Insider Threats

Data Privacy in 2020

Data breaches are at an all-time high, with all evidence pointing to increased data exposure. Naturally, organizations are turning to employee monitoring, insider threat detection and data loss prevention technologies to protect themselves. There is, however, some concern that these solutions may create a potential conflict with employee and consumer privacy rights. Especially, with the introduction of GDPR, CCPA and other similar laws at various stages of processing, companies around the world are being forced take a closer look at their data governance and privacy policies.

Managing Cyber Threats to Operational Technology

In the fast-paced and highly commercialized world of manufacturing, better automation creates a valuable competitive edge. The physical systems leveraged in the industry, the machinery, and the manual processes have all become more automated since the first industrial revolution. Today, smart systems that leverage advanced technologies such as machine learning and integrated IoT control are creating a next-generation industrial environment often termed 4.0.


State of Insider Data Breaches in 2020

Organizations protect critical assets and sensitive information from the outside world by continually updating their security controls and policies. However, the origin of a breach is not always outside of the organization, and recently, insider breaches have gained attention amid an increase in the flexibility of tools for information sharing. Insider threats can be accidental or intentional, but the impact of insider breaches remain the same.