A New Chapter

Today is an exciting day for LogDNA! I have two wonderful announcements to make. First, we’ve officially announced that LogDNA has closed a $25 million series C round led by Emergence Capital. Second, and most importantly, I’m thrilled to share that Tucker Callaway, LogDNA’s current President and Chief Revenue Officer, is transitioning into a new role as the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


Embed Your Status Page Everywhere

A well-crafted status page is designed to save you time, energy, and resources when communicating service irregularities. Instead of fielding thousands of support requests when you experience an outage, a status page provides a self-service way for your customers to get up-to-the minute information about any current downtime. It also allows you to proactively communicate maintenance and other work in advance.


Troubleshooting a problem with Thundra at 3 am

We have all been at a point where you get stuck with a serverless application issue and can see no possible solutions because the problem isn’t clearly presenting itself. The distributed and asynchronous nature of serverless systems present a unique set of problems due to its inherent complexity, so one must adopt a different troubleshooting approach when it comes to serverless applications compared to traditional monolithic systems.


JFrog Pipelines 1.6: Overcoming CI/CD Obstacles to Scaling DevOps

Long release cycles are no longer viable in the world of software development. The promise of DevOps has been to materially shrink time to value. Like most meaningful transitions, this one hasn’t always been a simple flip of a switch. For many organizations, development teams have become complex and unwieldy. So, the custodians of DevOps have found it difficult to achieve broader adoption of DevOps principles across engineering teams.


Analyze Your Load Tests

OctoPerf’s report engine provides many graphs to sort and presents test metrics in a comprehensive way. We’ve tried to improve it over the years so that you can access critical information very quickly. But requirements vary from one project to the other. In this post we will look at how you can configure the report to show you preferred metrics, and also all the shortcuts you can take to achieve this goal.


Top 5 security topics to consider when releasing your first mobile app

When you’re running a business, it’s important for you to have a great reach to the people using your services. The internet is the easiest way to reach your customers. When the internet era began, people started using web applications as a way to reach a larger audience. And that worked like a charm! Then with the advent of smartphones, people started using mobile applications in addition to web applications.


SRE Report 2020 - Balancing 'Dev' and 'Ops'

We recently released Catchpoint’s SRE Report 2020 that analyzed results from the SRE survey we conducted early this year along with a recent addendum survey. The report offers a detailed look at the current state of SRE and how the shift to an all-remote work environment has impacted SRE teams. In this blog, we take a deeper look at one of the report highlights – ‘Heavy Ops Workload Comes at a Cost’.


Stories from the SOC - Credential Dumping

During the Investigation of a Suspicious Security Critical Event alarm, we discovered credentials had been dumped from the NTDS.dit, which is a database that stores Active Directory data, including password hashes for all users in the domain. By extracting these hashes, it’s possible for an attacker to use tools to gain access to user’s passwords, which allows them to act as any user on the domain, including the administrator.


Introducing Teleport 4.3 - Modern Replacement for OpenSSH

We’re excited to announce the release of Teleport 4.3 - new UI, API driven, expanded audit capabilities, and still open source. This version is so significant, we nearly called it 5.0! In this post, we’ll cover the major new features and you’ll see why we called it ‘Teleport’.