Insider Threats


Should you be worried about false negative insider threats?

The consistent rise in Insider Threat-related incidents has led to a growing focus and investment in proactively detecting these threats. According to reports, 60% of organizations discovered one or more insider attacks last year, and 90% admitted that they felt vulnerable to insider attacks. Reports also show that it takes an average of over two months to contain an insider attack.


Forensic Software - Getting the Proof You Need

Employees are both the biggest asset of a company and also the biggest risk factor. Forensic software is designed to provide visibility when malicious or incompetent employee behavior is suspected that could present a threat to the company. Trying to gather proof of these issues manually is both time consuming and high risk. If you tip off the staff member, they can cover the tracks, and you may never know what was done.


Our award-winning IAM and insider threat prevention solutions highlighted at RSA Conference 2020

ManageEngine brought home its first set of accolades for 2020: two InfoSec Awards presented by Cyber Defense Magazine at RSA Conference 2020. Amidst the over 3,000 cyberdefense innovators that were assessed by Cyber Defense Magazine for its 2020 InfoSec Awards, ManageEngine was recognized for its identity and access management (IAM) offering, AD360, and for its insider threat prevention in Log360.


Monitoring a Mobile Workforce

With recent worldwide epidemic scares, many companies are asking their employees to work from home as much as possible. Statistics show that even without an imminent threat from illnesses like the coronavirus, companies would do well to prepare for the ever-increasing proportion of employees who work remotely. According to an analysis by Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics, there has been a significant upward trend in the number of people who now work remotely in the United States.


Insider Threat: The Risk That Never Goes Away

The “insider threat” has been one of the greatest threats since the beginning of IT. One of the earliest insider threat cases I worked on involved spinning the rounding error of a bill calculation into a separate account. While it was a minuscule dollar amount on a transaction basis, at volume it was real money!


Workforce Management Software

Workforce management, often shortened to simply WFM, is about managing staff schedules and services within companies. Workforce management software incorporates most software that focuses on managing and simplifying the process of scheduling staff work hours as well as managing their work and productivity. Managing large amounts of staff members turns into a massive task for human resources teams if they have to do everything manually.


Orgs Reportedly Spending 60% More to Recover from Insider Threats

A new study from The Ponemon Institue found that organizations are spending nearly 60% more to recover from insider threats compared to three years ago. The study involved companies located in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. The report found that cybersecurity events caused by insider threats have increased by almost 50% since 2018.


Reducing Cyber Risk With AI and User Behavior Analytics

At the end of 2019, Security Intelligence released a report on trends that should influence your security planning for 2020. Near the top of the list was the need for visibility, alignment, and analytics when it comes to cybersecurity. Leaders are coming to terms with the idea that being able to see, understand, and have reliable records of what users are doing with their corporate assets can provide valuable insights when trying to reduce cybersecurity risks within your organization.


Cyber Security Trends in the Energy Sector

Each day, we depend on energy for almost every kind of activity imaginable. Energy is required to keep lights on, enable transportation around the world, allow hospitals to operate, power the internet, and much more. Also termed the Oil and Gas sector, it’s considered a critical infrastructure sector by most nations around the world. This is because a loss of energy can cause a debilitating impact on the quality of human life.