Introducing Grafana Metrics Enterprise, a Prometheus-as-a-service solution for enterprise scale

Today, we announced the launch of a new Grafana Labs product: Grafana Metrics Enterprise, a scalable Prometheus-compatible service designed for large organizations that is seamless to use and simple to maintain. Over the past few years, Prometheus has risen in popularity to become the de facto monitoring system for the cloud native ecosystem around Kubernetes — and for good reason.


5 sources of misleading statistics (and how they can jeopardize your company)

In 2007, toothpaste company Colgate ran an ad stating that 80% of dentists recommend their product. Based on the promotion, many shoppers assumed Colgate was the best choice for their dental health. But this wasn’t necessarily true. In reality, this is a famous example of misleading statistics. The ad suggested that dentists preferred Colgate over other toothpaste brands. But the survey asked them to list several brands of toothpaste they would recommend.


Dashboards vs automated business monitoring: What's the difference?

In 2020, however, contining to rely just on dashboards for your BI needs isn't enough. Why? Data is growing exponentially - in both size and complexity - within every business today. Manually keeping track of performance and searching for insights has become difficult for many users, and it's fostered new expectations - to be able to do more with analytics - including making it faster and easier to keep on top of changes or opportunities.


Dashboards Beta v0.7: Export Dashboard to PNG/PDF and Self-Service Install for Splunk Cloud

If you’re new to the Dashboards Beta app on Splunkbase and you’re trying to get started with building beautiful dashboards, this "Dashboards Beta" blog series is a great place to start. The Splunk Dashboards app (beta) brings a new dashboard framework, intended to combine the best of Simple XML and Glass Tables, and provide a friendlier experience for creating and editing dashboards.


Yellowfin: the embedded BI platform of choice for dashboard designers

For our Head of Product Design and Creative Director, Tony Prysten, design is always top of mind. In analytics platforms, good design plays an important role in how people understand and use data. Here Tony shares how Yellowfin has been created with designers and developers in mind.


Keeping Clean with CloudZero Dashboard: Our Latest Updates

Here at CloudZero, we’ve made some updates to our dashboard that we’re excited to share with you! I actually prefer this original definition. When you hear the word dashboard, if you’re not thinking about software, you’re probably picturing the place in a car where you have various dials and readouts for safe operation of the vehicle. But did you know what the term dashboard predates cars?


How to Customize a Dashboard on Logsign SIEM?

Dashboards are an integral part of a SIEM solution as they help you in visualizing the security of your organization’s technical infrastructure in real-time. In our last article, we discussed in detail about the pre-configured dashboards on Logsign SIEM and the information they present for your security team. From threat intelligence to identity management, what types of dashboards are available under each category.


New: Visualize and report on project data with Dashboards

We know from research that the average knowledge worker spends 60% of their day on “work about work” like searching for information, communicating project updates, and chasing down deliverables. It’s grinding, arduous work that’s been made even harder by the challenges of remote working, but it’s also a must-do for team leads who need to stay on top of project progress and status updates. Or is it?


How Grafana Labs is reorganizing for growth

As you most likely know, Grafana Labs is growing. Growing like crazy! As Goutham Veeramachaneni noted in his blog post, “~30 people in March 2018 and now, in August 2020 we’re 180+ people. That is 6x growth in 2.5 years.” And we have no intention of slowing that growth. Matter of fact, we’re hiring as quickly as we can — and on top of that keep hiring specialists just to scale out hiring even more.