Introducing Mattermost ChatOps: Open source, real-time DevOps

It’s never been a more exciting time for DevOps. The range of community-driven, open source tools available for building, deploying, and running apps brings new sophistication and scalability—once the exclusive domain of internet giants—into the hands of virtually all organizations.


Document sharing and collaboration with the Collabora Mattermost plugin

At Collabora, we use Mattermost, a convenient messaging system that allows us to stay in touch all day. We also use it for sharing documents and wanted to contribute to making the document collaboration experience better. That’s why we decided to create the Collabora Mattermost Plugin, which allows users to view and edit documents directly in Mattermost.

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Zulip Chat vs Mattermost Review : Which Open Source Chat Server is Better

In 2016, Uber made an unexpected move and left Slack for Mattermost. The ridesharing company needed an enterprise-grade collaboration tool which Slack couldn’t scale. When Uber decided to create its messaging solution on Mattermost, both companies collaborated to implement an upgrade of Mattermost platform to meet Uber’s needs. Akamai, the world’s leading content delivery network service provider, has been using Zulip for remote collaboration with employees for many years.


Effective messaging is the key to successful remote productivity

“I love daily stand-ups almost as much as I love Agile” is something usually said sarcastically, with an eye roll. But for all the resistance that standups receive (at least among engineers), they do their job surprisingly well. In terms of allowing everyone to share their current progress, roadblocks, and questions, it’s hard to beat a daily meeting where no one is at their computer.


Why chat-style messaging is crucial for developer productivity

For most organizations, software development is team-driven. Good communication—messaging—is crucial to working together as a team and, increasingly, for working effectively with the tools used by the team. In recent years, instant messaging has taken over not only social networks, but also the workplace. In many ways, a collaboration tool based on instant messaging is key to collaboration, knowledge transfer, and solid teamwork.


Join the alpha program for Mattermost's new Incident Response Workflow app

Is your InfoSec or DevSecOps team ready to resolve issues as quickly as possible? To help accelerate response times, we’re happy to announce the alpha release of the Mattermost Incident Response Workflow application for Enterprise Edition, supported in Mattermost 5.12 and later. The app is designed specifically for incident response and enables you to connect all your workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and collaborate on incidents—all without leaving Mattermost.


The difference between chat and messaging

It’s no longer surprising that consumers want to message businesses. Chat and messaging are already common features of many websites and apps, whether it’s for live support or peer-to-peer conversations. Simply put, the face of conversations is changing. Conversations are important—they’re the building blocks of relationships. Relationships with our families, friends, colleagues, even our mortal enemies are mediated through conversations—or a lack of them.