Making CX smarter and more personalized with Zendesk and AWS

Creating more personalized and modernized customer experiences means first understanding the customer experience—that means bringing customer data together from a variety of different sources. It’s a great idea in theory, but it’s also a complicated one. Support professionals understand the need to bring all that data in, but the technical elements are often too costly and complicated to prioritize.


Maximize Observability of your CI/CD Pipeline with LogDNA

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) has enabled teams to build and deploy software at a much faster pace. DevOps teams can build, test, and deploy changes to production in a matter of minutes, allowing for extremely rapid release cycles. However, a CI/CD pipeline has a lot of moving parts and steps where problems to occur. In order to ensure a successful deployment, it’s important to monitor each step in this process.


Beware of Phishing Scams during Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is in full effect and so are hackers working on elaborate phishing scams targeting Amazon shoppers. Amazon announced that over one million items will be discounted on July 15 and 16, leaving bargain shoppers racing to buy. But while shoppers are busy searching for the best deals on this Prime Day, malicious actors are looking to scam. McAfee reported a popular phishing kit, 16Shop, recently shifted its attention to Amazon.

NNT & BMC Delivering Automated Intelligent IT Service Management

NNT’s intelligent integration module seamlessly integrates with BMC’s security and ITSM products to effectively mitigate security risks and service downtime and availability. The collaboration of products enables your teams to prioritize and remediate critical vulnerabilities, and systematically address compliance violations whilst improving operational integrity, security and compliance.