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What is NetFlow? The Complete Guide to NetFlow Monitoring

The increasing complexity of IT Infrastructure demands extensive network visibility and security. For those who have been working in networking for a while, NetFlow is not a new technology. Cisco created the network protocol “NetFlow” many years ago, which became the primary norm for collecting IP traffic information. NetFlow soon found its place within network management by providing valuable data of network performance and traffic analytics.


A Guide on 5 Common LinkedIn Scams

The fact that scammers haunt Facebook and Twitter is not surprising. Even so, digital criminals don’t stop with just those two platforms. They’re also known to stalk users on LinkedIn where connections carry greater professional gravity. Fortunately, users can stay alert of such activity by familiarizing themselves with the most common types of LinkedIn scams. Here are five ruses, in particular, that should be on their radar.


How to Get a Finger on the Pulse of Corporate Networks via the SSL VPN

Detectify Crowdsource hacker, Alyssa Herrera, is a full-time bug bounty hacker and web application security researcher who works to protect organizations. She was one of several Crowdsource hackers to submit a working proof of concept for File Disclosure in Pulse Secure Connect (CVE-2019-11510). This guest blog post will walk through how she developed an exploitable-payload for this vulnerability.


Icinga 2.11

Now we are here, after many months of development – we proudly release Icinga 2.11 available today. It has been an emotional ride with many changes under the hood. The most obvious change is that Icinga’s distributed cluster operates more stable, the past quirks with hanging certificate signing requests or dead-locked TLS handshakes are now gone.

How One Company Managed a Cybersecurity Crisis with the Siemplify "War Room"

Security incidents touch all parts of the business. Siemplify's interactive "war room" provides instant visibility and collaboration among security operations teams and executive, legal, HR and other stakeholders to quickly address and effectively handle breaches and other events.

Service-Based vs. Team-Based Approach: Which Is Better?

How is the incident response process set up at your organization? At PagerDuty, our approach is to holistically look at your infrastructure, your customer-facing applications, and your products. We distinguish these by describing these items as “services” that roll up to and make up a “business service.” This setup allows teams to better manage these services so that when incidents do happen, responders can gain context much faster. But how?


Serverless Computing Security Tips

Serverless computing is becoming more popular as organizations look for new ways to deploy their applications in the cloud. With higher levels of abstraction, easier maintenance, a focus on high performance, and ephemeral workloads, serverless computing solutions like Lambda are finding a permanent place in the mix of cloud infrastructure options.