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The Right Power BI License for your Business

Microsoft BI is a powerful game-changer for business intelligence solutions that are widely used for data analysis and reporting. It is a unified self-service that delivers a great depth of data insights by combining interactive data visualizations with intuitive user experience. Whether you are a business enthusiast or an owner who likes to keep a tab on all things in a single dashboard, Power BI allows you to visualize and analyze your data dynamics like never.

41+ BI Tools Every SaaS Company Needs To Know About

Today, data is a bit of an esoteric concept. Data is contextual and you need to understand the data that’s important to you. For instance, cost data. Cost insight has given companies the ability to make informed engineering, product, and business decisions like rearchitecting software or pricing your product for higher profitability. However, to do this optimally, you’ll need to establish the right systems and practices. This is where business intelligence (BI) tools come in.

Self Service BI with Power BI

Self-service business intelligence is an advanced approach to data analytics enabling users to process and explore data sets even without much data analytics expertise like data mining and statistical analysis models. Self-service BI with Power BI allow business users to prepare, sort, analyze and visualize data without involving any technical support.

Business Intelligence for Hospitals: How to Leverage?

Business Intelligence is essentially an umbrella term that includes infrastructure, best practices, and applications needed to analyze data and support decisions. In the age where data holds unlimited transformative potentials, hospitals and healthcare institutions are diving headfirst to harness the power of data through business intelligence (BI) services.

Snowflake vs. Redshift: Which One Is Best For You?

Data is a key business intelligence tool. Successful businesses rely on data to make decisions. And every business needs a secure destination for storing collected data for later analysis. Cloud-based data warehouses are increasingly becoming the go-to destination. Redshift and Snowflake are two of the big names in this space and they provide similar services. They are big data analytics databases that can read and analyze huge amounts of data.

Kubernetes vs YARN for scheduling Apache Spark

Spark is one of the most widely-used compute tools for big data analytics. It excels at real-time batch and stream processing, and powers machine learning, AI, NLP and data analysis applications. Thanks to its in-memory processing capabilities, Spark has risen in popularity. As Spark usage increases, the older Hadoop stack is on the decline with its various limitations that make it harder for data teams to realize business outcomes.

What is Power BI for Retail Industry?

Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a business analytics platform/service provided by Microsoft. This service aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence, enabling the end-user to create individualized reports and dashboards independently. Especially for retail businesses, Power BI helps them meet the dynamic customer demands in advance with actionable insights. Microsoft Power BI service is based on cloud service, which also offers a desktop-based interface.

15 of the Best Data Analytics Tools of 2021

The importance of effective data analytics within an organization is widely accepted by business leaders at this point. With use cases for data analysis spanning every department—from IT management, financial planning, marketing analytics, and so on—the right data analytics tools can have a significant impact on a company’s profitability and growth.

Azure Data Factory - Key to migrate data in Azure Cloud

Data sources ingest data in different sizes and shapes across on-premises and in the cloud, including product data, historical customer behaviour data, and user data. Enterprise could store these data in data storage services like Azure Blob store, an on-premises SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and many more. This blog will highlight how users can define pipelines to migrate the unstructured data from different data stores to structured data using the Azure ETL tool, Azure Data Factory.