ServiceNow to acquire Fairchild Resiliency Systems to help companies better manage risk at scale

Companies can leverage the Now Platform to plan so work can still happen during service outages Organizations are betting on digital initiatives to drive competitive advantage, and it is difficult to generate value if they don’t take risks. Risk comes in many forms - from hurricanes and hacks – and poorly managed risks can have serious consequences for a company: at stake are an organization’s reputation, profit margins, and customer satisfaction and retention.


Founders' note: IOpipe joins New Relic!

We started IOpipe in 2016 with some burning ideas on how to make it easier for developers to build and run serverless applications. What we quickly recognized was that debugging and monitoring challenges had become a major barrier to serverless adoption. Debugging issues across millions of invocations throughout many functions, and living ephemerally, without a concept of a traditional process and host management quickly highlighted a gap in tooling for serverless.


ServiceNow to acquire Attivio's cognitive search platform

At ServiceNow, we believe everyday tasks at work should be as simple, easy and intuitive as they are in our personal lives. Yet one useful work task, enterprise search, has lagged well behind the consumer world. To deliver consumer-grade search at work, ServiceNow has signed an agreement to acquire the cognitive search capabilities of Attivio, an AI-powered answers and insights platform company based in Boston, MA.


Splunk to Expand Streaming Expertise; Announces Intent to Acquire Streamlio, Open-Source Distributed Messaging Leader

Welcome to my favorite week of the year. Tomorrow, we’re going to welcome over 10,000 attendees to .conf19 in Las Vegas to showcase our incredible innovations and new product announcements, as we continue to innovate and expand upon the foundational Splunk platform. At .conf19, you’ll see that we’re pouring fuel on the fire through strategic updates to the platform, along with investments including our recent acquisitions of SignalFx and Omnition.


Kong Acquires Insomnia - Expanding Our Offering With Advanced API Testing

Today we are excited to welcome Insomnia to the team at Kong! Insomnia has been on our radar at Kong for quite some time. I was first introduced to Insomnia and Greg in the early days of the project, and I am proud to have been one of the earliest supporters. From the first, I knew that Insomnia was solving a real problem for developers, and it has been amazing to see the community of contributors grow as more and more developers adopt Insomnia to make testing and debugging APIs easier.


Splunk to Acquire Observability Innovator and Leading Open Source Contributor Omnition

It’s been an eventful summer here at Splunk. In the past three months, I’ve had the chance to go on the road to get a first-hand look at how our customers are using the remarkable products and services our teams are delivering. Our team has been heads down building bleeding edge offerings we’ll unveil at .conf19, and the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as I preview those releases.


And Then There Were Three -- IBM, VMWare, and Rancher

When we started Rancher in 2014, our vision was to enable enterprise IT to procure and utilize computing resources (“cattle”) from any infrastructure provider. We were extremely lucky to be able to leverage wonderful technologies like Kubernetes which made computing resources consistent across all infrastructure providers.