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What is the Digital Employee Experience?

In the continuous pulse of digital change, offering an agile and effective employee experience is no longer a goal – now it is the rule. After all, today’s competitive marketplace is like a battlefield. It is needed something that catalyzes productivity, saves effort and, above all, satisfies those who make it all happen.

Proactively improve your DEX

A great digital employee experience (DEX) can positively impact productivity, talent acquisition and retention, security and operational agility. What if you could effectively measure and proactively optimize the experience that employees get through the devices, operating systems and applications they rely on in their Everywhere Workplace? IT and security operations teams are increasingly tasked with delivering improved DEX. However, many struggle to effectively quantify and optimize it. How do you measure the employee experience in your organization?

Proving DEX outcomes in real life #technology #cybersecurity

Trying to establish DEX KPIs is often a sticky point of the budgeting conversation. What can you point to when it comes to actual business impact and outcomes from your digital employee experience initiative? Tony Miller, Ivanti’s VP of Enterprise Services, explains his metrics and methods for proving DEX impact.

Digital employee experience- a fireside chat with an IT leader

Digital employee experience (DEX) is a hot topic across the IT community. So, we sat down with Ivanti’s VP of Enterprise Services, Tony Miller, for an honest discussion about DEX. And it wasn’t short of questions! In this fireside chat: What’s Tony's team at Ivanti doing to improve DEX of their users? What to look for in DEX tools and how to secure budget for the investment. Who should be part of a team leading DEX efforts internally? How to find balance between daily operations and long-term DEX efforts and get started on DEX.

"What made me invest in DEX"- an interview with an IT leader

Everywhere Work has heightened the need for improving the digital employee experience (DEX). Yet, 56% of IT professionals say that they don't have a high level of buy-in from their C-suites for a DEX initiative. This raises the question, how can IT teams secure buy in for their DEX initiatives and become a true strategic business partner? Tony Miller, Vice President of Enterprise Services at Ivanti, sat down to discuss recent research findings and what led him to become an internal ambassador for DEX.

A stepbystep guide to planning and measuring digital employee experience - DEX

When budgets are closely scrutinized you need to justify every investment, especially the long-term one which results aren’t visible overnight. Digital employee experience (DEX), though a strategic initiative, may prove challenging to push forward without a clear roadmap or measurement of every step. During this 30min webinar we tackle how to plan your DEX initiative, step-by-step. We’ll discuss a staggered approach that instantly helps your IT and security operations, whilst improving DEX in the long term.