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The Complete Guide to Understanding VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon

VMware vRealize® Operations (also referred to as the vROps) is a native solution from VMware that provides operations management across physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud environments spanning many VMware technologies and products. vROps is mainly used for performance monitoring and analytics, remediation and troubleshooting, capacity management and planning, workload balancing, log integration, security and compliance, and more.

VMworld US 2019: Creating a cohesive monitoring strategy with IHS Markit

Learn how IHS Markit is using vRealize Operations with Blue Medora to create a strategy around their monitoring solution that is enabling them to run their business smarter and more efficiently. Discover how implementing a core monitoring strategy can help you troubleshoot faster, gain visibility into the infrastructure supporting your critical applications, and easily share executive level insights all in a single tool.
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Blue Medora ServiceNow Management Pack For VMware VRealize Operations

IT monitoring integration company Blue Medora recently introduced new ServiceNow capabilities in its True Visibility Suite for VMware vRealize Operations at VMworld US. The idea is to help enterprises looking for simpler as well as comprehensive insights into their IT environments from an application or business-centric context.

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Coffee break: monitoring your VMware vSphere

Most of us SCOM users have our servers and infrastructure pieces monitored – but more often than not, the hypervisor remains a big black box where there is no level of monitoring whatsoever. Any kind of outages that come from that lack of monitoring blindside our administrators, and people eventually grow to lose confidence in the platform itself.


From vSAN to vCenter: Discover Complete Visibility into your VMware Stack with LogicMonitor

Hey folks, it’s that time of year again. I’m not talking about the end of summer; I’m talking about VMworld, of course! VMworld has been my jam for the last few years here at LogicMonitor, but this year I’m focused on some other cool projects hitting the market soon, including LM Exchange (you may have seen a sneak preview if you attended our inaugural user conference, Level Up).


Monitoring a VMware vCenter cluster with the Panopta OnSight

We have recently finished updating the so that it can natively integrate with a vCenter cluster, making monitoring a VMware vCenter cluster simple and easy. Now, by providing some basic information to the OnSight, Panopta can discover all the hosts, clusters, datastores, and virtual machines you have running in that environment and immediately begin pulling default metrics for those instances.


LogicMonitor's vSphere Integration Improves Time to Value and Ops Efficiency

LogicMonitor’s current monitoring coverage for VMware’s vCenter is best-in-class: from a single device in your portal, you can see every component of your virtual environment and their respective performance metrics: hosts, clusters, virtual machines, resource pools, datastores, virtual switches, networks, snapshots, and more.

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Monitoring Networking Devices with Blue Medora and VMware vRealize Operations Manager

We recently released our Networking Devices Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations (vROps). This management pack allows users to monitor any network device supporting SNMP. The vROps adapter connects to network devices via either SNMP v2c or v3 and captures available performance and capacity metrics. The management pack also relates devices to VMWare ESXi Hosts, providing troubleshooting capabilities between the virtual and network layers.