Automating With Splunk Phantom: How Norlys Does It

Some tasks are better off automated. Paying bills on time? Automated payments. Orchestrating a coordinated response to security alerts and triaging security events? There’s Splunk Phantom for that. Monotonous tasks, in our work and personal lives, should and can be automated in order to free up time and energy to focus on the things that matter.


Selecting the Best SOAR Solution Series: Throw the (Play)book at 'Em! (Part 4)

Welcome to Part 4 of our series examining how to select the best security, orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution for your business. In Part 1, we defined what SOAR platforms set out to do at their core. In Part 2, we listed the key core competencies that you can expect to find in a SOAR solution. In Part 3, we dove into one of those core competencies: case management. Part 4 will focus on the bread and butter of the SOAR category: playbooks.


Get more insights into your organization's mobile device posture information by using the Cortex XSOAR Pack for MobileIron (acquired by Ivanti) Core and Cloud

More than 52% of organizations now offer their employees, contractors and frontline workers the ability to work securely from any endpoint of their choice. This modern workplace includes diverse endpoints such as iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10 devices, as well as other immersive and rugged devices such as HoloLens, Oculus, Zebra and more - and IT teams need a scalable solution to secure and manage them.


How SOAR Helps Service Providers Meet MSSP Challenges, Featuring Forrester Research [Video]

The modern SOC is a hybrid SOC, featuring a blend of in-house and outsourced professionals. For the latter group, security operations is their business, and MSSPs have discovered that SOAR technology provides a slew of benefits, including process consistency, speed and efficiency for analysts, and client collaboration and transparency.

SOCstock 2020 | The Grooviest Event for Security Operations Professionals

Enjoy this sizzle reel recapping the inaugural SOCstock. Dubbed “the grooviest event for security operations,” SOCstock is a world-class virtual event featuring renowned and respected infosec speakers providing attendees with the very latest security operations trends, research and best practices. But it isn't just about what was happening on stage. SOCstock also features funky swag, far-out contests, talented entertainers and more (no mud involved).

Incorporating SOAR into Zero Trust and MITRE ATT&CK: A Conversation With Forrester Research

What happens when two revered security frameworks get a dose of SOAR? Forrester's Joseph Blankenship and Dr. Chase Cunningham join Siemplify CMO Nimmy Reichenberg to assess the role that automation & orchestration play in the Zero Trust and MITRE ATT&CK models.

5 Ways a SOAR Solution Improves SOC Analyst Onboarding

The depressingly depleted talent pool in the information security profession is what typically draws most of the attention when personnel and skills challenges are raised, but less talked about is the length of time it takes to backfill a position. Industry group ISACA has found that the average cybersecurity position lies vacant for up to six months, with positions like security analyst one of the most difficult to find suitable candidates for (partially because of issues like burnout).


A Path to Proactive Security Through Automation

The sheer number of cyberattacks launched against organizations every year is massive and growing. If you’re a security analyst working in a SOC or security team, tasked with defending your organization, that means you’re getting bombarded by many more attacks than the recorded numbers above would suggest. These attacks translate into security alerts — fired from your various security tools — that you must investigate and resolve.


Stopping Ransomware in Its Tracks With SOAR, Featuring Forrester Research [Video]

Ransomware is unlike most threats security teams face because it is virtually impossible to prevent and uses native processes, built into your trusted operating systems, to rapidly spread. So considering the speed and extent by which ransomware can topple an organization, what is the best approach for addressing this seemingly existential threat? We asked Forrester Research’s Joseph Blankenship and Chase Cunningham to share insights as part of a four-part series with Siemplify.

The Case for SOC Automation: A Conversation With Forrester Research

In the first of a four-part video series hosted by Siemplify, two experts from Forrester Research examine the inherent value of automation for security operations teams, collaboration challenges intensified by remote working and why infosec talent shortage may have more to do with an excess of security tools than a dearth of skilled personnel.