Toronto, Canada
Feb 3, 2023   |  By David Colebatch
Today, COVID recommendations and protocols have changed, and businesses have quickly modified policies on hybrid and remote work, signaling yet another shift in how we do business. And as inflation has risen, investors and large corporations have taken a harder look at growth plans and how to deliver on them. Markets have tumbled and layoffs at technology companies are making headlines.
Jan 19, 2023   |  By Krystle Khoo
Cloud migration can be a powerful way for organizations to reduce costs and improve efficiency. However, simply moving to the cloud is not enough - there are a number of tactics that teams can adopt to maximize cost savings. In this article, I will first explore some common tactics that cloud migration teams use to reduce costs, then share advanced strategies that our most successful customers use to truly take advantage of the cloud for all of its far-reaching benefits.
Dec 16, 2022   |  By David Colebatch
The cloud migration tools category is as wide as any other in enterprise IT software. Here we provide an overview of the landscape, and when and how to apply each type of tool to achieve your goals. While the landscape can seem complicated, one thing is clear: There is no silver-bullet to cloud migration tools.
Dec 16, 2022   |  By David Colebatch
The key to a successful cloud migration? Accurate discovery of your applications and technology - no guesswork allowed. With Tidal, you can complete this step faster than ever, automatically.
Dec 16, 2022   |  By David Colebatch
Tidal provides you with an automated assessment of your software usage, defects, vulnerabilities, and more. You’ll know exactly what to expect before your cloud migration.
Dec 1, 2022   |  By David Colebatch
I recently had a cloud migration client who was at the beginning stage of their discovery phase and looking to jump straight to “which database platforms should I be using in the cloud?” - a tall ask you might say, but following the three steps below they were able to discover and analyze all of their database servers in just two weeks.
Jun 17, 2022   |  By Krystle Khoo
Google “CSO role description” and you will get 9 million results, none of which will sufficiently describe why it has been both challenging and enormously fulfilling for me at Tidal Migrations. Quite simply, a CSO role is uniquely tailored to the company it belongs to. So while Deloitte has this article about the six faces of a CSO, I wanted to share how my role came about and what it means to be a CSO at Tidal.
Jun 13, 2022   |  By Tidal Migrations
Migrating your DNS to a cloud-based service like Amazon’s Route53 service can be a daunting task. With dns-tools, you can test your DNS records before and after the migration to ensure that everything made it across in one piece. If you are migrating from a BIND DNS server, see our blog post here. Follow these four steps to migrate from a Windows DNS Active-Directory integrated server to Route53.
Jun 13, 2022   |  By Tidal Migrations
Data center and cloud migrations often require changing IP addresses of your servers and application end points. These changes require careful planning and precise execution in order to minimize downtime. Typically, this is executed by manually searching your DNS server’s configuration for each server that is migrating.
Jun 9, 2022   |  By David Colebatch
Moving workloads to the cloud has many benefits, and one that is often overlooked is the opportunity to modernize your network. In a traditional “perimeter-based” architecture, users and devices are authenticated and authorized on a device-by-device basis when connecting remotely via VPN.
Feb 22, 2023   |  By Tidal
How to Sign Up for LightMesh IPAM with Microsoft Azure AD Single Sign On
Mar 16, 2022   |  By Tidal
This video will show you how to install the Tidal Migrations CLI utility, Tidal Tools, on both Windows and Linux.
Mar 7, 2022   |  By Tidal
This video will show you how to install the Tidal Migrations CLI utility, Tidal Tools, on Mac.
Mar 2, 2022   |  By Tidal
How To Integrate Azure Migrate with Tidal Migrations using the Azure Cloud Shell
Feb 23, 2022   |  By Tidal

Take a hands-on look at Tidal's brand new cloud cost optimization platform at https://saveonclouds.com.

Dec 8, 2021   |  By Tidal
The public sector provides vital services especially during these times, as these organizations have urgent mandates to support citizen led deployments such as pandemic responses. Public cloud supports the public sector with the agility and security they require to perform these missions. Join David Colebatch and Jason Hurlbut as they share a case study and answer questions regarding a recent Canadian public sector client who embarked on a cloud migration journey for legacy applications. As a result this organization used 95% less code, and realized a faster time to value with greater ROI.
Apr 30, 2021   |  By Tidal
Join the growing list of organizations that have gained the confidence and insight to plan and execute a data-driven cloud migration. Start your migration journey with Cloud Calculator.
Sep 15, 2020   |  By Tidal
Tidal Migrations empowers your team to execute more transformative cloud migrations. The platform provides insights on your applications and databases that allow you to Modernize-As-You-Migrate, delivering more business value in the same time frame as a traditional lift and shift only migration.
Sep 15, 2020   |  By Tidal
What we're seeing here is a What If scenario when analyzing your databases comparing which Azure database as a service should be used.

Tidal is a Software-as-a-Service platform built for companies migrating to the cloud. Our collaborative, application-centric approach allows you to discover, assess, plan, and manage your migration with actionable insights to transform your applications and support your business goals.

Leverage your data. Migrate faster, make savings. Plan successfully from day one.

  • Discover your data. Lightning fast. Analyze databases, source code and technologies in minutes with agentless discovery. All in one convenient source of truth. The Tidal Platform integrates with your existing tools to save you time and fill in the gaps.
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment. Identify roadblocks and quantify the difficulty of Replatform and Refactor migrations. Tidal makes it easy to assess all your source code and database configurations, and get a recommended application migration plan. Drive faster modernization of legacy applications and move towards database freedom.
  • Easy prioritization, tracking and design. Tidal brings prioritization and assessment automation to help your team plan, and the data to ease your transition. Build migration waves leveraging dependencies to collaborate and ensure success.

The Leading Planning Platform for Cloud Migrations.