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10 Best Snowflake Monitoring Tools (Updated 2022)

The Snowflake data cloud offers powerful data warehousing, analytics, and processing tools. The platform can handle many data workloads on one platform, helping organizations turn data into actionable insight across teams, departments, and regions. Snowflake’s architecture is also unique. Compute and storage are completely independent and both are highly elastic. Yet, Snowflake's per-second billing and highly elastic compute model demand frequent usage and cost monitoring.

The Big Problem With Big Data

The 2022 Australian Open men’s singles final between Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev was epic! I watched it in Australia, which meant I was up until 2 a.m. on a Sunday night. Monday morning’s dog walk was sub-joyful. Medvedev seemed unplayable, taking the first two sets comfortably. But Nadal is a legend for a reason. Point by point, he overran his rival to make history.

A modern data stack for startups

Nowadays, easy access to data is table-stakes for high-performing companies. Easy access doesn't come for free, though: it requires investment and a careful selection of tools. For young companies like us, the question is how much? And when do you make that investment? Having grown to ten people, several without engineering backgrounds but with strong data needs, we decided 2022 was going to be that time.

The Right Power BI License for your Business

Microsoft BI is a powerful game-changer for business intelligence solutions that are widely used for data analysis and reporting. It is a unified self-service that delivers a great depth of data insights by combining interactive data visualizations with intuitive user experience. Whether you are a business enthusiast or an owner who likes to keep a tab on all things in a single dashboard, Power BI allows you to visualize and analyze your data dynamics like never.

41+ BI Tools Every SaaS Company Needs To Know About

Today, data is a bit of an esoteric concept. Data is contextual and you need to understand the data that’s important to you. For instance, cost data. Cost insight has given companies the ability to make informed engineering, product, and business decisions like rearchitecting software or pricing your product for higher profitability. However, to do this optimally, you’ll need to establish the right systems and practices. This is where business intelligence (BI) tools come in.

Self Service BI with Power BI

Self-service business intelligence is an advanced approach to data analytics enabling users to process and explore data sets even without much data analytics expertise like data mining and statistical analysis models. Self-service BI with Power BI allow business users to prepare, sort, analyze and visualize data without involving any technical support.

Business Intelligence for Hospitals: How to Leverage?

Business Intelligence is essentially an umbrella term that includes infrastructure, best practices, and applications needed to analyze data and support decisions. In the age where data holds unlimited transformative potentials, hospitals and healthcare institutions are diving headfirst to harness the power of data through business intelligence (BI) services.