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VDI Stack Monitoring with Goliath Performance Monitor

Quite often I run projects at existing VMware customers that are building a new Digital Workspace. And quite often, that Digital Workspace contains a VDI. Especially when a customer is already using VMware technology in their data center, vRealize Operations (vROps) is used to monitor the environment. Although vROps is a great solution, it’s not really sufficient to monitor the desktop side of things.

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Arista EOS Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations Manager

We recently released the Arista Extensible Operating System (EOS) management pack for VMware vRealize Operations Manager (vROps). This grows our network monitoring portfolio to include Arista EOS, Cisco, Citrix, F5, Lenovo, and Palo Alto Networks. Extending vROps into your network layer allows users to monitor and troubleshoot their network devices, in this case, Arista EOS switches, alongside their VMware VMs and ESXi Hosts.

blue medora

Process and Service Tracking in vRealize Operation

As a Solutions Architect for Blue Medora I have helped many end users of VMware’s vRealize Operations achieve operational visibility of their entire VMware infrastructure. Today I wanted to address a very common question I receive during deployment. “How can I track Windows Service availability or Linux Process usage?”

True Visibility Suite | Management Packs for VMware vRealize

Breakdown IT silos and boost productivity up to 67% when you expand VMWare vRealize Operations with the True Visibility Suite. Dozens of VMware-enabled management packs aggregate individual resource data from cloud, compute storage, database, and application leaders including Amazon, Cisco, Citrix, Mongo, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle and SAP.