What is MEC ? The telco edge.

MEC, as ETSI defines it, stands for Multi-access Edge Computing and is sometimes referred to as Mobile edge computing. MEC is a solution that gives content providers and software developers cloud-computing capabilities which are close to the end users. This micro cloud deployed in the edge of mobile operators’ networks has ultra low latency and high bandwidth which enables new types of applications and business use cases.


How to Dynamically Auto-Steer your Traffic to Multi-CDN or Multiple Data-Centers

Whether it’s Cyber Monday deals or streaming the Super Bowl to millions of users, website’s traffic management & SRE teams often struggle to deliver a reliable user experience. Multi-CDN strategy is critical & integral to this process and is often determined by the following factors.


How to - Benchmark CDNs with Catchpoint

In this How-To video, we’ll look at how Catchpoint can help you evaluate which Content Delivery Network you should be using. CDNs, as they’re called, are not one size fits all, especially when it comes to location. Many companies simply select one CDN and run with it, even though their provider might not perform very well in all places.


CDN providers performance monitoring with PerfOps: Best CDN providers in China

Starting from now we are going to publish series of survey articles dedicated to performance metrics for content delivery networks in different regions or strategically important countries worldwide. The peculiarity of these articles is that the data used for the presentation is collected with PerfOps Real User Monitoring.


Manage CloudFront real-time logs in Datadog

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) that minimizes latency by caching your content on AWS edge locations around the world. With CloudFront real-time logging, you can understand how efficiently CloudFront is distributing your content and responding to requests. You can collect CloudFront real-time logs in Datadog—in addition to CloudFront metrics—to get deep visibility into the health and performance of your CloudFront distribution.


How to Monitor Akamai Logs

Some of the largest and most prominent websites, worldwide, partner with Akamai to provide their customers with a premium web experience. What benefits could Akamai offer to you and your online product offerings? In this article, we will introduce you to Akamai and the services they provide. We’ll talk about why those services are essential and how they can help you provide a better online experience for your customers. We’ll also talk about how Akamai can protect you from cyberattacks.

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GitHub Action to Cloudflare Workers Sites

As time goes by, I’m looking for solutions that require as little maintenance as possible. One of those is deploying our client web app and our homepage directly on the CDN edge, with GitHub Actions. Not only we don’t need a server to host the app, but the deployment script is also serverless and maintenance-less. This allows me to focus on important tasks, knowing that deployment and serving of the app is always blazing fast.


Boost CDN Performance by 20-40% with Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring

Content Distribution Networks (CDN) have been around for more than two decades, and as per Intricately 2019 report, there are over a million companies leveraging CDN services from across the world. In the chart below, they have compared four popular CDNs but there are several other major CDN providers such as Verizon Media (Edgecast) and Lumen. Large enterprises such as Linkedin, Ebay, Walmart, and others have already implemented a multi-CDN approach to power all their applications.