A Practical Guide to JavaScript Debugging

Being a UI developer, I’ve learned one thing: It doesn’t matter how carefully you write your code. Suppose you’ve double-checked that you defined and called all functions the right way or followed all the best practices. Even then you’ll see that a tiny variable can sneak behind and create an error. Now, suppose you find out that for some unknown reason a form validation or submit button isn’t working.


Humio momentum is accelerated to provide more innovation, more products, and more value for customers

Secures $20M Series B from DTC and announces an industry-first Unlimited Ingest for the Cloud Plan Today we’re excited to announce that Humio secured funding from Dell Technologies Capital and Accel. The investment of $20 million builds upon the relationship we started with Accel and kicks off a new relationship with Dell Technologies Capital. Over the past year we’ve experienced tremendous growth – 550% year over year revenue growth, a 6.5 times increase.


Introducing New Landing Page with Personalized Summary Overviews

From Instana’s inception we have believed that in order for our users to get the most out of an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) platform we needed to lower the barriers of entry and make it easy for users to quickly find the information that is important to them. Instana has developed many technologies, like Application Perspectives, to democratize the use of our platform, enabling individuals on Operations, Development, DevOps, and SRE teams to work autonomously.

time doctor

Understanding the Time Doctor and Integration

Did you know that as many as 77% of high-performing projects use project management software? Both startups and Fortune 500 companies use these utilities to manage deadlines and work schedules for their remote consultants. Project management tools aren’t just for task scheduling and collaboration, though. The statistics show that file sharing and time tracking are the most common uses for this software.


Jelastic Gliese 581 Released for Improved User Experience and Optimized Performance

Jelastic Inc., innovative software company that provides a Multi-Cloud DevOps PaaS, launched a new product release named Jelastic Gliese 581 that includes container provisioning optimization, improved UI for better user experience, optimized SSH connection security, as well as a set of API and Cloud Scripting updates.


Elastic SIEM is free and open for security analysts everywhere

Security teams must protect attack surfaces that are becoming bigger and more distributed due to the growth of remote work, cloud infrastructure, and other dynamics. These teams understand that meeting this challenge at scale requires the successful incorporation of the appropriate technology into their security operations program.


Elastic's tips and tricks for working at home

A lot of businesses are thinking about the future of virtual work and how to make it successful in light of recent world events. For managers and employees used to working in a traditional office space, moving to remote work can be a challenge on many fronts. How do I and my team stay motivated and productive? What’s the best setup for a home office? Most importantly, how do I separate office work from the duties I normally perform around the home?


Elastic APM adopts W3C TraceContext

Distributed tracing remains one of the most important features of any tracing system. Nearly a year ago, we announced Elastic APM distributed tracing, let’s take a look at how this useful feature works behind the scenes. Over the past few years, many applications have adopted microservice architecture. Each of the services in a microservice architecture can have their own instrumentation to provide observability into the service.


Working Anywhere With Egnyte: Mobile Guide

In recent weeks, companies and organizations that ordinarily operate in a more “traditional” office environment have had to pivot quickly to flexible and alternative working arrangements. At Egnyte, our goal has always been to help provide safe, secure access to your content no matter where you are, and that goal has become increasingly more important in the current climate.


How to Set Up Your Customer Support Software in the New Rules of Remote Working

Against the backdrop of the novel coronavirus pandemic, different business operations have adopted a new style of working (work-from-home) and have started functioning remotely to maintain business continuity. Customer support teams too have started supporting customers from the safety of their homes. Amidst the uncertain times, as Jack Ma said, you have to adopt new practices, change existing processes, and do it quickly.


Mastering The Art of Customer Experience - The Apple, Disney & Tesla Way

What do your customers want? This question has been asked more than any other question in today’s competitive business world. Undoubtedly, this era belongs to customer experience, and every company is striving to provide the best possible experience to its customers. While it is crucial to understand your customers, it is equally important to explore the fundamentals of customer interaction. Every great business works on the rule of thumb of seeing the world through the customer’s eyes.