Deliver CASB policy alerts via OnPage to ensure rapid response

A simple, efficient way to deliver CASB policy alerts, ensuring that the SOC teams are notified of policy breaches immediately in order to start the incident triage and remediation process using OnPage incident alert management system. About OnPage Organizations large and small, are adopting OnPage's intelligent alerting solution, ensuring that encrypted, secure critical incident notifications are NEVER missed and are always delivered to the right person at the right time.

Prometheus Metric Federation with Thanos

Prometheus is a CNCF graduated project for monitoring and alerting. It is one of the most widely used monitoring and alerting tools in the Kubernetes ecosystem. Rancher users can leverage Prometheus quickly by using the built-in monitoring stack. Prometheus stores its metrics as a time series database on the local disk. Prometheus local storage is limited by the size of the disk and amount of metrics it can retain.


COVID-19's Impact On Infrastructure Security

It’s no secret that COVID-19 is negatively impacting businesses of all sizes in a number of ways. Some more obvious than others. Unless you are in IT, you’re probably not thinking of how COVID-19 can affect the infrastructure security of your organization, but the truth is that as businesses make the tough decision to layoff employees in order to stay in business, basic security hygiene can easily be overlooked.


FYI: Email Alerting Isn't Enough

Email alerting is an inefficient way to receive and address critical alerts. Email inboxes tend to get flooded with “clutter,” as irrelevant messages bury urgent incident notifications. Incident management procedures require incident management systems, ensuring that urgent issues are immediately addressed. Yet, some services are reluctant to say goodbye to email alerting and its inefficiencies. This is the case with Google Voice, which recently solidified its commitment to email alerting.


Byte Down Too: Build Cost Effective Infrastructure Like Netflix

Think of orgs with lots of data and it’s impossible to not think of Netflix. In a new Netflix Technology Blog, titled "Byte Down: Making Netflix’s Data Infrastructure Cost-Effective", their Platform Data Science & Engineering team describe their data infrastructure "which is composed of dozens of data platforms, hundreds of data producers and consumers, and petabytes of data.” At this scale, cost-effectiveness is a critical matter of success and failure.


How often should you really communicate with your team?

For many of us, the way we work has changed since the start of 2020. We’ve had to adapt to the unexpected, embrace remote working, and learn to keep work going even when we’re not all in the same office space. But among all the uncertainty, one thing has become clearer than ever: even when we’re apart, we’re all in this together. And teamwork has never been more important.


Monitoring AWS Lambda with Prometheus and Sysdig

In this post, we will show how it’s easily possible to monitor AWS Lambda with Sysdig Monitor. By leveraging existing Prometheus ingestion with Sysdig, you will be able to monitor serverless services with a single-pane-of-glass approach, giving you the confidence to run these services in production.


Dogfooding for Deploys: How Honeycomb Builds Better Builds with Observability

Observability changes the way you understand and interact with your applications in production. Beyond knowing what’s happening in prod, observability is also a compass that helps you discover what’s happening on the way to production. Pierre Tessier joins us on Raw & Real to talk about how Honeycomb uses observability to improve the systems that support our production applications.


How to Modernize Your Security Operations Center (SOC)

In an evolving world, the modernization of the security operations center (SOC) is pivotal to the success of digital transformation initiatives. Security teams, however, are facing a shortage of cybersecurity professionals and struggling to detect and prioritize high-priority threats. Analysts in data-driven organizations can combat these issues by bringing people, process and technology together.