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Build faster, error-free Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps with Raygun

With 900 billion devices running on Windows 10, the future is bright for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). UWP’s strength lies in its ability to adapt itself completely to the native user interface - whether that’s a computer, tablet, Xbox or IoT device. It’s a win-win; users get a consistent experience as they consume across devices, while developers get easier deployments.


A complete guide to getting started with React debugging

Debugging is the art of removing bugs — hopefully quickly, and in this guide, I’ll show you multiple ways to debug React. In terms of React, we can have many different kinds of bugs, including: There are more categories than this, but it’s enough to get started debugging in React. Let’s open by talking about how to create a small application using React and how to debug it.


Fixing Native Apps with Sentry

Whether it’s a computer game, IoT device, or high-performance backend, chances are you’re using a native language to develop this application. Hands down, by far the most popular choices today for native application development are C and C++. Okay, maybe not the most popular, but definitely the most prevalent. Some might even say “inevitable.”


Sentry Extends Best-in-Class Error Monitoring for Native Applications

Application crashes have a significant impact on customer experience, which can adversely affect a company’s reputation and revenue. Error and crash reporting is a unique feedback mechanism that provides true data about the quality of their product. Developer teams that create games, mobile applications, IoT, and other high-performance applications need rich insights into application health to quickly and continuously fix software errors with minimal impact.

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10 Best iOS crash reporting tools for 2019

The best iOS crash reporting tools have to meet many expectations. They need to monitor crashes, generate crash reports, filter and group errors, and perform other tasks. In this article, we have collected the 10 best iOS crash reporting tools so you can make a decision. They can help you catch errors in real-time, identify patterns, and fix bugs before they affect your customers.

Firebase Crashlytics and Bugfender: a Step-by-Step Integration Guide

Ever since we started logging with Bugfender back in 2015, we’ve been working towards integration with Firebase, the app development platform created by Google. Firebase is famous for the breadth of its integration libraries and millions of people use the product around the world, drawn to its sleek UI and range of features.