Support for ESR 5.19 is ending soon

As of October 15, 2020, Mattermost Extended Support Release (ESR) version 5.19 is no longer supported. If any of your servers are not on ESR 5.25 or later, upgrading immediately is required. With our simple upgrade steps, it takes only a few minutes. Extended Support Releases are releases that will receive backports for high severity or high-impact security fixes for the length of their lifecycle.

Quick Intro Tour - Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is Team Collaboration and workplace communication platform. A two-way team communication SaaS-based application helps people to connect, discuss and share work across a single and smart user interface. Alongside Software as a service (SaaS) , It also come up with APIs and On-premise Edition to serve Large Enterprises, Defence Organizations and Governments.

Mattermost integrations: Sending and receiving data with outgoing webhooks

In a previous article, you learned how to receive data from an external source. In this article, you learn how to send a request or data to an external source using outgoing webhooks. As you learned from the first article in this series, we already receive alerts in Mattermost when the temperature of our fridge is too high. But what if we want to send a request to our fridges to give us the current temperature?


Top 5 Strategies for Effective Organizational Communication

Effective organizational communication is crucial for any successful business. Not only will it lead to more effective outcomes, but it will also help to boost employee engagement, collaboration and workplace satisfaction. Organizational communication refers to all types: from verbal to written, from formal to informal. Making sure that you have an effective strategy is key to helping your business thrive. Here are 5 key strategies to help you improve your organizational relationships.


Improving performance (and more) through load testing

Have you ever wondered how many active users your application can handle at the same time? If so, you’re not alone. Here at Mattermost, we’re building a highly concurrent messaging platform for team collaboration that needs to potentially serve up to several thousands of users simultaneously.

troop messenger

60 Kick-Ass Team Communication, Collaboration, and Productivity Quotes for the Goal-Oriented Entrepreneurs!

Business communication quotes. Productivity quotes. Quotes on team collaboration. Do you read these phrases and yawn? Well, that won’t happen in this article. Instead of being a bore with all the ‘famous’ communication quotes, we plan to inspire you with the words of wisdom shared by the best of the entrepreneurs, world leaders, and experts who excelled in their fields.