5 Stars on Gartner for Microsoft 365 Digital Experience Monitoring

IT executives, operators, and administrators can quickly assess end-user availability and performance experience based on Microsoft 365 services’ critical data from end-to-end monitoring. This eases their day-to-day tasks by reliable reporting data, troubleshooting information, and end user experience for their Microsoft 365 services.

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One agent to rule them all: Azure Monitor Agent

There’s a new Azure agent in town – Azure Monitor Agent (AMA). I hear you saying, “Wait, aren’t there already enough Azure agents? So why another new agent?” A very valid question! Indeed, there are already a few Azure monitoring agents: the Log Analytics Agent, the Diagnostic Extension agent, and the Telegraf agent (and also the Dependency agent if you want to count it separately).

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Set up Availability Monitoring from the End Users Perspective

A recurring theme of modern monitoring tools is that they focus on the user, not the systems. To put it another way, while monitoring your infrastructure is essential, it matters more when your customers can’t interact with your application. That would mean lost sales, lost time, unhappy people – and unfortunately for us, unhappy people like to share how grumpy they are. It’s bad for business! But that’s why we’ve made Availability Monitoring in SquaredUp.

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Get ServiceNow data alongside SCOM, Pingdom and more

For those on an ITIL journey, ServiceNow appears to be the service to beat. ServiceNow has tremendous flexibility and thousands of different workflows to support your business. And if you’re using SCOM to populate your CMDB, you’re leaps and bounds ahead of the average organization. Sadly, that flexibility comes with the cost of being stuck inside of the ServiceNow web interface.


Monitoring the London Underground with SCOM

This week I had the honour of speaking at Silect’s MP University and my hot topic was Cookdown’s free PowerShell Authoring MP. I was looking to make the session a little fun, in homage to the original “Fun SCOM Monitoring” video from CTGlobal on monitoring a coffee machine with SCOM 2007 R2. So, I thought what’s the next best thing after coffee? Beer!

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SquaredUp 5.0 is coming And it will be bigger and better than ever before!

As the year draws to a close, we’ve got exciting news. In the new year, we will be launching SquaredUp version 5.0! So, what exactly is in this big, bold update, you ask? Expect a gorgeous new look and feel plus major improvements to our two most popular features – Open Access and Dashboard Designer. We’re also bringing you even more visualizations for your Web API integrations, so you can display data in the best possible way in your single pane of glass. The best part?

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Why SCOM needs SquaredUp: Performance monitoring reporting

As a SCOM admin, you’re probably heavily involved with alert analysis and performance monitoring. You probably also know then, that while SCOM is a great monitoring tool, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to reporting on performance monitoring. I’ve got good news for you. SquaredUp sits on top of SCOM and completely changes the game. How? Why? Read on for a comparison and break down of all the reasons you should do it with SquaredUp.

NiCE Digital Experience Monitoring Tutorial 2020Q4

How to Boost Your Users’ Microsoft 365 Experience Want to learn how to get the best performance while cutting down on costs for your cloud business? Let our experts show you how to establish precise, visual end-to-end control for your specific Microsoft 365 services subscriptions – such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange. Equip yourself with the best administrator experience, and you’ll find it so much easier to provide the best user experience in the long-term. You’ll thank yourself for it later!