4 Common Problems of Virtual Teams are Solved

Low-stress level, no commute, no shoes, PJs only, spending more time with family and friends, and so much more. Sounds neat right? According to some studies, remote work has brought higher productivity and a more positive work-life balance since the beginning of the pandemic. However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, is it? We have been facing some challenges, to say the least.

Teams: Efficiently Manage Your Remote Team on Rocket.Chat

One minute you’re on cloud nine, productively working on your collaboration tool until… A new member joins the team, and you must add them to every relevant channel of your platform. You include that new user and have to repeat the manual process over and over. Suddenly you’re worried about how you’ve been using your time. Wouldn’t it be easier if your collaboration platform had a faster way to manage and deal with users?


5 workflow automations for Mattermost that we love at n8n

n8n is a fair-code licensed tool that helps you automate tasks, sync data between various sources, and react to events — all via a visual workflow editor. Our team has been using Mattermost for internal communication since the very beginning, and in time we have developed a ChatOps practice by integrating Mattermost with our workflows. In this article, we present five of our favorite use cases of n8n with Mattermost, for both work productivity and team engagement.


How to Monitor RabbitMQ Performance: Tools & Metrics You Should Know About

Nowadays, most applications we build are composed of microservices and distributed in nature. In such a setup, communication between these microservices is crucial, but can, unfortunately, cause some headaches. The first thing I check when I’m troubleshooting a bug in production is inter-service communication. Having a reliable tool at your disposal to take care of this can reduce a lot of stress. RabbitMQ, a hybrid messaging broker, is one such tool.


Communication Breakdown in the Workplace

Do you remember when we were at school and had group projects? The idea was to work as a team and share ideas. Fun, huh? There was just this one itsy-bitsy thing: not everyone was heard or taken into consideration. It was really hard to communicate your opinion unless you were the loud one on the team. The same holds today when we are adults working on a bit more serious projects. Effective communication can go a long way when working in a company.

Rocket.Chat Named A Top 20 Best Live Chat Solution for the Second Consecutive Year

Our Omnichannel solutions allow companies to chat in real-time with the customers visiting their website. Now, for the second year in a row, Rocket.Chat is on the Capterra’s Live Chat Shortlist Report as a Top 20 Most Popular Live Chat Software. This recognition as an Established Player in our field is a result of our continuous efforts to improve the Omnichannel solutions to streamline your communication with your website visitors.