Open Distro for Elasticsearch Review

Over the years the adoption of Elasticsearch and its ecosystem of tools positioned them as the leaders in the time series data management and analysis market. With strong search capabilities, great analytical engine, Kibana as the flexible frontend and a number of data shippers enable building of end to end data processing pipeline using components designed to work with each other. Very simple setup and configuration resulted in high adoption rates and the whole stack gaining more and more users.

AWS + Epsagon: Serverless Observability Webinar

Performance monitoring is a crucial part when running serverless applications. Serverless applications are highly distributed with business workflows and data spread across multiple managed services and APIs. As a result, in order to make sure that everything is running correctly in production you’d need full observability into the application that will help you find the root cause, and troubleshoot quickly.

Reducing MTTA: Escalation

In an integrated on-call incident management tool, automated and manual escalations built for human workflows become essential. In part 4 of our reducing MTTA series, we’ll talk about how you can create a system for rapid incident response through optimized escalation processes. Being able to quickly reroute an incident and involve the right people and teams from the get-go allows on-call responders to acknowledge and remediate incidents faster.