Multi-Cloud Management: What Do You Need to Know For 2021?

This year, our team at Catchpoint put together the IT Monitoring Trends 2021 Report. We focus on seven key trends that will shape year two of our new, unstable normal. The goal: to help you as either a “boots on the ground” engineer or a C-level exec to know what to expect of the year ahead. We also share actionable best practices for how to shape your IT monitoring strategy. Multi-cloud and hybrid-IT management is one of the seven trends.


Delivering high-performing global APIs with Apigee X and Cloud CDN

Organizations are increasingly investing in digital businesses ecosystem strategies to foster innovation and operate efficiently. These ecosystems connect various stakeholders--such as partners, developers, and customers--via application programming interfaces, or APIs. APIs allow various software systems to interface, and are thus the primary mechanism of value exchange within these ecosystems.


Monitor Fastly performance with Datadog

Fastly is an edge cloud platform that includes a content delivery network (CDN), as well as services for image optimization, video streaming, cloud security, and load balancing. These services are supported by a network of caches in different locations, which enables enterprise-scale companies to deliver applications to users as quickly as possible, even in times of peak traffic.


CDN Monitoring Is More Than Just Performance, It's About Hard Dollars

On one of our monthly check-in calls, the Director of Infrastructure and Operations at one of our largest customers, was telling me how the one big problem he was still trying to solve is optimizing their OPEX or at least make it more predictable. He cited a popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) that they spend millions with as an example. The company had launched a new service and he spoke about how the CDN cost had quadrupled.


What is MEC ? The telco edge.

MEC, as ETSI defines it, stands for Multi-access Edge Computing and is sometimes referred to as Mobile edge computing. MEC is a solution that gives content providers and software developers cloud-computing capabilities which are close to the end users. This micro cloud deployed in the edge of mobile operators’ networks has ultra low latency and high bandwidth which enables new types of applications and business use cases.


How to - Benchmark CDNs with Catchpoint

In this How-To video, we’ll look at how Catchpoint can help you evaluate which Content Delivery Network you should be using. CDNs, as they’re called, are not one size fits all, especially when it comes to location. Many companies simply select one CDN and run with it, even though their provider might not perform very well in all places.


How to Dynamically Auto-Steer your Traffic to Multi-CDN or Multiple Data-Centers

Whether it’s Cyber Monday deals or streaming the Super Bowl to millions of users, website’s traffic management & SRE teams often struggle to deliver a reliable user experience. Multi-CDN strategy is critical & integral to this process and is often determined by the following factors.


CDN providers performance monitoring with PerfOps: Best CDN providers in China

Starting from now we are going to publish series of survey articles dedicated to performance metrics for content delivery networks in different regions or strategically important countries worldwide. The peculiarity of these articles is that the data used for the presentation is collected with PerfOps Real User Monitoring.