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What Is MongoDB's _id Field and How to Use It

The MongoDB _id field is fundamental to every collection in MongoDB, and, by default, it has some useful properties users can take advantage of when familiar with how _id is generated. Understanding the field's default behavior and the advantages and pitfalls associated with it can be useful for managing your collections as well as understanding when to override it.


What Is CI/CD and How to Build ETL Processes

In today’s world of heterogeneous data ecosystems, managing and consuming data can be cumbersome. Organizations often have multiple systems of truth in corresponding to the applications managing the data. While data engineers dream of software that would make it easy to consume and digest different data streams from disparate systems, that scenario rarely comes to fruition.


How to Prepare for a SQL Server DBA Interview and Questions

So, you have an interview lined up for a sweet new gig as a SQL Server database administrator (DBA). What interview questions will you be asked? How can you make sure you ace the interview? What will make you stand out from the other candidates? There are no concrete answers, because… “it depends.” However, you can count on at least two major components of your interview – a technical component and a non-technical component, often focusing on soft skills.


How to Quickly Identify Performance Issues in Azure SQL Database

Moving your database to the cloud using a PaaS option such as Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Managed Instance reduces the maintenance overhead required from the database administrator (DBA). The DBA no longer must worry about managing backups or configuring high availability, for example. That said, the DBA still needs to tune the database’s performance and monitor SQL workloads. The Azure Portal offers several services to quickly identify performance issues for Azure SQL Databases.


Configuration, Access, and Connection to GCP CloudSQL for PostgreSQL

GCP is increasingly being used by teams all over. In this blog, Uzziah explains how CloudSQL is Google Cloud Platform’s solution that provides a managed PostgreSQL and MySQL server. Relational databases are the preferred choice for persisting data in most non-trivial applications. CloudSQL is Google Cloud Platform’s solution that provides a managed PostgreSQL and MySQL server.