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Sep 24, 2018
Iselin, NJ, USA
Nov 26, 2018   |  By Vinod Mohan
Performance monitoring in today’s all-digital world is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Whether the data center is running on-premises or workloads are hosted in the cloud, IT operations teams must incorporate monitoring into service delivery and enablement. Monitoring is an early warning system that alerts IT operations when something has gone wrong or is about to go wrong: e.g., application slowness, downtime and outages, configuration changes, capacity issues, and so on.
Nov 19, 2018   |  By Vinod Mohan
A thread, in the context of Java, is the path followed when executing a program. All Java programs have at least one thread, known as the main thread, which is created by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) at the program’s start, when the main() method is invoked with the main thread.
Nov 7, 2018   |  By Vinod Mohan
Citrix deployments – needless to say but let me say it nevertheless – are complicated. There are too many moving parts, various dependencies, and myriad configurations and customizations. Ultimately, organizations expect seamless connectivity and access to virtualized applications and desktops for their employees and partners whenever and wherever. While every Citrix administrator strives to get it right – and they do it, too – there are bound to be Citrix problems along the way.
Oct 8, 2018   |  By Vinod Mohan
Microsoft .NET Framework is one of the most popular application development platforms and programming languages. C# and ASP.NET frameworks are used by millions of developers for building Windows client applications, XML Web services, distributed components, client-server applications, database applications, and so on. It’s no surprise that ensuring top-notch performance of .NET applications is a foremost need for most application owners and developers.
Sep 27, 2018   |  By John Worthington
Managing the end-user experience has become the basis of competition in the digital services world. Most IT organizations today are looking for a portal for managing the performance of digital business services – and a portal is much more than a simple dashboard.
Oct 17, 2018   |  By eG Innovations
Read this white paper by George Spiers, Citrix CTP and EUC Architect, where you will understand the changes in Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.x in detail and what types of monitoring best practices to adopt for ensuring top performance of your virtualized environment and outstanding user experience.
Sep 24, 2018   |  By eG Innovations
One of the toughest problems facing enterprise IT teams today is troubleshooting slow applications. When a user complains of slowness in application access, all hell breaks loose and the blame game begins: app owners, developers and IT ops teams enter into endless war room sessions to figure out what went wrong and where. Have you also been in this situation before?
Sep 1, 2018   |  By eG Innovations
Citrix environments incorporate numerous components as well as diverse back-end application elements and user-specific items – all complex variables that can affect the user experience.
Sep 1, 2018   |  By eG Innovations
With hundreds of monitoring products being promoted today, navigating the features of different products can be a significant challenge. It’s important to ‘read between the lines’ when looking at marketing literature associated with monitoring tools.
Aug 1, 2018   |  By eG Innovations
Business transaction monitoring, a critical aspect of application performance monitoring (APM), is the approach commonly used to identify and diagnose server-side processing slowness in web applications. While it has many benefits, business transaction monitoring has its limits. It stops with identifying of the server-side tier that is causing application slowness and highlights application code-level and database query-level issues.
Sep 11, 2018   |  By eG Innovations
eG Enterprise is an end-to-end IT performance monitoring and digital intelligence platform that provides actionable analytics to help detect, diagnose and troubleshoot application performance slowdowns. Watch this video and learn how eG Enterprise can help provide performance assurance and set you up for success in your ITSM and DevOps initiatives.
Sep 5, 2018   |  By eG Innovations
Citrix XenApp 6.5 has reached EOL. As Citrix customers migrate to XenApp & XenDesktop 7.x, they need to ensure to deliver exceptional user experience during and after the migration. Watch this video and learn how eG Enterprise helps monitor the performance of your Citrix environment end to end and achieve migration success.
Aug 2, 2017   |  By eG Innovations
Watch this Quick Look feature video to learn how eG Enterprise provides detailed visibility into the logon process for every single user that is connecting to Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop.
Aug 2, 2017   |  By eG Innovations
In managing a Citrix infrastructure, a common complaint heard is, "Citrix is slow" or "Citrix is not working." After hours of troubleshooting, you may discover that the issue not with Citrix at all but rather originates elsewhere in the infrastructure. Watch this Quick Look feature video to see how eG Enterprise helps Citrix administrators quickly instantly diagnose the root cause of Citrix performance problems.
Jun 28, 2017   |  By eG Innovations
Identifying and troubleshooting user experience issues is a big challenge for Citrix administrators. And, using multiple consoles and dashboards to gather all of the required performance information makes problem diagnosis more cumbersome.