Crash Reporting


Customer Story: How App Nouveau Canada Creates Specialized Software with Sentry Error Monitoring

App Nouveau is a Canadian professional services company that builds transportation management system software. As developers of highly-specialized software solutions, App Nouveau needs a robust error monitoring tool to deliver world-class code required by its commercial clients. App Nouveau recently began using Sentry to uplevel a few key areas in the code development lifecycle. Chief Technical Officer Paito Anderson and his team decided to switch to Sentry just a few months ago.


Bug Forensics - How to debug an app that communicates with the server

When something crashes in an app, fixing the bug is usually quite straightforward. But apps can also be blighted by bugs that don’t result in crashes, and this is where things start to get interesting. To find and fix these bugs, you will require as much information as possible and probably a combination of tools. Let me explain a process we know as ‘bug forensics’, based on a real bug that has impacted one of Bugfender’s customers.


5 Ways Crash Reporting Improves Technical Support

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to build and grow your tech business is to provide exceptional support to your users. Excellent technical support improves your conversion rate, keeps your current customers happy, gets your customers telling their friends nice things about you (word-of-mouth advertising), and provides a whole host of other benefits. That said, improved technical support is easier wished for than achieved.


Learning from Failures: Better Crash Reporting for Better Incident Response

Crash events are one of the more serious problems that can occur when operating a service. Crashing components often cause cascading failures and service outages. To reveal the magnitude of damage and help prevent future occurrences, visibility into crash events is critical. Unfortunately, debugging crashes is one of the more complicated endeavors. The state of a crashed process is often compromised and the process can’t be trusted to collect debugging information on its own.


Crash-free sessions, carefree users with Release Health

Week after week, developers work tirelessly to publish updates that improve the stability of their mobile applications, so people like me can rely on our phones for work, play, and even occasional childcare. So to all those on a bug fix rotation right now: thank you. Unfortunately, my appreciation isn’t actually a great indicator of a release’s success. Developers are looking to Sentry to provide insights like version adoption, crash-free sessions, crash-free users, etc.