5 Types of Non-verbal Communication

Communication is very important because it is the process of sharing information, ideas, and opinions. It makes teams bond stronger, get to know each other and find solutions to problems. Effective communication and correctly identifying the nonverbal cues when having meetings or hot discussions is essential. We often try to hide our emotions, feelings, and ideas but our bodies still send some subtle messages.

Google Drive Integration with Troop Messenger

Never put a halt to your work routines to open a cloud-based file management system to back up your office information!. Now integrate the best cloud storage, Google Drive, and sync your secured work files in the cloud right away within Troop Messenger. Troop Messenger seamlessly lets your teams connect with the everyday apps they use! Explore the new horizons of productivity.

7 Keys to Getting the Most from Your Microsoft Teams Deployment

Microsoft Teams, the ubiquitous collaboration tool, has been embraced by nearly every type of business. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies have relied on Teams to keep their workforce connected and efficient. Indeed, Teams brings with it a host of unique benefits that cannot be ignored - but it also presents its fair share of challenges. In this eBook, learn about seven ways that businesses can get the most from their Microsoft Teams deployment.

5 Tips to Encourage Effective Teamwork While Remote

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dreamwork. Building an effective and successful team takes time, and it’s even harder in the case of distributed, remote teams. How can you run effectively a team of persons without, well, meeting in person? With the rise of remote work worldwide, many teams have found themselves juggling projects, deadlines, and goals while spread all over the country, or even all over the world. When the team works like a well-oiled clock, they can achieve big things.

Deploy ChatOps with Microsoft Teams + Resolve Automation to Modernize Your Service Desk!

Looking for a chat capability for your ITSM tool, and already have Microsoft Teams? Why not use Resolve Automation to power chat ops for Service Desk Transformation. Join Brent Hunter to see how you can quickly integrate common tasks.

Rocket.Chat - The Leading Communication Hub

A platform with multiple uses: Remote and Physical Work, Internal and External Communication, OmnichannelCustomer Engagement and Support, Developer Operations, and Process automation. Centralize Your Communication and boost your company productivity by bringing messages, video calls, file sharing, and all team communication into one place.

How to Be Productive at Home?

According to a survey by Workopolis, 90% of people believe that Telecommuting contributes to more productivity. However, these are the people who have had a practice of working from home, unlike most employees today, who find themselves in an unprecedented situation in the year 2020 as a global pandemic rages and their bosses have ordained work from home as mandatory. Initially, the new work order may look heaven-sent and a miracle.