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4 Most Popular Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks for 2024

Over time, the art of designing apps has seen a game-changing leap with the rise of cross-platform app development. This method empowers developers to whip up apps that run effortlessly across several platforms, all from a single code base. Recently, we've seen a surge of tools created to work across different platforms. Yet, picking the perfect fit for your project can often be challenging amidst these options.

Fetch Waterfall in React

Have you seen this problem? Or maybe this one? You’ve most likely seen this: Hint: they’re all the same. The first image is Sentry’s Event Details page, the second is Chrome’s Network tab, and the code snippet is what causes it. If you can answer yes to any of these, then you need to keep reading. If not, you still need to keep reading, so your future self can thank you. This is called “fetch waterfall” and it’s a common data fetching issue in React.

Monitoring 101 for React Developers by Sarah Guthals & Lazar Nikolov | React Advanced 2023 Workshop

If finding errors in your frontend project is like searching for a needle in a code haystack, then Sentry error monitoring can be your metal detector. Learn the basics of error monitoring with Sentry. Whether you are running a React, Angular, Vue, or just “vanilla” JavaScript, see how Sentry can help you find the who, what, when and where behind errors in your frontend project. This workshop took place live on Oct 16, 2023 at React Advanced London.

Next.js vs. React Performance

In the early days of the web, the idea of performance was relatively straightforward. Pages were static, and the most dynamic thing you might encounter was a blinking banner ad. But as the web evolved, so did our ambitions. Today it's not just about building web pages anymore; it's about crafting experiences. Load speed time and search engine optimization (SEO) matter just as much as the content on the page. Thus, the choice between React and Next.js is an important one, with real-world implications.

Debugging React Native Apps End-to-End: AMA with Experts from Meta and Sentry

With React Native, you can create native apps for Android, iOS, and more, in less time with less code. But debugging cross-platform apps can be challenging. In this AMA, hear tips and best practices from React Native experts, including developers from Meta and Expo.

An inside look at how React powers Grafana's frontend

Grafana dashboards enable millions of users to visualize and analyze their data. And working behind the scenes of the widely used open source platform is React, a frontend JavaScript library for building user interfaces. In this post — which was inspired by my recent presentation at React Summit 2023 in Amsterdam — we’ll explore why we chose to use React for Grafana, and the benefits and challenges we’ve seen along the way.

Observable Frontends: the State of OpenTelemetry in the Browser

The modern standard for observability in backend systems is: distributed traces with OpenTelemetry, plus dynamic aggregations over these events. This works very well in the world of web servers. But what about the web client? This post describes the state of OpenTelemetry support for React web clients, as of early April 2023.

Debugging Containerized React Apps

In your lifetime as a frontend developer that works with React, you must have come across several issues with debugging a containerized React application. I bet you can relate, you’re certainly not alone. Containerization has become an integral part of best practices for software development teams that want to create, test and deploy applications quickly and efficiently. However, despite its advantages, it also comes with new challenges for debugging and troubleshooting applications.

Implementing OpenTelemetry in React applications

OpenTelemetry can be used to trace React applications for performance issues and bugs. You can trace user requests from your frontend web application to your downstream services. OpenTelemetry is an open-source project under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) that aims to standardize the generation and collection of telemetry data. React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a free and open-source frontend JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components.

The 2023 guide to React debugging

As React is the most popular JavaScript framework for creating component-based applications, you have access to a solid ecosystem of tools, resources, and best practices that can help with React debugging when something goes wrong. To create a high-quality React application, you can’t skip over the debugging phase of your software development life cycle including everything from addressing error messages coming up in the development phase to monitoring live errors in production.