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A BIG Thank You from NiCE

Thank you for being part of this year’s SCOMathon, covering 11 hours of pure Microsoft System Center Operations Manager topics delivered by leading subject matter experts. To take you even further on your exciting SCOM journey, NiCE offers free, one-to-one Azure SCOM MI consulting tailored to your technical expertise. Monitoring with Azure SCOM MI and the good old on-prem SCOM environments is clearly seeing a hype.


Top 12 Microsoft 365 Metrics

Essential metrics for monitoring M365 environments When it comes to managing your Microsoft 365 environment, monitoring metrics are essential to ensure the health and performance of your systems. With so many different metrics to track, it can be challenging to know where to begin. In this post, we will discuss the top 12 Microsoft 365 monitoring metrics that every expert should be tracking.

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Understand your Azure Active Directory Sign-Ins with KQL

When Azure AD is configured to record Sign-In activity, Kusto KQL can be used to gain valuable insights. This blog walks through common needs and shows how to visualize them in SquaredUp. Ruben Zimmermann is an Infrastructure Architect at a large manufacturing company who likes Azure, KQL, PowerShell and, still, SCOM.

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Monitoring Citrix VAD & ADC on Microsoft SCOM

Citrix virtualization technology has become a crucial aspect of many businesses. It enables organizations to provide remote access to their applications and desktops, improving productivity and efficiency. However, managing Citrix environments can be challenging, especially regarding performance and availability. That's why proactive monitoring is essential to ensure Citrix systems run efficiently. The Teqwave Citrix VAD Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM is a powerful solution that provides numerous valuable features and benefits for IT experts.


The Crucial Role of Event Management in IT Operations: Preparing for the Future with AI

Event management is a critical process within IT service management, offering a structured method to detect, assess, and respond to events that could disrupt business services. Essentially, event management is a systematic approach to tracking all detectable occurrences within IT infrastructure, applications, systems, and services.

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Launching a new dashboarding experience

Since we launched the new SquaredUp last Fall, our focus has been making it easier than it’s ever been to connect to any data source, build beautiful dashboards, and share them with anyone. Today we’re excited to announce a fully redesigned dashboarding experience that does just that. The new dashboarding experience remains backed by data mesh technology, which means your data stays where it lives – it’s simply stitched together and available on-tap from the source.