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How to train your team to use out-of-band communication systems

Out-of-band communication systems are critical to keeping IT, operations, and security teams securely connected during emergencies and mission-critical scenarios. By equipping team members with a communication channel that exists outside the organization’s primary network, decision-makers and leaders can rest assured that their teams can collaborate effectively when main communication channels are inaccessible or have been infiltrated.

Mattermost wins 2024 DEVIES Award for Best Innovation in ITOps

We’re thrilled to announce that Mattermost has earned the 12th annual DEVIES Award for Best Innovation in ITOps! The award — given to a platform “responsible for acquiring, designing, deploying, configuring, and maintaining the physical and virtual components that comprise IT infrastructure” — was presented on Feb. 21 during DeveloperWeek 2024 to our very own Director of Product Marketing Amanda Cheong and Developer Advocate Andrew Zigler at the Oakland Marriott City Center.

Livestream: Client side monitoring & metrics for Kafka using OpenTelemetry & SigNoz

In this livestream, we will walk through a demo of how to get client side insights from Kafka using distributed tracing. We will take a NodeJS producer and consumer setup communicating via Kafka to show how one can instrument this with OpenTelemetry, and get metrics from a client perspective. We will also touch on getting Kafka metrics using OpenTelemetry receivers.

Announcing the Mattermost Trustcenter

Our mission is to make the world safer and more productive by developing and delivering secure, open source collaboration software. And that mission starts with ensuring that our customers can make informed decisions about their software choices. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Mattermost Trustcenter.

RabbitMQ monitoring with OpenTelemetry

More about SigNoz: SigNoz - Monitor your applications and troubleshoot problems in your deployed applications, an open-source alternative to DataDog, New Relic, etc. Backed by Y Combinator. SigNoz helps developers monitor applications and troubleshoot problems in their deployed applications. SigNoz uses distributed tracing to gain visibility into your software stack. If you need any clarification or find something missing, feel free to raise a GitHub issue with the label documentation or reach out to us at the community slack channel.

Mattermost v9.4: IP filtering, bring your own key & cloud-native compliance exports in Mattermost Cloud Enterprise

Mattermost v9.4 includes several new features designed to significantly enhance digital security and compliance, including the introduction of IP filtering, bring your own key (BYOK) for data control, and cloud-native compliance export. IP filtering tightens access control, BYOK offers greater data protection through personalized encryption, and streamlined compliance reporting ensures adherence to regulatory standards.

Monitor RabbitMQ Performance Using Telegraf

Monitoring RabbitMQ is essential for maintaining the health, performance, and reliability of your messaging infrastructure. It empowers you to take proactive measures, prevent downtime, and deliver a seamless messaging experience for your applications and users. Monitoring helps you keep an eye on the performance metrics of RabbitMQ, such as message rates, queue lengths, and resource utilization.