We've grown up a little, got a bit smarter & we're looking sharp!

We’re well over a year old now, the team has doubled in size and things are going just swell here at Team_Cookdown. Since we launched, we’ve expanded our product range to include some awesome new solutions like Alert Sync and Discovery and added loads of new features to our existing SCOM toolkit; to bring you expertly crafted integrations solutions for two of the most established platforms in IT enterprise, SCOM and ServiceNow.

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Coffee break: SCOM Update Rollup 2

As you would’ve heard, SCOM Update Rollup 2 is here! But what exactly does that mean for you? SCOM experts Leon Laude and Shawn Williams break it down in the August episode of the Coffee Break webinar. Leon Laude is a SCOM Consultant and the author of the popular ‘The System Center Blog’. Shawn Williams is our very own SquaredUp Technical Evangelist, who was formerly a Systems Admin at Purdue University for 23 years.


NiCE MongoDB Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM

Cloud application requirements have pushed beyond the limitations of relational database management systems. This rising demand for managing unstructured data, along with the growing need for data analytics, has caused significant market growth in the NoSQL database sector. MongoDB, as one of the classical NoSQL databases, is a powerful tool helping companies align with new cloud-based business strategies. With great power comes great responsibility.


How to maximize the value of SCOM - Monitoring, Alerts, Incidents & Visualization

In SCOM you can see the monitoring that generates your alerts (the contents of Health Explorer). While SCOM doesn’t always make it easy to get at the valuable context that this monitoring data provides, it is there and can help answer the "why" questions that often come up when looking at an alert in isolation.

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Azure MP part 3: Using it with SquaredUp

Now that we have configured the monitoring for a couple of Service types, we should have some data flowing in. The only thing that’s left now is to display this data in dashboards, so it makes sense to us. In this blog let’s talk about displaying in data in SquaredUp. Since its coming from a Management Pack like any other data, it is actually pretty much the same as treating any other Management Pack in SCOM, with different classes.


Customer Story: How Arup solved their IT infrastructure challenges with our ServiceNow Monitoring MP

Arup are a global architectural engineering company, behind ground-breaking structures such as: Sydney Opera House, Changi Airport Singapore, Hong Kong Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, and many more. Behind these amazing projects sits a large IT infrastructure, spanning 44 countries, across 3 key regions Americas, UKIMEA & APAC.