DevOps Adoption: Leading the Transformation

Digital transformation has been the catalyst for many organizations in their move to DevOps adoption, and many are finding early success in small, siloed DevOps implementations. How can those successes be realized as organizations scale their DevOps company-wide? This webinar will offer some tips to help organizations implement and manage DevOps on a larger scale, including some warning signs pointing to DevOps in crisis.

What To Do When You Have 1000+ Fields?

So you have been adding more and more logs to your Graylog instance, gathering up your server, network, application logs and throwing in anything else you can think of. This is exactly what Graylog is designed for, to collect all the logs and have them ready for you to search through in one place. Unfortunately, during your administration of Graylog you go the System -> Overview screen and see the big bad red box, saying you are having indexing failures.


Cloud Security and Risk Mitigation

The cloud certainly offers its advantages, yet as with any large-scale deployment, the cloud can offer some unforeseen challenges. The concept of the cloud just being “someone else’s data center” has always been a cringe moment for me because this assumes release of security responsibility since ‘someone else will take care of it’.


Loki's Path to GA: Docker Logging Driver Plugin & Support for Systemd

Launched at KubeCon North America last December, Loki is a Prometheus-inspired service that optimizes storage, search, and aggregation while making logs easy to explore natively in Grafana. Loki is designed to work easily both as microservices and as monoliths, and correlates logs and metrics to save users money. Less than a year later, Loki has almost 6,500 stars on GitHub and is now quickly approaching GA.


Elastic Cloud Enterprise at Cisco

This post is a recap of a community talk given at a recent Elastic{ON} Tour event. Interested in seeing more talks like this? Check out the conference archive or find out when the Elastic{ON} Tour is coming to a city near you. Networking and tech giant Cisco Systems, much like any large organization, produces an enormous amount of data and content internally.

super monitoring

How to monitor the proper functioning of a website

In times where it is possible to instantly access information, the website is the main point of communication with the market for every company. The website is often the place where the crucial first impression is built. It generates leads, sells, provides customer service, gets in touch with the media, recruits etc. It is the company’s website that the traffic from advertising campaigns gets directed to—and not only from the online ones.


Five Common Misconceptions About Link Building

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about link building, and what to do instead. These tips will help you understand how to use link building as an incredibly effective digital marketing technique. Many people think that generating a large number of links in a short time will help your site shoot up in the ranks. Although this can work in the very short term, it can also send a flag to search engines that your links aren’t the best quality.


Wire selected by Arrow Electronics as first secure collaboration offering for enterprise customers

Global technology provider Arrow Electronics has selected Wire as the first secure collaboration platform to be offered through its reseller network; to customers in the UK and Ireland. Wire is a secure collaboration platform for enterprise. It uses end-to-end encryption to ensure complete security and privacy and transform the way businesses communicate.


Climbing the Vulnerability Management Mountain: Gearing Up and Taking Step One

As I discussed in the first blog in this series, the purpose of this series is to guide you on your journey up the Vulnerability Management Mountain (VMM). Like climbing a mountain, there is a lot of planning and work required, but when you get to the top, the view is amazing and well worth the journey. For the first phase, let’s start by planning the trip up Vulnerability Mountain. When you get ready to climb a mountain, you need gear, and you need to know what to ask for at the store.


U.S. Coast Guard Releases Cybersecurity Measures for Commercial Vessels

Have you ever seen the bridge of a commercial cargo shipping vessel? It is like a dream come true for every kid out there–a gigantic PlayStation. Unfortunately, maritime computer systems are also attractive to malicious cyber actors. Illustrating this interest by malicious individuals, the U.S. Coast Guard issued a safety alert warning all shipping companies of maritime cyber attacks.


Is AWS Lambda actually useful?

If you’re in developing business, you’ve probably heard about AWS Lambda by now. In case you haven’t, AWS Lambda has been among us for years, and it certainly brought a whole new level for running a code. The benefits of using AWS Lambda are vast, and many developers already use AWS Lambda daily. If you’re not among them, read through this article to learn more about what AWS Lambda can do for you and your code.


AWS Step Functions 101

We are going to talk about an essential part of AWS Lambda called “AWS Step Functions.” What are Step Functions? Why are they important for AWS Lambda users? What are they used for, and what can we expect to get by using them? Bare with us, and discover more critical information on Step Functions throughout this article. We’ll begin with the explanation of what are Step Functions. AWS Step Functions service is the most recent service released by none other than Amazon Web Services.