1+1 Is Not Always Two!

Today marks a milestone day for Diyotta. I am quite thrilled to share that Diyotta is joining forces with ThoughtSpot! Together, we’ll accelerate development of the Modern Analytics Cloud and put cutting-edge innovations from across the entire cloud landscape in the hands of every employee. This is a massive win, not only for the industry, but for our customers, and of course, our team. ‍When I look at a merger, there are a few questions I always ask first...


What Made SmartBear + Bugsnag a "No Brainer"?

Today marks a big day for two very successful companies, and I got the chance to sit down with SmartBear CEO, Frank Roe, and Bugsnag CEO and co-founder, James Smith. Tim: For those who perhaps haven’t already seen this morning’s press release, why don’t we kick things off by having you share this morning’s news. Frank: Sure, Tim.


Welcome to WhiteSource, Diffend!

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Diffend, an innovative software supply chain security service, is now part of WhiteSource. At WhiteSource we believe that open source risk management is a pillar of software supply chain security, and Diffend helps us extend our capabilities in this area. While 99.999% of open source releases may be safe, our customers trust us to help identify the ones that could do harm and should be avoided.


Stackify + Netreo Creates a Dev + Ops Powerhouse

TLDR: Stackify is joining with Netreo to bring best-of-breed solutions for developers and IT operations. Together, their observability platform can help both small development teams and the world’s largest enterprises manage and monitor their applications and infrastructure. Stackify has been working for the last 9 years to help software developers monitor and deb their productions applications.


Datadog acquires Sqreen to strengthen application security

We began our security journey last year with the release of Datadog Security Monitoring, which provides runtime security visibility and detection capabilities for your environment. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Sqreen, an application security platform, is joining the Datadog team. Together, these products further integrate the work of security, development, and ops teams—and provide a robust, full-stack security monitoring solution for the cloud age.


Democratizing security: The next step in Sqreen's journey

Everything started in 2015, when Jb and I left Apple to co-found Sqreen, with a singular vision to democratize security. Our belief then, as it is now, is that a strong security posture can only exist when security is infused across the software development lifecycle; when it is not just the concern of security teams, but of developers and operations teams as well.


SecretHub is joining 1Password!

Today, I am thrilled to announce that SecretHub has joined the team at 1Password. Together, we’ll be working to help every business manage both their human and machine credentials in one unified platform. We know that secrets aren’t just used in one part of your infrastructure; they’re everywhere from development, to testing, to production—and we need tools that are designed to work for all of those platforms and the people that use them.


M-Files and Hubshare: Delivering a Best-in-Class Digital Client Experience

A key component of most successful organizations is truly seamless collaboration. Oftentimes, there is a tendency to think about collaboration with an internal focus - is everyone at my company able to collaborate? While that is certainly an important part of the equation, of equal or greater importance is the ability for companies to effectively collaborate with their customers and clients.