How to Do Cybersecurity Data Visualization

Data visualization techniques provide organizations with strong allies in their fight against cyber threats. In this article, we took a closer look at the importance and techniques of cyber data visualization. Cybersecurity has been gaining more and more importance due to the increasing number of cyber attacks and hackers threatening organizations of every size. As a result, new methods and approaches regarding cybersecurity are being discussed.


How Cortex Is Evolving to Ingest 1 Trillion Samples a Day

As the open-source monitoring system Prometheus grew, so did the need to grow its capacity in a way that is multi-tenant and horizontally-scalable, along with the ability to handle infinite amounts of long-term storage. So in 2016, Julius Volz and Tom Wilkie (who is now at Grafana Labs) started Project Frankenstein, which was eventually renamed Cortex.


Everything You Need to Know About the Grafana-Prometheus-GitLab Integration

You probably missed it. Don’t feel bad. It was just one small paragraph, buried in the GitLab 11.9 Omnibus Release Notes: Grafana is now bundled in our Omnibus package, making it easier than ever to understand how your instance is performing. “Omnibus” is what GitLab calls its main installation package, and “Grafana” is the time-series visualization software, but what does this paragraph even mean?

pandora fms

Create dashboards in Grafana with Pandora FMS data in 3 steps

About a year ago, in another Pandora FMS blog, we talked about what Grafana is, we explained what it was and how it was related to other software. Now we go a little further and we want to show you how to create Grafana dashboards with the data provided by Pandora FMS. It is undeniable that this tool enjoys the support of a large user community, due to the versatility it offers to use different data sources to have displayed on its boards.


How to Migrate Your Configuration Database

Grafana by default uses sqlite3 as a local database to hold the configuration information (such as users, dashboards, alerts, etc.). But did you know you can also use other databases for this purpose? Many large customers prefer to use either Postgresql or MySQL/MariaDB, and we recently had a request from a company wanting some help to migrate their configuration data from Postgresql to MySQL. This is not a common request, so we didn’t have any pre-existing tooling to do it.


Lock-free Observations for Prometheus Histograms

There’s a famous Go proverb that states: Don’t communicate by sharing memory; share memory by communicating. At GopherCon UK 2019, Björn Rabenstein, an engineer at Grafana and a Prometheus developer, told the audience that when it comes to observations for Prometheus histograms, that saying doesn’t hold true.