Expert Guide to Redis Monitoring

Redis is an open source. in-memory data structure store with blazing performance that’s used as a database, cache, and message broker. Redis is licensed under BSD (Berkeley Source Distribution), which means it can be used for free with some minimum use restrictions. It supports a good number of abstract data structures, such as strings, maps, lists, and so on. Redis, which is used as a database to store data, is fast in performance.


10 Database Security Best Practices You Should Know

According to Risk Based Security’s 2020 Q3 report, around 36 billion records were compromised between January and September 2020. While this result is quite staggering, it also sends a clear message of the need for effective database security measures. Database security measures are a bit different from website security practices. The former involve physical steps, software solutions and even educating your employees.


Show Your Query You Love It By Naming It

Honeycomb is all about collaboration: We believe that observability is a team sport, and we want to give you as many tools to help your team get the ball down the field (i.e., untangle knotty problems) as we can. We want you to be able to share the current state of your work so that others can follow and figure out what’s up, and we want you to leave breadcrumbs so the next time you’re stuck here, you can find your way back.


The next Big Thing in Azure Database Monitoring Landscape

Today’s applications are expected to be highly responsive and always online. Such circumstances excite the pressure on applications to respond in real-time to large changes in usage at peak hours, store ever-increasing volumes of data and make it available in milliseconds. Azure Database Services comes to rescue in such situations, and Azure supports many industry-standard databases and APIs.


SQL Server deployments: Which Redgate tools should you use?

Since 1999, we’ve been developing tools at Redgate to support database deployments for SQL Server. In the past couple of years, we’ve increased our effort in this space by further developing our proprietary technologies based on SQL Compare, and acquiring others like Flyway, the most popular database migration engine. As a result, we now offer tools which provide more options for SQL Server and also support deployments for 20 different database systems.