Circonus Releases New Visionary Paper on How to Unlock the Extraordinary Business Value of Your Machine Data

As the number of things we want to monitor grows and sensors proliferate our world, enterprises have the opportunity to gather and analyze vast amounts of machine-generated data that provide extraordinary business insights. This is machine data intelligence. Today we released a visionary paper on machine data intelligence, the missing link to deriving business value in the current Internet of Everything economy.


Cloud Discovery in a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud World

While infrastructure and application discovery for datacenter environments is a mature discipline, real-time discovery of public cloud and cloud native services requires an innovative approach. Digital operations teams have to not only onboard invisible and short-lived infrastructure at scale but also ensure visibility, track consumption, and pinpoint service dependencies across dynamic multi-cloud environments.


Robust Development with git-flow, Bitbucket Pipelines and Bitrise

When you start a new project, everything is very easy and agile. You can develop, commit code and publish new versions quickly, without much testing. You probably don’t have a QA team, your test data is similar to your production data and you don’t develop multiple features at the same time. But as the project grows, it starts to become more and more complex.


5 benefits of using AI bots in customer service

The rise of the AI bots may sound like a sci-fi horror scenario, but in reality, the growing industry of bots isn’t scary at all—it’s a technology that brings real, tangible benefits to businesses and customers alike. Bots are already a big part of the customer service landscape. In 2018, the bot market was worth $1.274 billion and predictions anticipate it reaching $7.5 billion by 2024.


Monitoring Windows Services with Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf

If you are a Windows Server administrator or a power user on Windows instances, you may have experienced the great sense of frustration that comes with services shutting down for no reason. The worst of it comes when you happen to discover it way too late, leading to obvious useless costs for your team. The goal of this tutorial is to help you put an end to this maddening, yet ultimately, avoidable waste of resources.


The Production Environment Review Checklist

You’ve written code, you tested it and built it. Now, your release is ready to deploy into production. But, is your production environment ready for the release? That’s a question that every IT professional and platform engineer should be asking before accepting a new release – whether the release is an update of an existing app or a totally new deployment.


Considerations for taking the CompTIA Security+ exam

I recently took – and passed – the CompTIA Security+ exam (Sec+). Sec+ is a general introduction to multiple functional areas of security, ranging from network security to access control and identity management, for anyone looking to break into the space. For context, I have no previous training as a network or security professional, and my educational background was finance and Russian, nothing related to security.


Loki Reaches GA with v1.0.0 Release

Today is an exciting day for Loki, as we have decided it’s time for Loki to graduate out of beta and into a 1.0.0 GA release! It’s been just about a year since we announced Loki at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America in Seattle, and in that time over 137 contributors have made more than 1,000 contributions. Here’s a look at where the project is today.