Send client-side logs to LogDNA

Logging is an essential part of application development, monitoring, and debugging. There are countless libraries, frameworks, and services for logging backend and server-based applications. But for client-side applications, especially JavaScript-based web applications, it’s a different story. As we see increasingly complex code running on end user devices, the need to log these applications is also becoming increasingly important.

blue medora

Process and Service Tracking in vRealize Operation

As a Solutions Architect for Blue Medora I have helped many end users of VMware’s vRealize Operations achieve operational visibility of their entire VMware infrastructure. Today I wanted to address a very common question I receive during deployment. “How can I track Windows Service availability or Linux Process usage?”


Why regular security audits are imperative

Whether it’s the ever-present threat of a cyber-attack, or the need to meet your data privacy obligations under GDPR, organizations are under growing pressure to protect their IT infrastructure and ensure that the tools they use are fit for purpose. One of the most robust ways of achieving this is to run regular audits. These can help you to identify and address security vulnerabilities and poor coding practices, as well as ensuring you’re complying with agreed company, or industry, standards.


If you confuse them, you lose them.

I was watching a wonderful webcast by Marie Forleo. It was part of her “Copy Cure” course, and if you are unfamiliar with Marie and her work, take the time to explore some of her wisdom. Her webcasts are gems, particularly if you work in the consulting space. During the webcast she mentioned a phrase that should be at the top of mind for every InfoSec professional: If you confuse them, you lose them.

Maintaining Code Quality During the Container Revolution with OverOps

Microservices are taking over the software world, affecting how software is designed, written and delivered. Current tooling, such as log aggregators and APM solutions, struggle to provide the depth of context needed to maintain and troubleshoot these new containerized applications. Meanwhile, large enterprises don’t have enough data to correlate issues across containers, deduplicate them and find the root cause of the problem.

How Team Scoro Uses Scoro – The Unconventional Case Study

We have shared many case studies over the years focusing on how agencies and businesses have benefited from using Scoro. However, the following case study is a bit more unconventional as it welcomes you behind the scenes of Scoro itself. It is a testament to the fact that in Scoro, we truly stand by our product. Get an exciting insight into how we benefit daily from using Scoro to manage all aspects of our business.