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Codefresh is joining Octopus Deploy to create the most powerful Kubernetes CD, GitOps, CI, and Argo platform

Today marks an important milestone as Codefresh joins forces with Octopus Deploy, a leading player in the Continuous Delivery space. For those less familiar with Octopus, they have been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge Continuous Delivery for VMs, Windows, and recently stepped into Kubernetes as well.

Modern Observability for Data Unification for Business Insights Is Here

Today, we’re adding to the groundwork we’ve established to provide enterprise organizations with a modern approach to data unification to improve insights. Our True North unifies all the many layers of data into a single stream to provide better insights so you can make better decisions and adjustments and bring value to the organization.

Elevating DEX: Nexthink's AppLearn Acquisition Marks a New Era

In the early days of Nexthink we had a whimsical way of articulating what we were working to achieve. “We want to develop a kind of digital guardian angel,” we’d say, “sitting on the shoulder of the employee, ensuring they are getting the most out of every working hour: productive and enjoying their work, without sacrificing a single minute to IT issues or application problems.".

Broadcom VMware Acquisition Impact on Users

The digital world is full of change, so there aren’t many situations that place IT professionals on edge. However, Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware is an exception, since it will impact hundreds of thousands of IT professionals and their organizations. At the moment, VMware has over 500,000 customers worldwide who rely on their services. The Broadcom VMware acquisition, which closed on November 22nd, 2023, has the potential to affect each and every one of these users.

Francisco Partners Completes Acquisition of Blancco Technology Group

Francisco Partner announces the completion of the all-cash acquisition of Blancco Technology Group for 223 pence per share, representing an equity valuation of approximately £175 million. As a result of the completion of the transaction, Blancco has ceased trading and is no longer listed on the London stock market.

Datadog acquires Actiondesk

Datadog customers have an abundance of observability data at their fingertips. Using this data effectively requires having the right visualizations and analysis tools. For some teams, the powerful functionality of spreadsheets is critical to their ability to make data-driven forecasting and business decisions. That’s why we are pleased to announce that Actiondesk—a spreadsheet-powered connection to your live data—is joining Datadog.

PagerDuty and Jeli Together Will Transform Incident Management

Today is an important day for us at PagerDuty, and for the larger ecosystem of incident management. We’ve signed a definitive agreement to acquire Jeli, a standout player in the incident management space. This deal represents a strategic alignment of visions, technologies and goals that will have a lasting impact on the industry and our customers.

Navigating the Cisco-Splunk Acquisition: A Lesson in Vendor Independence and Data Adaptability

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, mergers and acquisitions have become a common occurrence. The latest buzz in the tech world revolves around the Cisco-Splunk acquisition, in which the former acquires the latter for a staggering $28 billion! This marks the fifth major acquisition in the AIOps and Observability space this year alone, following SumoLogic, OpsRamp, Moogsoft, and New Relic.