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May 25, 2022   |  By Kodie Dower
We're excited to introduce the new NinjaOne 5.3.2 platform update. The release adds significant new features and enhancements across all primary product and feature sets, with notable improvements to our patch management, ticketing, backup, and automation capabilities.
May 25, 2022   |  By Dom Scafidi
A well-run IT team keeps track of every asset in their domain, including hardware, software, and licenses. The specific task of managing hardware assets is known as hardware asset management. This involves keeping tabs on hardware from the time it’s requested and purchased to when it’s phased out of use and disposed of. As you can imagine, this can be a daunting task when handled manually.
May 24, 2022   |  By Matt Carrington
The IT Europa Channel Awards reward excellence in European software development, and IT and telecoms solutions. The panel of judges from the MSP and IT community voted for the best solutions across 4 categories, with NinjaOne winning the Best Remote Management Solution in the Solution Provider section at the awards ceremony in London on May 19th 2022. NinjaOne collecting the Best Remote Management Solution at the IT Europa Awards
May 23, 2022   |  By Makenzie Buenning
IT software deployment is a necessity in any organization’s IT environment. Software deployment can either make or break the transitions between software, which significantly affect business operations. That is why it’s essential to have a solid software deployment process in place.
May 20, 2022   |  By Makenzie Buenning
Network monitoring is vital for operating an IT environment at optimal performance. As a result, organizations can improve operational efficiencies with a well-managed network while proactively maintaining a secure network. While remote work has made the network monitoring process more challenging, new cloud-based tools have extended IT teams' reach into home and remote offices to ensure employees are secure and productive.
May 18, 2022   |  By Makenzie Buenning
Each device's overall health and security affect the overall organization, and if an endpoint is not in good health, it could be a significant security risk. For example, the IDC discovered that endpoints such as laptops, desktops, or mobile devices are the origin of 70% of successful breaches. Because those endpoints often serve as a gateway for a security breach, robust endpoint management is essential for today’s modern organizations.
May 16, 2022   |  By Makenzie Buenning
Vulnerabilities within an IT environment pose a big security risk and are a threat to digital data within an organization. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by others, or a lack of necessary precautions can result in damaged or lost organizational data. Therefore, it is essential to have a vulnerability management process in place for these reasons.
May 4, 2022   |  By Jim Lippie
Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are charged with protecting their customers from all of the threat vectors that target devices, networks, and applications. The diligence required to provide this level of protection for customers is unending. However, if an MSP is going to properly secure their customers’ environments, they first must secure their own, which is why NinjaOne has collaborated with the cybersecurity company SaaS Alerts to better protect MSPs from RMM supply chain attacks.
May 2, 2022   |  By Makenzie Buenning
With a constant stream of new technology and customer questions, it can be challenging to manage it all while keeping up with all the necessary tasks to ensure things are running smoothly. For example, help desk asset management software was designed to help with providing IT support services to customers while also managing company assets.
Apr 29, 2022   |  By Makenzie Buenning
Businesses of all sizes lose an average of $4,500 for every minute of downtime they experience, and often that downtime is a result of data loss. Data loss can occur for a multitude of reasons, such as theft, natural disasters, software corruption, or human error. In addition, you can combat the adverse effects of data loss by creating a backup strategy.
Apr 14, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
As the world opens back up, are you missing in-person sales and networking opportunities that growth-focused MSPs are jumping on? View this recording of a special live discussion with growth and revenue expert Adam Slutskin, the channel veteran behind wildly successful worldwide sales and marketing strategies at Liongard, ConnectWise, and others.
Mar 31, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
Can you do what you advise your clients and spot a phishing attempt when you see one? Watch this "April Phools" edition of our MSP Live Chats series with special guest Connor Swalm, CEO of Phin Security, who showcased the latest tricks and tactics attackers are using to get victims on the hook. Don't miss OITVOIP CEO Ray Orsini, Lifecycle Insights' Alex Farling, and the rest of our panel as they played a high-stakes game of "spot the phish" on the LIVE event.
Mar 17, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
Replay this special St. Patrick's Day edition of our MSP Live Chats! Hear candid conversations about the biggest risks facing MSP owners today — including which risky bets on growth you should avoid AND which to take! Select attendees were also given a chance to test their luck on the "Wheel of MSP Misfortune" to win a $25, $50, or $100 Amazon Gift Card. Special guests on our panel for this MSP Live Chat included Tom Lawrence (Lawrence Technology Services) and Georg Dauterman (Valiant Technology).
Mar 4, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
Your customers’ expectations and demands around IT are changing. Want to learn how you can better align your work with their evolving business goals and priorities? And ensure that you don’t just win new customers, but that you win them for life? Watch our MSP Live Chat with Lifecycle Insights CEO Marnie Stockman. Not only is she an expert in MSP customer success, she literally wrote the book on it.
Feb 17, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
Relive the joyous celebration of IT Love Fest and celebrate everything you love about IT all over again. We served up Valentine's to everyone's favorite free open-source tools and scripts PLUS shared stories of exceptional support that made users feel the love and show it back. Special thanks to all of our event partners Tom Lawrence from Lawrence Technology Systems, Kelvin Tegelaar , Elizabeth Copeland from Tier2Technologies, and Ray Orsini CEO of OIT, LLC | OITVOIP.
Jan 28, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
Channel expert and Forrester Principal Analyst Jay McBain joined us for a special MSP Live Chat on 2022 IT channel predictions and how MSPs can take advantage of some of the 2020s key tech trends. On the live chat we covered some of Jay's hottest takes.
Jan 13, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
The top MSPs are heading into 2022 with a focused strategy and clear objectives. But even the best-laid plans can come up short if you’re not actively adjusting for blindspots and things simply beyond your control. In the first MSP Live Chat of 2022, Chris Ryne from Growth Achievement Partners joined us and shared tips on how to implement a more achievable, resilient growth plan for 2022.
Dec 16, 2021   |  By NinjaOne
Relive the joys of IT Festivus! Celebrate the most magical holiday of all — the one where we finally get the chance to air IT grievances, boast feats of IT strength, AND win some extremely cool prizes. All in the company of your favorite experts and peers!
Dec 2, 2021   |  By NinjaOne founder Chris Dix joined us to discuss how forward-thinking IT providers are leveraging chatbots and automation to provide "real-time" messaging and support — without compromising their standards for customer experience.
Nov 18, 2021   |  By NinjaOne
What big moves can we expect from Microsoft in 2022? And how are savvy MSPs planning ahead? Price hikes. Name changes. New offerings. Oh my. Keeping up with Microsoft is a full-time job these days. Luckily, we've got experts dropping by the Live Chat to keep you in the loop. Join us, CyberDrain's Kelvin Tegelaar, and others as we dive into the latest big announcements from Microsoft and talk modern approaches to M365 multi-tenant management and security.
Jan 26, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
For decades, IT teams have relied on on-premises, network-centric approaches to IT management. As these teams have grown to manage more and more cloud- and SaaS-based products for the business users, they have staunchly persisted in their use of legacy management tools. Even the growing mobile, field, and remote workforce has only marginally impacted IT management methods, with most simply finding workarounds to their network-centric systems that leave end-users frustrated and unsatisfied.
Jan 26, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
In the last year, the dual pressures of accelerating digital transformation and delivering seamless remote experiences have challenged IT teams to fundamentally adapt. Facing constrained budgets, threats from would-be cybercriminals, and a surge in new remote devices, their role has grown both increasingly critical and increasingly complex. NinjaOne's latest report looks at the top challenges and trends impacting IT efficiency. Read the report to learn how manual processes could be costing IT teams time, money, and exposing them to new risk.
Jan 1, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
Helpdesks and IT teams are inundated with repetitive, timeconsuming, often low-value tasks that distract from larger strategic projects. With most IT leaders saying their staff is already stretched thin, this leaves little room for important projects that will lead to greater organizational productivity and efficiency. Most of the repetitive, time-consuming, and low-value tasks that plague helpdesks can be automated away through scripts and Ninja's automation engine.
Jan 1, 2022   |  By NinjaOne
Patch management is one of the most important tasks an IT team undertakes. Businesses spend significant resources on keeping their infrastructure up-to-date, yet more than half of breaches could have been prevented by installing available software and OS patches. We worked with Ninja partners to understand how they use NinjaOne's patch management capabilities and combined their expertise with our own. In this guide we share those insights so new partners can get the most out of patch management.
Dec 1, 2021   |  By NinjaOne
From RMMs to documentation software, see what solutions MSPs are recommending most. We've pulled ratings from G2 and Capterra for 90+ products across 12 different categories. Discover what separates the best from the rest.
Dec 1, 2021   |  By NinjaOne
NinjaRMM's latest report on IT technical debt found the cost of maintaining legacy technology to exceed $25,000 a year. Read the report to learn more about the challenges of maintaining aging and outdated IT infrastructure and why it's a roadblock to growth.

