NiCE Log File Monitor Management Pack 2.0 for Microsoft SCOM

The NiCE Log File Monitor Management Pack 2.0 is a FREE solution supporting the SCOM Community in next-level log file analysis. It helps IT performance and security data analysts identify errors causing transactions and queries to take too long or not run at all. Software-related bugs, security issues, or erroneous configurations that impact website or application performance are figured out quickly by employing improved templates for alert rules, performance rules, or monitors.

Dashboarding Enterprise IT Tools with PowerShell

SquaredUp’s PowerShell visualizations provide limitless extensibility when it comes to visualizing your data. You can connect, manipulate, correlate, calculate, and visualize any data set from any tool into compelling metrics; but did you know you can also load third party PowerShell modules, compare metrics from SCOM and other data sources on the fly, visualize log files, connect to any database, and much more?

Cherwell Monitoring in Production

I have been working on a couple of monitoring ideas for Cherwell. I didn’t see anything with a quick online search, and I enjoy authoring MPs to monitor applications, it is the closest I’ll get to 007. I’ve hit a major hurdle and I need to ask for a hand from the community. We have a lab environment that’s worked great while developing the Cherwell integration for Connection Center, however, it is not a good simulation for an actual deployment.

Connection Center for Webhooks Intro

Cookdown Connection Center can integrate SCOM with anything, anywhere…! We simply use Webhooks to convert critical SCOM alerts into actionable notifications in real-time. So, now you can push alerts from SCOM to any application supporting Webhooks, which means your team can view alerts in their favorite tools. Find out how Connection Center can get your stakeholders more engaged and better connected!

Connection Center for ServiceNow Deep Dive

Take a deep dive into our SCOM Connection Center for ServiceNow. Discover how to convert critical SCOM alerts into actionable ServiceNow incidents with real-time, two-way synchronization. Plus, find out how we use out-of-the-box, code-free integration to get SCOM and ServiceNow working as one! You can download a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL on our website.

SCOM Connection Center your single source of truth for all your enterprise tools

Most companies have SCOM. But you can never realize the true value of SCOM unless you integrate it with your other tools! Here at Cookdown, we’re passionate about making SCOM integrations, which is why we are so excited to announce the launch of our SCOM Connection Center. Now you can connect SCOM to anything with an API, allowing you to send notifications in real-time to any location or device.