Salt Air 32 - An overview of SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 new features

SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 includes powerful new features for universal control of hybrid IT environments at scale. SaltStack Enterprise software reduces the burden of system maintenance while giving IT teams the ability to focus on more strategic initiatives like infrastructure security and digital innovation. SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 includes new features built to make every member of the IT operations team more efficient.

Salt Air 31 - Install SaltStack Enterprise in less than five minutes

Legacy systems management software from companies like BMC, HP, CA or IBM often took weeks or months to implement. Install SaltStack Enterprise in less than five minutes and get a systems management platform built to intelligently orchestrate and automate digital infrastructure at scale. Watch Glazier Ward of SaltStack install SaltStack Enterprise in less than five minutes on this six-minute Salt Air episode.

Understanding Agile vs. DevOps

DevOps and Agile are two of the most used buzzwords currently being tossed around in software development and IT. Both practices represent a cultural shift in an organization. However, the two concepts are not identical, and many organizations fail to understand the difference between them. Agile vs. DevOps has become one of the most trending debates in the industry. Before jumping into how DevOps differs from Agile, let us first understand the two methodologies.


IoT and Cybersecurity: What Are We Protecting?

We kicked off RSA Conference 2019 last week with bold plans for the future, including our innovation to improve efficiencies in securing futures, combating the opioid crisis and protecting critical infrastructure. This year, we saw increased interest in operational technology (OT) security at our booth. Why connect this to the network? How can I identify the risk associated with it? Where would I get the data?


How Netskope stops sensitive data being exposed publicly in Box

Another example of public shares of personal data surfaced this week security firm Adversis discovered hundreds of Box customers who had hundreds of thousands of documents and terabytes of data exposed. This is nothing new. This is simply another example of how cloud applications like Box make it easy to share data with anyone.

blue matador

Introducing Guardian DevOps

I started Blue Matador in 2016 to help people like me. Site reliability engineers and devops engineers time is in short supply while the demands keep growing. We support an increasing number of applications, microservices, tools, libraries, languages, runtimes, pipelines, analytics and BI suites, and more. At the same time we’re supporting more applications, the applications themselves are growing more and more complex both from a deployment and a management angle.


How a local Co-op uses OneDesk to manage maintenance at its retail locations

Cooperatives, also known as co-ops, are businesses owned by a group of people who are united in their needs and goals. Because co-ops are run by a committee, they often are focused on serving their local community. This sense of shared ownership ensures an eye is kept towards upkeep and safety in each of the retail locations. As with all work, this upkeep and maintenance needs to be logged, tracked, and managed.


Website Speed Improvements That Increase Ecommerce Conversions

It’s no secret that shoppers want a site that loads fast. Ecommerce websites have to balance looking good and working well to provide the best possible user experience. From product descriptions to user registrations to shopping carts, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to focus your site optimization efforts. Increasing your site’s loading time can double your conversions.