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Why is cyber security crucial to the manufacturing industry?

The manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly reliant on smart technology as a way to enhance its workflow, production and logistics. In fact, just last year, the UK government announced a £50 million data innovation hub to enable manufacturing businesses to benefit from advancing digital technology. Smart technology allows manufacturers across a range of industries to efficiently utilise data, become more sustainable and increase productivity through a variety of digital systems.

How to Identify And Prevent ARP Poisoning or Spoofing Attacks

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) acts as a vital bridge between the world of IP addresses and MAC addresses, allowing devices on local area networks to seek out each other's physical address based solely on their IP. ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) can also be defined as a communication protocol used to map a network layer address (such as an IP address) to a link layer address (such as a MAC address).


Future Cybersecurity Attacks Predicted to Cost 10x More Than Natural Disasters

Enterprises are entering 2023 following an increase in large-scale cybersecurity attacks over the last several years — Colonial Pipeline, Solarwinds, and even Twitter have all been victims — but events like these are not just increasing in number and sophistication. The amount of money involved is enough to make your head spin.


How To Prevent DDoS Attacks in 2023

DDoS attacks are increasingly becoming common, especially for people who have their websites. This happens because DDoS attacks are harder to trace, and the perpetrators are hard to identify. As we advance into the IoT era, it's hard to deny that these attacks are becoming more frequent and powerful. This blog will cover DDoS attacks and how to prevent them.

4 Types of IT Security Issues Companies Are Facing in a Tech-Enriched Environment

The world around us is changing, and it's changing fast. We're in an era of technology-fueled innovation, where the lines between our personal and professional lives are blurring and being redrawn every day. And we're not just talking about the way we communicate with each other; we're also talking about the way we work. For businesses, this means that they have to be able to connect to customers on their terms: online, on mobile devices, and through social media platforms. But this also means that companies need to step up their game when it comes to security.

5 Web Security Tips For Small Businesses

Small businesses often overlook the importance of web security, but it is an essential component of any successful online presence. Without proper web security measures, your website and business can be vulnerable to various cyber threats, from hackers to spammers. To protect your business and customers, here are five essential tips on improving your website's security.

Shorten Recovery from Cyberattack with Cove's Standby Image

With a new standby image feature, N-able’s Cove Data Protection adds speed to the security, savings, and convenience of its cloud-first solution. You now have the ability to keep a local copy of your data on standby, shortening your time to recovery in the event of a cyberattack.

How Federal Buildings Are Converging Their Cyber And Physical Technologies For Futureproof Security

Since 2020, cybersecurity attacks have been considered among the top 5 risks to business health and are now common in businesses in both public and private sectors. Want to know how federal buildings are tackling the modern security landscape? Keep reading as we discuss how federal buildings are converging their cyber and physical technologies for futureproof security and how you can equip your business against future threats.

Protecting Your VoIP Infrastructure From DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are an ongoing issue for communications service providers, putting critical systems at risk, undercutting service level agreements, and bringing unwanted headlines. In the first half of 2022 6 million of these attacks were reported. Some metrics of DDoS attacks in 1H2022 compared to 2H2021.