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How ITSM Automation Improves DEX at Scale

As your organization grows, manual processes that were once convenient become increasingly inconvenient. They’re now cumbersome, slow, plainly inefficient and hinder opportunities for innovation. This is worsened by the rapid onset of digital transformation. Some organizations report that this transformation was accelerated by three to five years since 2020 by the pandemic.

How DEX Benefits IT & Security Operations: 5 Top Use Cases

I was recently explaining the importance of digital employee experience (DEX) management to a consultant who is a self-described "digital nomad" and works from wherever he pleases. The connection to DEX may not have entirely been clear, until I explained that his ability to easily do his work remotely using online tools exemplifies what good DEX is all about in the era of Everywhere Work.

How Better DEX Benefits People + Performance: 3 Key Use Cases

Adopting a digital employee experience (DEX) solution delivers benefits for everyone in an organization, from the C-suite on down. A DEX solution provides contextual insights and intelligent automation capabilities that allow an IT team to proactively detect and resolve security vulnerabilities and other IT issues. This improves IT operations and an organization's cybersecurity and compliance posture.
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Revolutionizing the Digital Employee Experience: Almaden and Selbetti Join Forces in MSP Partnership

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital employee experience (DEX), staying ahead of the curve is not just a competitive advantage but a necessity. Almaden, a pioneer in DEX solutions, is thrilled to announce its exciting new Managed Service Provider (MSP) partnership with Selbetti, a leading player in the managed IT services industry. This strategic alliance is set to reshape the DEX landscape, enhancing the way businesses empower their workforce.

Elevating DEX: Nexthink's AppLearn Acquisition Marks a New Era

In the early days of Nexthink we had a whimsical way of articulating what we were working to achieve. “We want to develop a kind of digital guardian angel,” we’d say, “sitting on the shoulder of the employee, ensuring they are getting the most out of every working hour: productive and enjoying their work, without sacrificing a single minute to IT issues or application problems.".

ManageEngine: A Leader in UEM for SMBs and a Product Challenger in DEX Solutions

It is raining recognitions at ManageEngine! Adding another feather to our cap, we are thrilled to announce that we have received two significant accolades. We have been named a Leader in Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) for SMBs and a Product Challenger in Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Solutions in the 2023 Provider Lens™ Future of Work (Workplace) – Solutions report by Information Services Group (ISG).
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Digital Employee Experience: understand what it is and why it is important

In the continuous pulse of digital change, offering an agile and effective employee experience is no longer a goal - now it is the rule. After all, today's competitive marketplace is like a battlefield. It is needed something that catalyzes productivity, saves effort and, above all, satisfies those who make it all happen. This is where the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) comes in, a key that is not just technical, but as a force that amplifies performance, whether in the office or remotely. This is not a superficial concept, but a lever in the hands of leaders who want to transform.

Ivanti's Digital Experience Platform: A Comprehensive Solution for Gilbert + Tobin #shorts

To fulfill its mission “to be Australia’s leading transactions, regulatory and disputes law firm – committed to outstanding citizenship," the law firm of Gilbert + Tobin is continuously striving to improve digital service delivery by leveraging best-in-class service management technologies. That commitment has led it into a long-term partnership with Ivanti.

Experience Everywhere Wrap Up: Electric Energy Around the World

The Experience Everywhere tour is a wrap, and what a tour it was! We had an incredible time meeting up with our customers, partners, and DEX practitioners from all around the world to share expertise, learn, and grow. If you couldn’t make it (or even if you could) – you can relive all the action now over on our Experience Replays. Below, we asked a few Nexthinkers to send us their thoughts on each of the four Experience locations.

Practical Demo: Unlocking Better Outcomes: Proactively Improving DEX

A great digital employee experience (DEX) can positively impact productivity, talent acquisition and retention, security and operational agility. What if you could effectively measure and proactively optimize the experience that employees get through the devices, operating systems and applications they rely on in their Everywhere Workplace? IT and security operations teams are increasingly tasked with delivering improved DEX. However, many struggle to effectively quantify and optimize it. How do you measure the employee experience in your organization?