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What Is Replatforming? Everything You Need To Know

Depending on your business reason for migrating to the cloud, you can either move in one go or incrementally. If, however, you prefer to retain some of your operations, app design, or workflows on-premise, you can still do so based on the cloud migration strategies you use. Sometimes, it makes more sense to modify your existing system rather than make too many changes all at once.

What Is Cost Optimization? 8 Best Practices To Use ASAP

You're not alone if you have trouble visualizing, measuring, and controlling your IT costs. Whether public or private, cloud computing can add to the cost problem. That’s because cloud computing offers on-demand resources, so misconfigured infrastructure, an overzealous engineer, or a blindsided operations team can do something that leads to a surprise cloud bill at the end of the month. But not so fast. What is cost optimization, and why is it different from IT cost reduction?

The Simple Formula For Managing Cloud Cost

Organizations receive high monthly bills from cloud providers with no way of determining why the number changes from month to month or how to accurately predict future spend. More importantly, there is little information to provide visibility if cloud resources are being deployed efficiently or if spend is correlated to business performance.

What Is Spot Instance Advisor? A Beginner-Friendly Guide

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides three types of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances; On-Demand Instances, Reserved Instances (RIs), and Spot Instances. EC2 On-Demand instances are the default and most expensive instances. RIs and Spot instances offer discounts of up to 72% and 90% on On-Demand instances, respectively. The Reserved Instances are long-term commitments that guarantee you compute power for a year or three. Spot instances fluctuate in price and availability constantly.

The 15 Best Continuous Deployment Tools In 2022

Today's technology companies need to release quality features quickly and put them in users' hands even quicker. According to the State of DevOps Report, organizations with CI/CD tools deploy 208X more often and have a 106X shorter lead time than organizations without one. You can release software with minimal downtime for your customers when you use robust continuous deployment software.

Multicloud Cost Management

More enterprises are adopting cloud computing to ensure that they can accelerate innovation, stay competitive, and enjoy cost savings. This trend has only increased in the last two years with the rise of remote work necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rise of cloud adoption, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments are increasing in popularity as well. According to a Gartner survey, 81% of survey respondents are using two or more cloud providers.

Making the World's AWS Bills Less Daunting

Armed with a Ph.D. from UC San Diego, our guest started off with internships at Google and Microsoft before gaining valuable experience as a VP and a highly sought-after consultant for startups and SMBs. Now he’s one of the world’s foremost experts on wrangling vast data sets and maximizing efficiency.