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Crash Reporting


Search all apps - understand the impact of an error across your entire tech stack

One of the most requested features for Crash Reporting has been the ability to perform a search across all of your applications rather than by one application at a time (the default behavior). It’s not hard to see why it’s a popular feature request - rather than manually performing the same search across many applications, it would be super handy to perform one search and understand the impact of the search results across all of your applications immediately.


How to improve your Crash Free Users score in minutes

If you’re reading this blog, you likely already know the importance of quality software. But with the overwhelming number of metrics that can be monitored and improved, development teams are struggling with what metrics they should prioritize to have the most significant impact. The Crash Free Users score in Raygun is a perfect place for development teams who care about software quality to focus their efforts.


Crash Course in Crash Grouping

Supporting large applications with enormous crash volumes can be a real pain in the hindquarters. It is extraordinarily difficult for organizations to optimally dispatch engineering resources without excellent data and proper tooling. At BugSplat, we recently upgraded the tooling we provide to developers so that they can group related crashes and better target their support efforts, deliver more stable applications, and deliver more value to their customers.

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Build more resilient mobile apps with Flutter Crash Reporting

Powered by the Dart language, Flutter is one of the fastest-growing cross-platform programming frameworks in the world. Since its release in 2017 it has been empowering developers to build mobile apps that work seamlessly across iOS and Android with a single code-base. If you're a Flutter developer, you'll already know the importance of building better quality software, faster - after all, it was made for that very reason. That's why today, Raygun is proud to bring you Flutter support Crash Reporting. This highly requested release gives you complete visibility into the health of your Flutter applications, with rich diagnostics that take you to the root cause of errors and crashes.


6 Rollbar Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Error-free apps are envied by all software teams today. But building and maintaining such an app is not as easy as it looks. You need to constantly keep a check on your app to see when it faces exceptions or errors. This is why we have so many error tracking tools in the current market. Rollbar is a popular error monitoring tool used for tracking and fixing all types of bugs and errors in modern applications. However, it has shortcomings too.


Change Happens - Get Alerted

To give you enough notice to fix an issue before it escalates, we’re evolving our alerts and making them more proactive with Change and Crash Rate Alerts. So when your application experiences a change from the norm or a dip in crash-free sessions, Sentry will (smartly) alert you via Slack, Teams, PagerDuty, or old-fashioned email.


How LogicMonitor Can Use Errors From Airbrake in Dashboards and Alerts

LogicMonitor continues to grow its visibility of critical business infrastructure and applications. We acquired Airbrake to help see more of what is happening in a customer’s environment at the code level. Simply integrating Airbrake’s dashboard metrics within LogicMonitor alongside your existing networks, services, and cloud infrastructure enables you to gain access to errors and the context you need to effectively troubleshoot issues impacting your systems and users.


Debug Android crashes faster with Datadog

Technical issues, such as fatal crashes, are one of the biggest reasons why users uninstall mobile applications, so quickly identifying and resolving issues is vital for user retention. This can be challenging, particularly in the Android market, which has a wide variety of mobile devices and versions of the Android operating system. You need visibility into every issue so you can determine which crashes impact your application the most and efficiently resolve them.


How to start error tracking with Rollbar

Rollbar is an error tracking product that monitors your applications for errors and helps you take action on them. Rollbar also integrates with other products so you can send the errors to project management tools, incident alerting tools etc. In this post, we will show you how to get started with error tracking using Rollbar.