Correlate Your Metrics, Logs & Traces with the curated OSS observability stack from Grafana Labs

Correlation between metrics, logs, and traces should be as effortless as possible. This helps you make better decisions and actions. The Grafana Labs open-source observability stack enables powerful correlations between your metrics, log, and traces. The key here is to have consistent metadata across the three pillars of observability. Let me demo you how this works in this video.

New in Grafana 7.4: Export usage data to Loki to help manage dashboard sprawl and troubleshoot faster

We first released the usage insights Enterprise feature in Grafana 7.0 based on feedback from customers that they would like to better understand how their users are interacting with Grafana, including the dashboards they visit, the information they query, and where they run into issues. What we learned was that dashboard sprawl is a real issue: Administrators estimate that almost 60% of dashboards might not be used at all.


Do This Instead Of That - Better eCommerce Marketing for 2021

If you’re an eCommerce marketer, by now, you’ve read countless articles and studies about how eCommerce sales are skyrocketing, and nearly every person is now a potential customer. You’re either looking to take advantage of that new potential or trying to ensure you hang on to (and grow) your piece of this bigger pie. Marketing is the answer to both because it helps you reach new eyeballs while also re-engaging with loyal customers ready to buy again.


Troubleshoot problems using GitLab activity data with the new plugin for Grafana

GitLab is one of the most popular web-based DevOps life-cycle tools in the world, used by millions as a Git-repository manager and for issue tracking, continuous integration, and deployment purposes. Today, we’re pleased to announce the first beta release of the GitLab data source plugin, which is intended to help users find interesting insights from their GitLab activity data.