5 Elements of Workplace Safety from Healthcare Leaders

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue to roll out, organizations across industries prepare to return employees to the workplace. It’s a journey fraught with anxieties, uncertainty, and unknowns. In a recent poll of Appian webinar participants, a mere 17% reported that their companies feel fully prepared to reopen facilities, and only 51% said they felt even “somewhat” prepared. The good news is that a safe return to the workplace is not uncharted territory.

Why Troubleshooting End User Experience Issues is Difficult on Cerner Millenium

To properly troubleshoot performance issues for hosted applications delivered via Citrix or VMware a solution must offer end-to-end visibility for from endpoint logon through the internal VDI system to the hosted Cerner environment. A solution must intelligently monitor events, conditions, failure points and then alert admins to performance issues while providing detailed metrics to troubleshoot the issue quickly.

Importance of Data Security For Mobile Healthcare Apps

Telemedicine or mobile healthcare apps are unquestionably important in our daily lives, as the world is increasingly shifting to an all-digital landscape. And when you think of the current pandemic scenario when social distancing and wearing masks are the new normal, nothing seems to be safer than using mobile health apps. But are we really safe while using these apps? Well, that brings us to the concern of being safe on the internet while using mobile healthcare apps.

Webinar: How Medtronic Tripled Serverless Development Velocity

In this webinar, experts from Medtronic and Lumigo review the architecture and monitoring setup of Medtronic's AWS serverless environment, which processes more than a billion Lambda requests a month. They will show real-world examples of how the Medtronic serverless dev team quickly finds areas for improvement and acts on them.

Complying with HIPAA Breach Notification Rules

Learn all about the HIPAA breach notification rules and how you can best protect your business by being ready to comply with anticipated 2021 HIPAA breach notification rules. The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) breach notification rules spell out how hospital systems, physicians, and other healthcare providers must notify their patients, as well as the U.S.


Considerations for performing IoMT Risk Assessments

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) products refer to a combination of medical applications and devices connected to healthcare information technology systems through an online computer network or a wireless network. IoMT devices rely heavily on biosensors, critical in detecting an individual's tissue, respiratory, and blood characteristics. Non-bio sensors are also used to measure other patient characteristics such as heart and muscle electrical activity, motion, and body temperature.

goliath technologies

New Software Eliminates Guess Work in Troubleshooting and Documenting Remote Worker Issues

Radnor, PA – April 14, 2021 – Goliath Technologies, a leader in end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, announced today new software with embedded intelligence and automation that will alert IT Pros of remote worker performance issues and visualize root cause for faster resolutions. Additionally, new end user forensic and experience analytics are available to support objective IT performance benchmarking and management reporting.


Qventus helps hospitals plan through COVID-19 with data applications

Qventus applies innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral science, and operations management to hospital operations. Our products include the first patient-flow automation solution for healthcare, and new tools developed in response to COVID-19 that help hospitals forecast and plan for their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs and post-acute planning.