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Driving Automation and Efficiency with NinjaOne Policies

NinjaOne policies allow you to dictate how you want to manage individual or groups of devices collectively — everything from what you want to monitor for to what automation rules you want in place, patching preferences, security preferences, and more. New to Ninja? This webinar will give you a head start on getting the most out of the platform. You'll also save time by seeing actual examples of how best — and how NOT to — set things up.

Don't lose business because you can't manage Apple devices

Up until recently, you may have felt that it was easy to ignore Macs on your customers’ networks. Particularly if there were just one or two in the marketing department or maybe a handful in a graphics team somewhere. Maybe the person in charge of those devices had even been on Macs since the 90s and had got used to supporting themselves.


How to deploy or defer Mac OS Ventura using Endpoint Central

Apple has issued its hot new release—MacOS Ventura for the Mac desktop computer operating system. Apple users are excited about new features, such as continuity camera and stage manager, but organizations might need more time for testing the operating system in their production environments. Either bulk-deployment or bulk-deferring the OS update comes with its own challenges.


Making RMM Notifications work for you in N-central

Over the years I have spoken with many prospects and partners about changing RMM solutions. When I’d ask the question “Why did you change?”, often the answer would be that their previous solution was too noisy when it came to generating email notifications. The sheer volume of notifications that some RMM solutions generate can make it very difficult for users to see the wood from the trees, resulting in important notifications being missed.