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Mar 24, 2023   |  By Lauren Barnes
Observability is critical to any software development. It is a term that describes the ability to monitor the performance and health of applications, services, and infrastructure. Observability aims to quickly identify and troubleshoot problems before they become full-blown incidents that can lead to costly downtime. But how much should you invest in an observability stack? Regarding the cost of your observability stack, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.
Mar 17, 2023   |  By Lauren Barnes
Monitoring infrastructure is an essential process for any organization. It is crucial to have visibility into the operations of your systems to detect and resolve any issues that may arise. It ensures the performance, accessibility, and security of your systems and applications. Fortunately, various tools, notably the open-source monitoring system Graphite, can assist with this.
Mar 8, 2023   |  By Elliot Langston
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in recent years. From chatbots to self-driving cars, AI has transformed how we live, work, and interact with the world around us. AI technology has been deployed across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more, to improve efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making capabilities. However, as AI systems become more complex, monitoring them to ensure optimal performance and prevent issues or errors becomes crucial.
Mar 3, 2023   |  By Lauren Barnes
MetricFire is committed to providing our clients with a hosted monitoring solution that empowers teams to have complete observability of their instances, devices, applications, infrastructure, and more. We believe that monitoring should be accessible, so we’ve priced our platform so that teams of all sizes can afford to monitor their data. We offer competitive pricing for dedicated plans on our website, but we also provide our main product, Hosted Graphite, on marketplaces like Heroku Elements.
Feb 27, 2023   |  By Elliot Langston
Servers are a critical component of modern IT infrastructure, and they play a key role in delivering the services and applications that power our digital world. Efficient servers can handle higher workloads and respond to requests more quickly, resulting in faster application response times and improved customer satisfaction. By optimizing server efficiency, businesses can ensure that their servers are operating at their maximum potential, with all resources being utilized to their fullest capacity.
Feb 21, 2023   |  By Lauren Barnes
Custom dashboards are essential tools in the data-driven world for businesses, organizations, and individuals. They provide an interactive and comprehensive representation of data, making it easier to identify trends, patterns, and outliers. Custom dashboards are highly customizable, allowing users to select the most relevant data sources, visualizations, and metrics to meet their specific needs.
Feb 10, 2023   |  By Lauren Barnes
Network monitoring is a critical aspect of managing and maintaining the performance and security of a network. It includes monitoring and analyzing network traffic, devices, and systems to identify potential issues and ensure that the network operates efficiently and effectively. Network monitoring can help organizations identify and prevent security breaches, identify and troubleshoot performance issues, and ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.
Jan 23, 2023   |  By Elliot Langston
When you are designing and building applications, you should consider how to monitor them once they become live. You do not want to be blindsided by errors and degrading performances as you operate them. When your applications fail to provide optimal performance, it can broadly impact your business. Engineers will often be distracted to investigate and fix the issues. Customers will complain. It can eventually hit your bottom line.
Jan 16, 2023   |  By Elliot Langston
When you set up on-premise digital infrastructure, it is crucial to enable your devices to communicate with each other. The devices on your network should be able to send and receive data packets to handle requests and send responses back to callers. One of the components that allow data transmission to the proper destination is the network switch. The network switch plays an important role in distributing data packets to devices.
Jan 13, 2023   |  By Lauren Schempp
As we welcome a new year, many people set goals, refresh their schedules, and look forward to making the most of 2023. At Metricfire, we think it’s important to reflect on the past and plan for the future. So we’re looking forward to creating goals for our company while sticking to our core values. In this article, we’ll briefly cover some of our company goals for 2023, specifically for our culture, our roadmap, and our growth as a company.
Jan 9, 2023   |  By MetricFire
Learn more about the functionalities of MetricFire's Hosted Graphite service. Including dashboards, alerting, add-ons, team features and more. MetricFire has everything you could need for a complete monitoring solution.
Sep 22, 2022   |  By MetricFire
MetricFire provides powerful monitoring at any scale. Measure, analyze and visualize large amounts of data about your applications and back-end systems without any of the hassles of setting up your own server, or worrying about scaling, backups or maintenance.
Oct 2, 2020   |  By MetricFire
Know how your app supports your business.
Aug 31, 2020   |  By MetricFire
Apr 11, 2020   |  By MetricFire
This is a tutorial on setting up statsD using MetricFire.
Apr 3, 2020   |  By MetricFire
Powerful monitoring at any scale.
Oct 6, 2020   |  By MetricFire
Monitoring with Prometheus Understanding and Using Prometheus (With real examples)

MetricFire provides a complete infrastructure and application monitoring platform from a suite of open source monitoring tools. Depending on your setup, choose Hosted Prometheus or Graphite and view your metrics on beautiful Grafana dashboards in real-time.

Understand your data at a glance with our simple, flexible, and affordable monitoring platform:

  • Graphite. Supercharged. We took the good parts of open-source Graphite and added everything it's missing: a built in agent, team accounts, granular dashboard permissions, and integrations to other technologies and services like AWS, Heroku, logging tools and more.
  • Powerful, scalable, Prometheus monitoring. We offer Prometheus as-a-service, with all the capabilities missing from vanilla Prometheus – Grafana dashboards, long-term storage, and deeply technical support when you need it.
  • View your monitoring data on beautiful Grafana dashboards – in real time. Get a deeper understanding of your data on a slick, feature-rich graph and dashboard editor.

Hosted Graphite and Prometheus with Grafana Dashboards.