Sponsorship & Advertising


As with any company, opsmatters requires financial support in order to continue and grow. The basic news and information service for organisations and users is provided free of charge (and will remain that way in the future), but for those organisations that would like greater exposure on the site, we are now able to offer sponsorship too.

Helping opsmatters to help you.

Sponsorship Packages

Self-Employed or Startup SME or Enterprise
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Prioritised Branding
Prioritised Branding
  Advertising Banner (Listing page)
Advertising Banner (Listing page) 1 x Small 1 x Large 1 x Large Unlimited
  Advertising Links
Advertising Links 3 6 Unlimited
  Social Media Promotion
Social Media Promotion
  Advertising Banner (Site-wide)
Advertising Banner (Site-wide)
  12 Month Price
12 Month Price $330
(incl. 1 month free)
(incl. 1 month free)
(incl. 2 months free)
(incl. 2 months free)

Sponsorship Benefits

Here are the details of the benefits included in the various sponsorship packages:

  • Prioritised Branding: Sponsors are prioritised first in the carousel at the top of the home page and on the Organisations page. This ensures your brand name and logo will feature prominently on the site and will be clearly labelled as a SPONSOR.
  • Advertising Banner (Listing page): You may place an advertising banner on your listing page. This can include a link to your site and be used to provide extra publicity for your brand or any current promotions you may have. There are two sizes available for listing page banners:
    • Small: Maximum 600px width by 120px height, JPG or PNG format.
    • Large: Maximum 600px width by 200px height, JPG or PNG format.
  • Advertising Links: You may place advertising links within the descriptive text of your listing page. This can be used to promote specific areas of your site and can also contain useful SEO keywords.
  • Social Media Promotion: We would be happy to help promote new product releases, blogs, publications or events through our social media channels and networks.
  • Advertising Banner (Site-wide): You may include an advertisement banner in the header of the site. This will be displayed on every page in the site and will be time-shared with other Platinum sponsors. There is one size available for header banners:
    • Large: Exactly 600px width by 180px height, JPG or PNG format.

Looking for something different? Let us know and we can tailor a package to suit your needs or budget!

For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact us at enquiries@opsmatters.com.

Cancellations and Refunds

You can cancel your sponsorship at any time and incur no further charges. For sponsors on an annual package, a refund is available for any remaining, whole months. No refund is available for monthly packages.