Remote Workforce - IT Insights Series #2: Employee Access and VPN Capacity

Aternity Digital Experience Management provides a library of dashboards to enable organizations to mobilize and manage the remote workforce. Here's the next in a series of blogs that explains how these dashboards provide IT insights that help ensure business continuity and reliability.


Should you be worried about false negative insider threats?

The consistent rise in Insider Threat-related incidents has led to a growing focus and investment in proactively detecting these threats. According to reports, 60% of organizations discovered one or more insider attacks last year, and 90% admitted that they felt vulnerable to insider attacks. Reports also show that it takes an average of over two months to contain an insider attack.


How to simplify SNMP implementation

The following is a guest post from Jean Tunis, the principal consultant and founder of RootPerformance. You want implementations to be simple. Who doesn’t? But often, that’s not the case. SNMP is one of the oldest used protocols to manage a network. SNMP stands for simple network management protocol, but it might not have been all that simple for you. Maybe it was simple back in the late 1980s, when SNMP became a standard protocol for network monitoring.


Announcing the General Availability of Extract and Aggregate fields

The Extract and Aggregate fields feature allows users to custom parse historical logs (post ingestion) and get an aggregated count on those newly parsed fields. Enterprise SREs work with large systems that consist of internally built components and external products. Debugging with logs from external products can be extremely challenging.


7 tips for finding focus and reducing digital distractions

As millions of teams adjust to working remotely full time, many are searching for ways to stay productive without compromising work-life balance. Finding time for deep focus, reducing digital distractions, and fighting the constant deluge of app toggling and notification checking are all top priorities for workers—and for good reason. According to the Anatomy of Work Index, nearly three-quarters of workers experience burnout every year.


Third-party data breach exposes GE employees' personal information

Past and present employees of General Electric (GE) are learning that their sensitive information has been exposed by a data breach at a third-party service provider. Fortune 500 company GE says it was recently informed of a security breach at one of its partners, Canon Business Process Services.


Modern shadow IT demands visibility, not control

“Shadow IT” can be a divisive subject depending on how long you’ve been in the IT field. There is a legacy attitude within many IT teams that shadow IT must be controlled – but it can bring significant benefits to an organization. Modern IT teams understand these benefits, and focus on balancing shadow IT’s value and risk. Moving past that legacy attitude and developing a modern IT mentality in your organization can be difficult.


Use the Node.js HTTP Module to Make a Request

The ecosystem around making requests in Node.js applications is huge. With countless libraries available, it can be helpful to understand why they exist. This helps to improve your understanding of Node.js as a whole, and makes choosing an HTTP client easier. In the first post in this series, we looked at creating servers using Node's http module. In this post, we will explore making a request using the http.request method and handling the response.


Getting Things Done With Graylog v3.2

Graylog Enterprise v3.2 is out in the world, customers are using it and loving it, and we want to share with you what we've learned from them. Like most departments, IT is buried with day-to-day activities. Proverbial system and user fires that need extinguishing get in the way of that list of projects gathering dust because nobody has time to get to them. To ease this burden and give you back much needed time to tackle it all, Graylog focused the v3.2 release on usability and productivity.


Kong for Kubernetes 0.8 Released!

Kong for Kubernetes is a Kubernetes Ingress Controller based on the Kong Gateway open source project. Kong for K8s is fully Kubernetes-native and provides enhanced API management capabilities. From an architectural perspective, Kong for K8s consists of two parts: A Kubernetes controller, which manages the state of Kong for K8S ingress configuration, and the Kong Gateway, which processes and manages incoming API requests.


This is a wake up call: Why healthcare should accelerate adoption to predictive analytics for proactive care sooner than planned

In hospitals around the world, ICU hospital beds and ventilators are reserved for patients—regardless of age—who are in critical condition and require mechanical support to keep their bodies functioning and to fight the onset of sepsis. This condition is a complication caused by the human body’s response to infection, and it can lead to organ failure and death, accounting for 1 in 5 deaths globally.