TestComplete Releases Version 14.2

Our aim with each update is to combine UI test automation with innovation. This year we’ve been happy with our progress. We introduced a powerful hybrid object recognition engine that now includes AI-powered OCR techniques. Our range of automated tests has always covered desktop, web, mobile, and Chromium-based applications, but through this OCR update, they can now be more complex.


It Takes a Village

Rancher Rodeos are great events for learning Kubernetes and Rancher beginner-level concepts, with attendees gaining just the right amount of knowledge to get started with provisioning Kubernetes clusters and launching applications. I present frequently at Rodeos, and the scene typically unfolds like this: together with attendees, we are walking through Rancher features, and usually as we’re experimenting with Monitoring, Alerting, and Logging, I see the wheels start turning in their heads.


The Path from Unstructured Logs to Observability

Are you starting out on your journey toward observability? Do you have a mandate from management, or are you a lone warrior in the matrix? From your starting point, how will you make the right decisions about how to implement changes to your logging and aim for the right path through the various choices in front of you?


Unplanned Work: The Impact on DevOps Teams

Going on call and being awakened at a moment’s notice to put out fires when reputation and revenue are on the line is incredibly stressful. And with DevOps teams under increasing pressure to simultaneously release new products faster while ensuring reliability and quality, burnout is a rapidly growing problem. It’s why #HugOps and empathy are becoming so central to the culture of DevOps.