Fresh Features: Yellowfin 9 Charts

With so much packed into the latest Yellowfin 9 release, we figured it would be great to let you know about some of the coolest features (which will really transform how you do analytics!) in this series of blog posts - Fresh Features. At Yellowfin, we’re super excited that you will be benefiting from the huge amount of work our development team have been doing behind the scenes to complete revamp Yellowfin’s look, feel, and functionality.


How to create a data culture through data storytelling

One of the core reasons that organizations invest in analytic solutions is because they want to get everyone in their organization on the same page. They want everyone to understand what's happening and why it's happening so that individuals know what they need to do to be successful and drive outcomes for the organization.


Insurance in 2020 & Beyond - Learning from the past decade to plan for the next

Like many other people, I used time over the recent holidays to clean out and organize my digital files. In that process, I finally trashed the speaking notes for a panel I participated in at SMA’s (Strategy Meets Action) first summit in 2012 when I worked at a large global insurer. During that session, a gentleman in the audience asked me what I thought about “big data” and its implications for Insurance.


Real-time log aggregation with Flink Part 1

Many of us have experienced the feeling of hopelessly digging through log files on multiple servers to fix a critical production issue. We can probably all agree that this is far from ideal. Locating and searching log files is even more challenging when dealing with real-time processing applications where the debugging process itself can be extremely time-sensitive.


Unravel Earns Prestigious SOC 2 Security Certification

RELATED BLOG POSTS Unraveling the Complex Streaming Data Pipelines of Cybersecurity Best Practices Blog 5 Min Read Security is top of mind for every enterprise these days. There are so many threats they can hardly be counted, but one commonality exists: data is always the target. Unravel’s mission is to help organizations better understand and improve the performance of their data-based applications. We’re a data business, so we appreciate the scope and implications of these threats.


These Two Trends Will Put an End to Business as Usual in 2020

Where did the last decade go? Seems like it was just 2010 and I was writing about the future of business in 2020, well it is nowhere! I’ve spent much of my career in finance/accounting and management consulting and the last decade+ helping companies link their business and technology strategies with a focus on data and analytics. Where will we head in 2020 and this next decade?


Qlik Welcomes RoxAI - Advanced Alerting and Intelligent Automation Comes to Qlik Sense

I’m excited to share today that we announced the acquisition of RoxAI and its Ping intelligent alerting software at our 2020 sales kickoff. This is becoming an exciting annual tradition – last year we similarly announced from the SKO stage our intent to acquire Crunch Data, which has been rebranded as Insight Bot. Like that announcement, RoxAI and Ping will help increase the value of data through insights delivered to users where they work.


3 components you need to create the ultimate dashboard design

In the ideal world, when a developer builds a dashboard, they want that dashboard to be used to its fullest extent. Dashboards would engage users with their design, provide users with both information and the means to take immediate action (without leaving the dashboard), and become part of users’ everyday workflows.