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Pyroscope and Grafana Phlare join together to accelerate adoption of continuous profiling, the next pillar of observability

We are happy to announce that Pyroscope, the company behind the eponymous open source continuous profiling project, is now part of Grafana Labs. With this acquisition, we will be merging the Pyroscope project and Grafana Phlare, the project we launched last year, under the new name Grafana Pyroscope. We first met the Pyroscope team, led by co-founders Ryan Perry and Dmitry Filimonov, as they were graduating from Y Combinator. Like Grafana Labs, they have open source in their DNA.

A Comprehensive Guide to Post Merger Integration: How to Unify Your Companies for Maximum Benefits

Most entrepreneurs don't appreciate the introduction of modern technology that has been used in short-term business transactions like mergers. This is actually quite an interesting phenomenon, because this is when you need to implement modern technology. Today we're going to talk about how this is going to be useful in the case of virtual data rooms.

Bringing Codecov into the Sentry Family: Where Code Coverage Meets Application Monitoring

Today Codecov is joining the Sentry family. Codecov began as a code coverage reporting tool in 2014 and has since emerged as a market leader in the test analytics space. Codecov makes coverage actionable for over two dozen test frameworks, and has helped over a million software developers improve their approach to testing, coverage, and code reliability. You might be asking, what do test analytics have to do with application monitoring?


Datadog acquires Cloudcraft

A well-designed cloud architecture is essential to ensure that the underlying infrastructure stays operational, within budget, and compliant over time. These days, organizations are rapidly spreading their infrastructure across a broad, complex mesh of interconnected resources and services. It can be difficult to make high-level decisions about the design and management of these systems. This is why many organizations are now turning to cloud infrastructure modeling tools.


Expanding the Definition of the Network with Saaslio & Boardgent

Welcome to the last mile of the office network! I’m thrilled to extend our warmest welcome to two new additions to the Auvik family—Saaslio and Boardgent. Combining their product feature set and industry expertise with Auvik, will extend our capabilities to provide a unique toolset designed to solve problems for MSPs and internal IT departments—and effectively manage the end-user experience regardless of location and which applications are being used.

antuit ai

Zebra Technologies' Your Edge Podcast: One-Year Anniversary of antuit.ai Acquisition

On the one-year anniversary of antuit.ai’s acquisition by Zebra Technologies, our CEO, Sivakumar Lakshmanan joins Suresh Menon, Zebra’s SVP and General Manager for Software Solutions on a special edition of Zebra’s Your Edge Podcast.

AIOps Provider ScienceLogic Acquires Machine Learning Analytics Provider Zebrium to Provide At-A-Glance Root Cause Visibility

Moving toward its goal of freeing up resources of enterprise IT teams and optimizing digital experiences, AIOps and hybrid-cloud IT management provider ScienceLogic has acquired machine learning analytics firm Zebrium to automatically find the root cause of complex, modern (i.e., containerized, cloud-native) application problems.

Grafana k6 one year later: Lessons learned after an acquisition

A few years ago, I was meeting with venture capitalists and private equity firms about the future of k6, the open source performance testing tool that we created in 2016 and open sourced in 2017. After talking about the k6 product mission — to give modern engineering teams better tools to build reliable applications — one investor challenged us to create an even bigger vision for the company: What if we acquired a company to broaden the k6 story?