Malvern, PA, USA
Apr 12, 2022   |  By Rich Davis
In 2020, we started an internal project to price our data center systems to understand what they might cost to run in the AWS or Azure cloud environments. We initially used some of the online pricing tools available from these vendors, but they were slow and difficult to use in bulk. You can find the public cloud tools here: AWS and Azure. We were forced to add individual systems one at a time and pick options for each because of the nature of these tools.
Mar 17, 2022   |  By Rich Davis
Are you migrating to Azure or another public Cloud? A client of ours did, and they didn’t use Galileo Cloud Compass. Do you know what happened? They didn’t experience the savings they expected, and their Azure invoices were a lot more than expected—about 60% more. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that they didn’t have an accurate way to price their workload for the Cloud. Just think about understanding the pricing model for each of the major Cloud vendors!
Feb 22, 2022   |  By Rich Davis
If you’re going to move assets to Azure – or any public cloud, you’re going to need some help. As a cloud consulting firm with a top-notch infrastructure performance monitoring application, we help enterprises navigate obstacles on the path to the cloud all the time. We’ve also felt the pain of sizing and pricing in our cloud journey, too. That’s why we created Galileo Cloud Compass (or GCC as we sometimes call it).
Feb 8, 2022   |  By Kristy Slimmer
Brocade, a Broadcom Company, named 2/8/2022 as End-of-Support (EOS) for Brocade Network Advisor (BNA), the collection mechanism for Brocade fabrics. Broadcom recommends Brocade SANnav as a replacement for BNA. To continue providing industry-leading infrastructure intelligence, Galileo’s new v2 agent for Brocade will use the REST functionality to collect all the configuration and performance metrics required. Read on for all the details you need to know.
Dec 8, 2021   |  By Bob Bender
One of our customers recently got their first bill after moving their Linux and Windows workloads to Azure. Their bill was astronomical! They struggled to answer the question, “how much will it cost?” and their initial cost assessments were vague at best. Here’s what they did.
Nov 22, 2021   |  By Rich Davis
Congratulations, you’ve been tasked with moving your workload to somebody else’s building! The “cloud” is just that: someone else’s data center. But their data center is pretty impressive (so there’s that). And, yes, while there are a million options available to you in AWS and Azure…a plethora of IT goodies, most of us will not use any of those bells and whistles, at least initially. We have to get there first—your basic lift and shift.
Apr 8, 2021   |  By Kristy Slimmer
“It’s nearly impossible to manage the growing complexity for corporate on-prem and Cloud infrastructure,” says Tim Conley, Principal at The ATS Group & Galileo Suite. “Most IT teams use a mix of tools to monitor and measure the health of their environment. However, this delays incident resolution, contributes to silos within an IT organization, and slows down your business.”
Dec 9, 2020   |  By Rich Davis
Anyone who has ever had to administer IBM Spectrum Protect™ (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager or TSM) knows that eventually, you’ll end up parsing the activity log for advanced problem determination or running advanced queries on the summary table for extended reporting. This is a huge pain! With the latest enhancements to Galileo for Spectrum Protect, you need not go elsewhere for answers.
Nov 18, 2020   |  By Kristy Slimmer
It’s budgeting season for many of us. As a result, capacity planning and cost justification for hardware purchases are likely on your mind. But don’t fear, because Galileo has you covered. We’ve curated a bunch of our most popular and helpful resources for your capacity planning project, and they’re all here in one handy place.
Sep 15, 2020   |  By Rich Davis
Many of us hate our backup environments. That’s because backups kind of suck, even with a backup product as great as IBM Spectrum Protect. As I said in another post, it’s the thing that everyone needs, but no one cares about, and most definitely can make your life crappy. Ask any backup admin, and I know they’ll agree. Go ahead; I’ll wait. Yep, they said the same thing, didn’t they?
Feb 24, 2022   |  By Galileo
Cloud Compass eliminates the guesswork in sizing and pricing your public cloud environment. Now, it's time to see how simple it is to use. Check out our latest video to see the insanely EASY step-by-step process, using one of our customers as an example.
Dec 20, 2021   |  By Galileo
Cloud Compass can provide fast insight into thousands of systems and easily spot waste. (Yes, even AIX & IBM i!) What kind of savings will it uncover for you?
Feb 22, 2021   |  By Galileo
Get a sneak-peek at the new Galileo Observatory: Next-gen visualizations and reporting to instantly see the health, connectivity, and capacity of your technology assets.
Jul 6, 2020   |  By Galileo
Join us as the Principal of ATS Group talks with Dave Hamilton and Steve Horan about the creation of Galileo Cloud Compass, part of the Galileo Suite.
Jun 22, 2020   |  By Galileo
Looking to estimate or save costs in the AWS or Azure?Join Steve Horan, Principal Cloud Architect for Galileo and The ATS Group, as he gives a quick demo of the new Galileo Cloud Compass app.
Apr 22, 2020   |  By Galileo
Check out the latest performance and customization enhancements to tables in Galileo Performance Explorer!
Apr 6, 2020   |  By Galileo
Join Galileo Performance Explorer for a video chat about how businesses can ensure infrastructure readiness in our new, work-from-home world.
Apr 6, 2020   |  By Galileo
Rapid-fire Q&A session on the most common questions we've received about infrastructure preparedness during COVID-19. Hear real-life stories from retail businesses and educational institutions.
Mar 26, 2020   |  By Galileo
Build custom dashboards & shortcuts in seconds….
Mar 26, 2020   |  By Galileo
Can you see where your future is trending? It’s so easy with Galileo. Discover. Predict. Prevent.

Galileo is a proactive, data-driven solution for IT capacity and performance management. Deep, predictive analytics and access to unlimited historical data helps organizations innovate and accurately align diverse infrastructure assets with capacity needs.

The reliability of your infrastructure takes on a new level of importance with today’s data-intensive workloads. Through Galileo, organizations can streamline support and develop realistic roadmaps for growth and transformation through data visualization, trending and tagging capabilities. Intuitive multi-vendor monitoring for servers, storage, systems, database, SAN, networking and cloud allows users to anticipate and adapt to usage needs and avoid bottlenecks.

Proactive, Data-driven IT Capacity Management:

  • Discover: Rapidly discover actionable insights into the performance and capacity of servers, storage, systems, database, SAN, networking and cloud.
  • Predict: Use easy-to-read, visual dashboards and granular analytic data to identify data center issues before they affect users.
  • Prevent: Identify system slowdowns, outages, and downtime before they occur using predictive analytical graphs and reports.

Stop the firefighting. Focus on innovation... and achieve operational excellence with Galileo.