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Microsoft Co-Sell Ready | M365 Monitor for Azure

NiCE has achieved the Microsoft Co-Sell Ready status with its Microsoft 365 Service monitoring solutions for Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange. Microsoft’s global network of internal and partner executives utilizes the Microsoft Co-Sell Ready status to identify Microsoft accredited solutions. Co-Sell Ready partners are a selected group of software vendors meeting Microsoft technical and business standards delivering optimized and secured solutions.

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Three reasons to upgrade to SquaredUp SCOM Edition

If your organization uses SCOM, you are sitting on a treasure trove of juicy data. Wouldn’t it be a dream to be able to effortlessly leverage all that data via a native integration? You can easily do that with the SCOM Edition of our SquaredUp dashboarding suite. If you are using our free Community Edition at the moment, here are three reasons you should upgrade to SCOM Edition if you are dashboarding SCOM: Let’s break it down.


SCOM 2022: What to expect and what you need to know

Microsofts System Center Operations Management team has been busy with new features and updates for SCOM. The most recent version, SCOM 2019, came out on March 14th, 2019. The release date for the upcoming SCOM 2022 has not been set, but I anticipate the new edition to appear in early 2022. This blog post will provide an overview of some of the features you can expect to see in SCOM 2022 and how those changes may affect your experience of SCOM monitoring as a user or customer.

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Dashboard Fridays

We are excited to announce a new community initiative – Dashboard Fridays. Dashboard Fridays is a bite-sized video series where we share and discuss a range of different dashboards created for the community, by the community. Each video is no longer than 20min, so grab a coffee and let’s talk dashboards! Each episode, we will zoom in on one stellar dashboard put together by a member of the community.

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Tips and tricks for building insightful visualizations with PowerShell

SquaredUp recently launched a PowerShell tile that lets you visualize data returned from a PowerShell script. This has opened virtually infinite doors to the sources you can get data from. PowerShell can work with crazy text formats obscure databases, and endpoints that are open on the internet. If you can access it, PowerShell can work with it. And SquaredUp lets you leverage that power so you can get the information you need and visualize it in a format that makes sense.

Dashboard Fridays: Sample VMware Status Dashboard

Join SquaredUp's Adam Kinniburgh and fellow virtualisation expert Shawn Williams as they showcase the VMware Status Dashboard. Built in SquaredUp with the easy-to-use PowerShell tile, this dashboard surfaces data from vCenter for Hosts and VM to provide a Virtualization Administrator the information they need at a glance. Tune in to learn how it was made, the challenges it solves, and Shawn's top tips for building it yourself.

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