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Prevent XSS attacks with browser testing

Security is a never-ending battle on the web. You can have a server up in just a few minutes, and the next minute, someone is already trying to hack into it. These attacks could be automated using malicious bots or launched manually. Websites can be targeted by a malicious user trying to compromise your web presence or data. Cross-site scripting (XSS) is just one type of attack your site may be vulnerable to.

Seven steps to help protect your ERP system against cyberattacks

What would happen if your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system were attacked? For many companies, the consequences would be devastating. ERP systems not only contain the crown jewels of the business—customer data, stock levels, order entries, production plans, and contract data—they also manage such essential financial processes as order to cash (OTC), and operational processes such as production planning and steering and cash collection and payments.

Anatomy of a Supply Chain Attack Detection and Response

In today's world of global supply chains, a breach never stops at a supplier level but cascades all the way up the chain. So being able to detect and stop a supply chain attack at an early stage before an attacker exfiltrates confidential company data or damages company operations and reputation is critical to your organization's survival. Luckily, hackers always leave a trace, so proper detection can help you stop breaches at an early stage before hackers achieve their goals.

Why Enterprises Need to Prepare for Russian Cyberattacks - and Four Ways to Do It

The invasion of Ukraine has been difficult to watch, and unimaginable to live through. While the primary global focus is, as it should be, on peace and safety, it’s also critical for enterprises to prepare for the likely inevitable Russian cyberattacks.

What Should I Know About Defending IoT Attack Surfaces?

The Internet of Things needs to be part of the overall corporate information security policy to prevent adversaries from using these devices as an entry point. There are several reasons why it’s critical for organizations to defend their IoT attack surface, most importantly being that IoT devices are powerful systems containing compute, storage, and networking that threat actors view as the easiest way to breach an organization or enable exploits.

SQL Injection: Types, Examples, Prevention

For many businesses and users alike, the threat of cyber attacks is as rife as it's ever been. With more people online, it means there are more vulnerabilities and plenty of cyber thieves who are willing to take advantage of that. An SQL injection is a common opportunity for attack in order to help access sensitive company data or personal information if it's an individual being exploited. The impact of which can be damaging beyond repair for some organizations in particular.

Working with Cloudflare to mitigate DDoS attacks

The rolling thunder of cybersecurity warnings has built to a crescendo this year. According to HelpNetSecurity, cybercriminals launched over 9.75 million DDoS attacks in 2022. The Cloudflare Attack Trends 2022 Q1 Report published yesterday shows an alarming increase in application-layer DDoS attacks. And our own Doug Madory has been sharing analysis on the impact of cyberattacks, too.

IT Heroes Podcast - EPS 06 SMB's response to a cyberattack

In this episode, Edgar hosts Andy Ellwood, VP of Product Marketing, Pulseway, and Giridhara Raam, Cybersecurity Evangelist, Pulseway to discuss why the cyber response is important for SMBs and how should SMB's react to a cyber incident - communication norms, response protocols, and tips to up their game on the reactive approach.