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Streamline Security: Enhance Security with NinjaOne and CrowdStrike

Organizations require robust, scalable security solutions that not only detect threats but also respond swiftly and effectively to stay safe. This webinar explores the powerful integration of NinjaOne and Crowdstrike. Our expert speakers will demonstrate how this synergy provides a comprehensive security posture, from endpoint protection to automated response mechanisms, ensuring that your organization remains resilient against sophisticated cyber threats. Attendees will gain insights into how this collaboration.

Unlock Peace of Mind: Database Backup Strategy

Stop worrying about data loss and use NinjaOne Backup to help back up your databases! This webinar will showcase several strategies on how to backup common databases like SQL or QuickBooks using NinjaOne Backup – including what steps to take, the automation to utilize, and effective scheduling tactics.

Breaking Down Silos in IT: Overcoming a Disjointed Tool Stack

Combat login fatigue and improve efficiency with the NinjaOne single-pane experience! This webinar will showcase five common IT issues and how NinjaOne helps solves them – all from inside the NinjaOne portal. Learn how to seamlessly incorporate ticketing, backup, security, and documentation into your endpoint management workflows, as well as how to integrate your other services into NinjaOne for even greater visibility. More specifically, learn how to.

Best TeamViewer Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

With the digital world changing faster than ever, businesses are rushing to keep up, especially when it comes to supporting remote work. Interestingly, a report from 2023 highlighted that over 82% of businesses now support some form of remote work, underscoring the critical role of effective RMM solutions today. This makes choosing the right remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools more important than ever.

Rare Upcycles Cost Savings Gained from Adopting NinjaOne to Help People and Nature Thrive

Rare is a non-profit organization committed to inspiring social change so that people and nature can thrive. Previously burdened with a multitude of disparate IT tools that drove inefficiencies, Rare turned to NinjaOne to consolidate its IT stack into an all-in-one, unified platform. Learn how the benefits have compounded since the switch.