OnPage’s Latest Integration: Amion Physician Scheduling

Have you heard about OnPage’s new and exciting integration with Amion? Through this collaboration, healthcare organizations can improve clinical communications, resulting in better patient care. It’s a sure way to enhance the patient experience, ensuring that qualified, on-call physicians respond more effectively to urgent clinical matters (i.e., patient needs). So, how exactly does the integration work?


New webinars to take at any stage of your Teamwork Projects journey

We’ve recently launched a new series of webinars to help you and your team to get the most out of Teamwork Projects. Rather than focusing on the features in isolation, these sessions are designed to look at the big picture and show you how you can leverage those features to address real-world business problems. Our goal is to help you learn how to use Teamwork Projects to overcome common roadblocks, empower your team to be more productive, and optimize your processes for maximum efficiency.


Ensure Customer Happiness with these 5 Powerful Test Actions

Our fully managed Selenium testing platform allows you to continuously check your website to ensure it’s working as expected. Not just the fact that it’s online, but that your customers can perform tasks such as registering or adding products to the basket. We use real browsers, such as the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox and test from 18 global testing locations.


Measuring Web Performance and Digital Experience

Pretty much everyone in business today knows that websites and related digital channels like mobile apps and service APIs are mission critical. It’s also dead obvious that strong web performance is foundational to delivering the seamless digital experiences that produce optimal business outcomes. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that website performance is built on and dependent on the Internet.


Grafana Labs at KubeCon: Loki’s March Toward GA

At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU this week, Grafana Labs VP Product Tom Wilkie gave a talk about Loki, the Prometheus-inspired service that optimizes search, aggregation, and exploration of logs natively in Grafana. In case you missed it, here’s a recap. Wilkie’s talk is an overview of how and why Grafana Labs built Loki and the features and architecture the team built in. Our policy is to develop projects in the open, so the design doc has been publicly accessible since development started.


Understanding Absence in Ruby: Present, Blank, Nil, Empty

Have you ever been confused about the different ways to handle missing data in the Ruby language? I know I have, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. The options Ruby offers come in the form of several methods: “present?”, “blank?”, “nil?”, and “empty?”. There are all somewhat related since all of them check for the absence of data in some way. But they are also all different, in the sense that they check for different types of absence, so to speak.


Automation in Cybersecurity Key to Addressing Growing Risks

IT security teams are overextended and understaffed, and security risks are occurring more frequently than ever before. With our best experts stretching themselves on the analysis of low-tier security alerts, they’re unable to properly use their skills on bigger security issues. Automation is being used more in large Australian companies than ever before in order to help them optimise their day-to-day operations, working smarter and more efficiently as a result.


How Emotional Intelligence Boosts Leadership Effectiveness

The concept of emotional intelligence was first introduced by psychologist Dr. Daniel Goleman in 1995. Dr. Goleman found that while intelligence (IQ) is an important factor in leadership, a high level of emotional intelligence (EI) marks those who emerge as highly effective leaders. Emotional intelligence involves soft skills such as discipline, motivation and empathy.


Introducing External Services in Opsgenie, powered by Statuspage

As IT and DevOps teams rely more heavily on third-party services, the likelihood of an external incident affecting your customers increases. The 2017 Amazon S3 outage comes to mind as a particularly large downtime event that took thousands of websites down with it. When things go wrong with either an internal or external service, the right people need to be alerted to properly respond to the issue and communicate with customers.


Advanced Serverless CICD - Part 1 :  AWS CodeBuild

Deploying a basic Serverless application has been made easy with the abundance of frameworks out there. If you’re part of a small team or working on a relatively simple project, setting up a basic serverless CICD process is also pretty straightforward, since there is plenty of information on the subject. But when a Serverless application grows it can get very complex very fast.