Why Small and Medium Sized Companies Need Multi-CDN

Content delivery networks are distributed servers that help organizations improve access to various types of website, application and platform content. Small and medium-size companies sometimes assume that a single CDN is all that they need to support their demand, but a multi-CDN is not reserved for large enterprises alone. Several industries that particularly benefit from multi-CDNs are gaming and streaming.


Integrate Akamai with Datadog to monitor CDN performance

Akamai is a leading provider of content delivery network solutions around the world, handling many millions of HTTP requests per second. By Akamai’s estimates, its CDN platform delivers 15 to 30 percent of global web traffic. If you’re using Akamai to accelerate and protect the delivery of content to your users, we are pleased to announce that you can now use Datadog to monitor the utilization and performance of your CDN.


jsDelivr is now handling all load-balancing with FlexBalancer

jsDelivr, the first and only free multi-CDN for open source projects are now using PerfOps FlexBalancer to load balance between their sponsoring CDNs. Until now, jsDelivr had been using Cedexis Openmix to achieve its Multi-CDN load balancing. After analyzing the ease of migration and benefits of FlexBalancer, jsDelivr decided that it was time for a change.