Understanding Log Management: Issues and Challenges

In order to fully understand all the log management issues that can occur, we must first take a step back in order to provide a detailed examination of what log handling is and what it entails. Log messages - which are also known as event logs, audit records, and audit trails, to name a few of their other commonly used names – are events as they pertain to computing. These are generated or triggered by the software or the user.


Weekly Cyber Security News 15/11/2019

A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. There’s leaving a few API keys in a GitHub repo, and there’s leaving everything on Pastebin. The question then is who did it? Staff, hacker or 3rd party? Perhaps we will never know. Do we however have a moral of the story here? Maybe just don’t write everything down in the clear (and give it to someone)…


Katalon Smart Wait: A New Way to Handle Web Loading Issues

For those who are familiar with Selenium WebDriver, one of the most common features is the Wait command. These commands are handy in test scripts execution, or observing and troubleshooting issues that arise due to time lag. Wait commands are powerful — but they also come along with a big problem with timing due to front-end processing. Starting from version 7.0.0, we have introduced the Smart Wait feature that helps you handle Selenium wait issues without any additional test scripts.

LISA19 - Lightning Talk by Squadcast : How to SRE without an SRE on Your Team

Squadcast is an incident management tool that’s purpose-built for SRE. Create a blameless culture by reducing the need for physical war rooms, centralize SLO dashboards, unify internal and external SLIs and automate incident resolution with Squadcast Actions and create a knowledge base to effectively handle incidents.

App Journey to be Cloud Native - Automated!

Yes, you read it right! The journey of existing apps on-prem to cloud-native has been automated with the use of Allow me to share different steps taken for automation and which scenarios are a better fit. If you have 100s and 1000s of applications and are looking to assess them for cloud readiness, it can be overwhelming! The mix of applications, the infra, the network, and the geographic spread does make the effort of assessment overwhelming.


What Is Social Engineering? Common Examples and Prevention Tips

Social engineering is an attack vector that exploits human psychology and susceptibility to manipulation victims into divulging confidential information and sensitive data or performing an action that breaks usual security standards. In general, social engineering success relies on a lack of cyber security awareness training and a lack of employee education. Employees are the first line of defense and are frequently the weakest link in an otherwise secure defense in depth strategy.


What is Spear Phishing?

Spear phishing is an email spoofing attack targeting a specific organization or individual. Spear phishing emails aim to infect the victim with malware or trick them into revealing sensitive data and sensitive information. Spear phishers look for target who could result in financial gain or exposure of trade secrets for corporate espionage, personally identifiable information (PII) for identity theft and protected health information (PHI) for insurance fraud.


How to Make Prometheus Monitoring Enterprise Ready

Prometheus has become something of a de-facto standard for how to start monitoring Kubernetes. There are good reasons for this: It’s open source, freely available and embraced by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Also, Prometheus was designed to handle the highly ephemeral nature of Kubernetes workloads. This has propelled Prometheus to a position as the obvious choice for anyone initially wanting to monitor Kubernetes.