A Simple Data Breach Guide (Interpreting GDPR)

Perhaps it’s too melodramatic to claim that the debate over how to define a data breach “rages on” because we haven’t seen bodies flying out of windows yet, but it is a serious question with genuine financial ramifications now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its accompanying fines for mishandling data have arrived to save (and sometimes confuse) the day.


The Latest Techniques Hackers are Using to Compromise Office 365

It was only a few years back that cloud technology was in its infancy and used only by tech-savvy, forward-thinking organisations. Today, it is commonplace. More businesses than ever are making use of cloud services in one form another. And recent statistics suggest that cloud adoption has reached 88 percent. It seems that businesses now rely on the technology for day-to-day operations.


Introducing Java SpecialAgent: Start Tracing without Writing Any Code

We’re excited to announce Java SpecialAgent! It’s an extensible OSS Java agent for OpenTracing that enables end-to-end tracing without having to write any code. With only a single command-line entry for installation, SpecialAgent seamlessly connects to OpenTracing-compliant tracers  —  such as the Jaeger and LightStep tracers  —  allowing you to immediately start observing and propagating distributed traces.


How Siemplify Uses Machine Learning to Drive SOC Efficiency

The promise of machine learning in cybersecurity, specifically inside the security operations center, is vast, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Machine learning can’t solve all your problems. Yet if you’re using the Siemplify Security Operations Platform, machine learning is playing an increasingly prominent role.


Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition 2.4 Enables Firewalls to Secure Dynamic Kubernetes Workloads

We are excited to announce the new security capabilities of Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition 2.4. This release enables enterprise security teams to extend their existing zone-based architectures and easily connect to external resources. The highlights include DNS Policies, Threat Defense, Compliance Dashboard and Reporting, and easier installation options.

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Monitoring Amazon EKS with Stackdriver

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) is a managed service that allows you to easily run Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) without the pain point of having to stand up or maintain your own Kubernetes control plane. This service is the AWS equivalent of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Joe vs. the NetFlow Volcano - SolarWinds Lab Episode #76

Whether you’re curious if flow monitoring might be helpful, or you’ve been coalescing IPFIX streams of network-activity goodness for years, IT’s reliable, old hand has learned a few new tricks. In this episode, Head Geeks™ Patrick Hubbard and Leon Adato are joined by Principal Product Manager for NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Joe Reves, to revisit the basics and rediscover why network engineers use flow monitoring in the first place.

How We’re Improving Error Grouping

Imagine that you are developing an application and there's an error in the code. When you release it to production, this error causes hundreds of thousands of crashes. In this case, a logging tool would list all the crashes but an error monitoring tool, like Rollbar, would attempt to group the crashes together. Now you would receive just one notification about an error that crashed hundreds of thousands of times instead of many notifications about different crashes.