How an Internal Marketing Team uses OneDesk to serve 48 Hearing Clinics

When a company first starts out, the team is often cross-functional in its nature. This overlapping of responsibilities allows a company to be scrappy and grow quickly without too much overhead. Over time and through this period of growth, companies start to expand and develop more definition in terms of its different internal functions: sales, marketing, customer experience, operations, finances, and more.


Clinical Trial Diversity and Accessibility: Managing the Data Demands

As the pharmaceutical industry seeks to improve health outcomes globally, a critical area of investment is increasing participant diversity. We know that gender, age, and race have profound effects on the way pharmaceuticals are metabolized. That is why the FDA has been encouraging diversity in clinical trials for years, although without mandate nor incentive. The burden has largely fallen on industry groups to work out the how.


ENISA Releases Guidelines for Cloud Security for Healthcare Services

The healthcare sector is undergoing digitalization and adopts new technologies to improve patient care, offer new services for remote patients and reach operational excellence. The integration of new technologies in the complex healthcare IT infrastructure creates new challenges regarding data protection and cybersecurity.


Nightfall simplifies data security & HIPAA compliance for SimpleHealth

SimpleHealth takes their company name to heart. They are a reproductive tele-health company, focused on building thoughtful and impactful services that enable patients to own their reproductive health journey. Today, the core vertical is an online birth control prescription and free home delivery service.

Accelerate Value Creation in Clinical Operations with Hyperautomation

Hear key insights on how to bring people, process, and data together across clinical operations both in life sciences and healthcare and make automation work for your organization. We'll discuss how leaders are accelerating their digital innovation in 2021, seeking to leverage their solid existing capabilities in combination with low-code automation, and hyperautomation.

Why Should Data Privacy Be The #1 Concern Of Every Health App Developer?

We dare you to go to your mobile device and search for a health and wellness app already installed. Truth is, even if you did not actually download it, your operating system most likely came with at least one app like that. Now, you might have chosen to delete such an app, in which case, we lost the dare. But it does not deny the fact that your mobile device, the very one that lets you shop, communicate, work, or travel, has just as much potential to assist in your well-being.


Five Healthcare IT Trends to Watch in 2021

Healthcare information technology (healthcare IT) trends focus heavily on process improvements and clinical efficiencies. Providers can use advanced, emerging technologies to deliver quality care and overcome the challenges of today’s global health crisis. Trendspotting allows healthcare organizations to stay prepared for disruption and ensures they continue to innovate every year.


Building HIPAA Compliant APIs

Legal disclaimer: Nothing stated herein is legal advice. It is provided for informational purposes only. You should work closely with legal advisors to determine exactly how HIPAA may affect your business. Health care represents 17% of US GDP, around $4 trillion in 2020. COVID has normalized the use of remote medicine and accelerated the dispersion of health care away from doctors’ offices and hospitals, to services being delivered on smartphones and online apps.