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The latest News and Information on Service Center Operations Manager and related technologies.

NEW Citrix ADC Management Pack for SCOM available

Citrix ADC plays a central role in Citrix environments and its performance impacts the user experience. Therefore, the availability and performance of the Citrix ADC appliance are crucial. The new Citrix ADC Management Pack is a complete monitoring solution providing deep visibility into ADC performance. It extends the end-to-end service monitoring capabilities of Microsoft SCOM to include the Citrix ADC infrastructure.

SCOMathon 2022 | Recap

SCOMathon 2022, hosted by SquaredUp and Cookdown on May 10, delivered massive SCOM content packed into 21 sessions, 3 keynotes, and 3 panel discussions. The Microsoft SCOM team, MVPs, experts, and customers discussed all things SCOM, including the latest updates, best practice tips, specific use case scenarios, and lessons learned during their SCOM migrations. 245 attendees joined the sessions to learn and chat with their peers. As every year, a donation is made based on participants per session.

New release: SquaredUp 5.5

We’ve just released SquaredUp 5.5! As always, you’ll find some great new additional features as well as enhancements in the SquaredUp Community, Azure, and SCOM Editions. Plus, the new 5.5 release works with SCOM 2022. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new: Check out the release webinar here or keep reading for all the juicy details.

VMware Management Pack Update Release (22.3.2731.0)

VMware administrators can breathe a little easier today with the release of the latest OpsLogix VMware management pack for System Center Operations Manager. The new update includes a new feature for Ransomware vulnerability monitoring, designed to decrease the attack surface for your VMware infrastructure and keep your data safe. This new addition to the popular OpsLogix VMware Management Pack is free for anyone using our solution today.

Monitoring Azure Stack HCI with SCOM 2022

SCOM 2022 has been recently made GA and I, coming from a SCOM background, was pretty interested in checking out the latest SCOM product. Luckily, Azure Stack HCI management packs were recently released too, so it was as if the stars had lined up for me to drop everything else and check out this new management pack with SCOM 2022. And that is exactly what I did!

Fixing SCOM's blind spots

Since its origins as MOM 2000, SCOM has been widely regarded for being awesome at two things: firstly, being the hands-down best solution for monitoring Windows Server environments (it is Microsoft’s monitoring tool, after all); and secondly, being an extensible monitoring platform that can act as a single pane of glass across your data center environment.

NiCE Active 365 Management Pack 4.0 released

Microsoft 365 services help companies worldwide improve business and revenue by providing best in class digital workspace experience. The NiCE Active 365 Management Pack complements this by advanced M365 monitoring such as full Teams Call analysis integrated into Microsoft SCOM. Advanced monitoring and analytics help you reveal unwanted micro-events influencing the health and performance of the system and its users.

Dashboard Fridays: Sample M365 dashboard

In this latest Dashboard Fridays episode, join our VP of Innovation Adam Kinniburgh as he showcases this M365/O365 dashboard built with SquaredUp. This summary dashboard built for the MP using SCOM Edition gives a clear overview of your M365/0365 health, including: subscriptions, consumed licences, network issues, teams performance, mail flow duration and more. This dashboard pack also includes a bunch of cool perspectives with dedicated views (open and closed alerts, metrics, health) for different components, including licencing, teams, alerts and more.