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3 Digital Transformation Pillars Required for an Efficient Remote Workforce

Ultimately, a flexible workplace strategy ensures the efficiency and productivity of a team, no matter where they are. Many companies are facing an urgent new reality that requires a flexible working environment. The smart organizations will be prepared. They will learn and then future-proof their business by enabling secure access to documents and information while minimizing risk.

7 Keys to Getting the Most from Your Microsoft Teams Deployment

Microsoft Teams, the ubiquitous collaboration tool, has been embraced by nearly every type of business. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies have relied on Teams to keep their workforce connected and efficient. Indeed, Teams brings with it a host of unique benefits that cannot be ignored - but it also presents its fair share of challenges. In this eBook, learn about seven ways that businesses can get the most from their Microsoft Teams deployment.

Your Business Information Should Work for You... Not Against You

Information, in all its formats, is the lifeblood of business. Yet, it is an asset that’s often poorly managed, and therefore, provides less value than its potential. Let’s face it. Information only has value when it is refined and used for decision-making. So why do we not treat information with the respect it deserves? There can be many reasons for this, but I believe that fundamentally, it is about ease of access and use.


The Power of Business Process Management (in Facts and Figures)

As one observer noted, even large disasters like Chernobyl didn’t completely stem from a lack of documentation. This crisis caused so much damage because people failed to follow the planned and documented processes in time. While it’s important to document processes, no flowcharts or instructions will help businesses run more efficiently or overcome unexpected unusual obstacles if nobody follows them.


How to Create a Winning Customer Experience Amid an Exploding Number of Customer Requests

Along with so many dramatic changes the coronavirus pandemic has abruptly introduced into our daily lives, a lot more business has moved to the internet. Because of social distancing, millions of employees have exchanged their commutes for a home office. At the same time, all sorts of companies have seen an explosion of traffic to their eCommerce and online service sites. During this time, businesses have been forced to rapidly shift both their marketing and servicing channels.

Why Professional Services Firms Should Ditch Folders and Embrace Metadata

To stay competitive and meet market demands, professional services firms must offer an exceptional customer experience, innovate their product offering and deepen their expertise. This means doing more with less and reallocating resources to high-value work, like serving customers, investing in more competitive offerings, or building expertise. However, archaic and outdated ways of managing information with folders are hindering firms' abilities to navigate these disruptions and curb competition.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work Efficiency

What's the best way to work efficiently from home? What are the technology tools needed to maintain continuity and productivity? These have abruptly become pressing questions as employers around the world enable staffers to work remotely. In this eBook, learn about short-term solutions that can get your team up and running quickly paired with a longer-term strategy that will help your organization create the best possible flexible work environment.

The Secret Weapon for Boutique Professional Services Firms Battling with the Large Firms

One management consultant for a boutique professional services firm said he sometimes compared competition between his company and larger competitors to a mouse scrambling between the legs of a herd of elephants. Children’s cartoons to the contrary, elephants aren’t really scared of mice. Still, boutique professional services firms can capitalize on some important advantages to compete with larger players.


How to Outmaneuver Shadow IT with Intelligent Information Management

Shadow IT is when employees use unapproved software, apps, and devices to do their jobs. Typically, employees have good intentions and may turn to various ad-hoc services to get their work done because they don’t believe their employer provides them with a good solution. Since the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak, surveys of IT professionals have revealed that the rise in employees working from home has generated a surge in this practice.