive data sets. To compound the issue, as businesses create and share more data, it’s at greater risk of being stolen, ransomed or misused.


Why Construction Companies are Overhauling the Jobsite & Looking for More than Just File Sharing

Murphy’s Law (“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”) hangs over every jobsite like a dark cloud. When you’re dealing with massive construction projects being overseen by scores of project managers and swarms of subcontractors—all of whom are dealing with highly intricate details and a deluge of documents—the opportunities for snafus to rear their ugly little heads are in no short supply.

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Top 10 Tools to Transfer Really Large Files

In today’s time of high-speed Internet, one would think it would be very easy to transfer files, both small and large via emails. The reality, however, is quite different as transferring large files with the help of e-mails remains a big problem. This is where the role of tools, which help with the transfer of large files, becomes important.