Reduce IT complexity with a single, intuitive platform for remote monitoring, access, remediation, and support.

NinjaOne is a leading unified IT operations solution that simplifies the way IT teams work. With NinjaOne, MSPs and IT departments can automate, manage, and remediate all their endpoint management tasks within one fast, modern, intuitive platform, improving technician efficiency and user satisfaction.

NinjaOne supports over 6,000 customers around the world, and is consistently ranked #1 for its world class customer support. NinjaOne has been recognized as the best rated software in its category on G2 and Gartner Digital Markets for the past 3 years.

The Unified IT Operations Platform:

  • RMM: Make your team more effective with RMM software that automates IT management, drives technician efficiency, and improves your bottom line.
  • Endpoint Management: Everything you need to remotely manage today's distributed workforce securely at scale.
  • Patch Management: Automatically identify and remediate vulnerabilities across your entire IT portfolio at speed and scale from a single pane of glass – no infrastructure required.
  • Backup: Ninja Data Protection is built to help you protect critical business data for today’s distributed workforce. Backup endpoints wherever they are with flexible solutions that meet your data protection, cost, and RTO objectives every time.
  • Service Desk: Improve ticket resolution times and service delivery outcomes with context-rich automated IT ticketing.
  • Remote Access: Take control of Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints with a single click from NinjaOne.
  • IT Documentation: Document, standardize, and use contextual information about the IT environments you manage directly in NinjaOne. Give your technicians the information they need where and when they need it most.
  • Software Deployment: NinjaOne gives you the ability to deploy, patch, uninstall, and monitor applications at scale without the need for a company network, VPN, or domain.
  • IT Asset Management: Get complete, accurate, and real-time insight into all your managed IT assets to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve security.

We Simplify IT Operations.