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Insider Threats

6 Signs Your Company is Experiencing Data Breaches

Do you always stress about the confidential data your business owns? You have a valid reason to worry because data security risks are a growing concern and the stakes have never been higher. According to a recent report, the global cybercrime cost may reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. Businesses must be vigilant about potential data theft and take proactive measures to protect themselves.

Monitor User Behavior to Detect Insider Threats

The risk from insider threats has grown massively, with perpetrators frequently getting around organizations' increasingly complex perimeter protections. It is one of the most common ways customer data or industrial and trade secrets leak. This very complex topic includes many types of threats and techniques. Let's discuss how you could detect insider threat activity at a network level.

Building a Multi-Tenant Insurance Platform

In 2020, CoverWallet—a multi-tenant insurance platform—was acquired by Aon, which led to a rapid expansion in both the size and global presence of its engineering organization. In his talk, CoverWallet’s Hylke Alons walks through the changes that were necessary to meet their platform's new expectations, including improving growth and scalability while ensuring reliability, automating security, and reducing maintenance. He also discusses some best practices for scaling up engineering and product teams to handle demand in a complex and highly regulated industry like insurance.

What Is Phishing? Insider Risk & How to Prevent It

When it comes to security, phishing is one of any IT team’s biggest concerns—as it targets the weakest link in the security chain: end-users. No matter how strong an organization’s technical defenses are, they can all be rendered useless if employees fall for a phishing attempt and hand over sensitive information. According to Cisco’s 2021 Cyber Security Threat Trends report, phishing is the second most prevalent cyber attack after crypto mining.

Insider Risk: The Call is Coming from Inside the House

In IT, we tend to think of threats as external. Hackers, scammers, bots, and DDoS attacks are all external in origin. But surprisingly, insider risk is often one of the biggest network security challenges facing IT. As they say, sometimes it’s the ones closest to you that can hurt you the most.

Security-Rich: How the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform Meets NSA/CISA Kubernetes Security Hardening Guidelines

Cybersecurity continues to be a thorny problem for businesses and government agencies as breaches, disruptions, and data thefts continue to escalate. To help ensure that the growing number of government and private organizations implementing Kubernetes solutions have the highest possible levels of security, the National Security Agency (NSA) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have issued guidelines for hardening the security of Kubernetes implementations.

Monitoring Logs for Insider Threats During Turbulent Times

For logs and tracking insider threats, you need to start with the relevant data. In these turbulent times, IT teams leverage centralized log management solutions for making decisions. As the challenges change, the way you’re monitoring logs for insider threats needs to change too. Furloughs, workforce reductions, and business practice changes as part of the COVID stay-at-home mandates impacted IT teams.

What's New with Ivanti Device and Application Control 5.3

What’s New in Ivanti Device & Application Control 5.3 Nearly every company in the world incorporates a Mac endpoint into the organization. Without a device control solution to manage these stations we see a real possibility for data leakage risk. This loss happens mainly because of insider threats. Ivanti Device and Application Control has historically performed well protecting our customers against these types of threats, but the Mac endpoints can still represent a risk.

Measures to be Taken Against Insider Threats

Insider threats are becoming a growing concern across different industries. Most coverage goes to outside attacks, especially when it comes to big corporations and government agencies. However, internal security is something organizations need to take very seriously to avoid irreparable damages. Not many enterprises can afford internal threat detection programs. However, they can definitely adopt proactive measures to avoid them, especially when it comes to sensitive systems and data.

Code42 launches a new app in the Sumo Logic Open Source Partner Ecosystem

Digital business transformation requires a fast-moving, collaborative culture. As companies on this fast track focus on innovation and speed to market, they inherently introduce more risk from the inside. Furthermore, in 2020, remote work became the norm, requiring increased adoption of cloud collaboration technologies. This shift caused a sudden acceleration of insider risk like we’ve never seen before.