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Decoding Database Deadlocks: Five-Stage Strategy for Industry Resilience

In database management, a seemingly silent adversary - database deadlocks - casts a shadow over the operational efficiency of industries. Picture a scenario where critical processes come to a sudden standstill, entangled in a web of deadlocks. This challenge transcends mere technical complexities; it has the potential to disrupt entire operations.

Monitoring the IBM Power Ecosystem using Microsoft Azure

In today’s interconnected and hybrid cloud environments, effective system monitoring is crucial for maintaining performance, reliability, and security. This technical presentation explores how Microsoft Azure enables comprehensive monitoring of the IBM Power ecosystem, explicitly focusing on AIX, Linux on Power, and Linux on Z Series operating systems. Further, active monitoring of HMC and VIOS is considered.

SQUPCAST Ep. 4: SaaSy security chat with the CTO

"I promise we can make this fun", said nobody ever when talking about security. But we're damn well going to try! Our CTO, Richard Jones, joins us on this episode to answer all those burning questions that your security teams need to ask whenever you're looking at a new SaaS tool for your stack.

New AIX and Linux Monitoring Features on Microsoft SCOM and Azure

We’re thrilled to announce the latest releases of the NiCE Linux Power Management Pack and the NiCE AIX Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM and Azure Monitor SCOM MI, packed with exciting new features and enhancements to bolster your monitoring experience across Linux and AIX environments. Our team has been hard at work to ensure seamless compatibility, robust performance, and enhanced security across both platforms, and we’re excited to share what’s new.