Lausanne, Switzerland
Nov 10, 2022   |  By Sandeep Prabhu and Vani Patel
In today’s era of “Work from anywhere”, Data Security & Data Encryption has become a vital security step for organisations world-wide and a key component for security compliance. BitLocker is one of the popular Software Stacks for enforcing encryption on all devices & drives. Exponential complexity for managing the encryption compliance and the backup of the recovery keys for all devices in the organization has increasingly become a key challenge for EUC Professionals.
Nov 3, 2022   |  By Sam Holzman
This year’s Experience Everywhere is in the books – and just as we expected, the New York crowd helped us end this unforgettable four-city tour on a high note. We knew we had to bring something special for our big return to a live conference, and our incredible attendees and a star-studded lineup of speakers helped us do just that.
Oct 27, 2022   |  By Megan Brake
When IT budgets are tight—and they almost always are—pressure comes down to cut costs, streamline technology stacks, and overall do more with less. And when a recession hits, you’re going to see your budget get slashed—unless you can transform your IT department from a cost center to a strategic partner in recession planning and cost efficiency.
Stable network connections are your business’s lifeline. Vital elements of your modern workplace—such as hybrid working, SaaS application usage, and online collaboration—depend on good network performance, contributing to employee productivity and satisfaction. But when network problems started to escalate for one of our customers, they realized they needed to look beyond their traditional network performance monitoring tools to solve the issue.
Oct 20, 2022   |  By Andy Philp
Sometimes an IT ticket is just an IT ticket. But far more often, when one or a few tickets are submitted, it means there are many more users and systems exposed to the same issue. IT issues can quickly get out of control and affect many employees, sometimes overnight. When these get out of control, they can become “top call drivers” that bring your team, department, business lines, and even entire business to a halt.
Oct 19, 2022   |  By Prabhu Kaliaperumal & Sandeep Prabhu
The ‘last mile’ is a term used in the logistics and telecommunications industry to characterize the obstacles businesses face trying to deliver products to customers during the very last part of their supply chain. You might have a world-class infrastructure, high-end technology, and the most sophisticated processes and skilled resources, but if your product doesn’t reach the customer at the right time and place, your business suffers.
Sep 29, 2022   |  By Pierre-Loic Kuhn
When was the last time you had to ask someone to repeat something during an MS Teams call, or had to restart the app, just because the call quality dropped? Sounds familiar? Frustrating, isn’t it? Now imagine hundreds, if not thousands, of employees feeling this frustration at work. Think of the time lost for them, for the organization, and—more importantly—for those who’ll need to fix it. As EUC professionals, we cannot let that happen.
Sep 20, 2022   |  By Pedro Bados
Today is one of the most special days in Nexthink history. I personally believe that founding and growing a tech company is mainly about developing amazing technologies which have the potential to change how people work. With the launch of our new Infinity platform, I feel we are truly transforming how digital workplace teams get their jobs done—not only for themselves but for all the employees in their companies.
Sep 19, 2022   |  By Megan Brake
Mergers and acquisitions are complex. So complex, in fact, that up to 90% fail. One of the biggest risks for M&A failure comes during technology integration. At this stage, enterprise security, compliance, and employee productivity can all be irreparably disrupted. IT needs to walk a fine line between staying on schedule and maintaining stability.
Sep 13, 2022   |  By Yasser Fouad Ramadan
The global events of the past few years have permanently shifted us into a new era; defined by constant change, consumer-grade IT expectations, and digital innovation. Successful and sustainable digital transformation relies on an organization’s ability to make informed, data-driven decisions; achieve buy in from executive leadership; challenge the status quo; and future-proof investments against economic fluctuations.
Nov 9, 2022   |  By Nexthink
This week we bring you another special “live from the road” episode of the DEX Show – as we sat down with Southwest Airlines’ Derek Whisenhunt ahead of his amazing talk at Experience Everywhere in New York City! If you’ve ever wondered what separates a best-in-class airline from the rest of the pack, this episode’s for you.
Nov 1, 2022   |  By Nexthink
Lean how to identify the context, scope and impact of issues to accelerate troubleshooting through machine-learning pattern spotting in your environment with Nexthink Infinity. Your IT team will readily determine the root-cause of issues for all affected employees in your organization.
Nov 1, 2022   |  By Nexthink
Learn how your IT team can automate and fix anything with Nexthink Infinity Automation and Remediation. Your IT team will find issues faster by retrieving unlimited data, deliver instant fixes behind the scenes with no employee disruption, and send targeted self-help notifications to speed resolutions. Deliver targeted self-help and automated fixes to speed resolution today!
Nov 1, 2022   |  By Nexthink
Learn how Nexthink Infinity revolutionizes your Digital Employee Experience management and frees IT to cost-efficiently deliver the ideal digital workplace.
Nov 1, 2022   |  By Nexthink
Learn how Nexthink Infinity bridges the gap with contextual two-way communications, cutting through the digital workplace noise with attention-grabbing notifications that employees respond to. Don’t waste time chasing down employees who ignore emails. Instead, provide critical information, share a survey, or help them fix issues automatically to improve their experience and productivity with Nexthink Employee Engagement.
Nov 1, 2022   |  By Nexthink
Learn how your IT team can deliver comprehensive visibility across the entire employee experience by adopting and using leading collaboration applications like Teams and Zoom, for rapid validation, isolation, and remediation with Nexthink Collaboration Experience.
Nov 1, 2022   |  By Nexthink
Learn how Nexthink Application Experience delivers the clarity IT needs, with comprehensive visibility into the performance, reliability, and adoption of all applications. Your IT team will have a single pane-of-glass for all applications, no matter the type, ensuring the fastest possible cross-team remediation.
Oct 26, 2022   |  By Nexthink
We are welcoming Sally Winston from Qualtrics to The DEX Show for a very special in-person recording of the podcast for IT change makers.
Oct 26, 2022   |  By Nexthink
Compare real-time telemetry with previously observed behavior with Nexthink Infinity.
Sep 6, 2022   |  By Nexthink
Work free from distractions can be hard to find, especially with more of us working from home. A flow state is the most productive place you can be, and humans have recognized the benefits of flow for thousands of years. But in order to achieve a flow state, you need to be free of distractions. In today's digital environment, it's up to companies to architect spaces where their employees can thrive.
Jan 26, 2021   |  By Nexthink
Why is that IT innovation is often synonymous with employee disruption? It seems like you cannot make any improvements without interrupting employees and taking time away from their workday. We think-no, we know-there's a better way to innovate and improve the delivery of new applications & IT services. These 10 success stories from our customers in the IT Innovation Without Disruption eBook show you that there's a better way forward.
Sep 30, 2020   |  By Nexthink
You will receive an email shortly containing the asset. Supporting a work-from-anywhere (WFA) model can be especially tricky for IT and at times, down right counterproductive for employees. Get practical advice that has been tested by 1,000s of Nexthink customers. Learn how your IT team can deliver a powerful Digital Employee Experience to your distributed workforce in these 12 simple steps.
Aug 21, 2019   |  By Nexthink
The pace is accelerating. Analysts predict that the traditional IT monitoring tooling landscape will be unrecognizable in 5 years. Drastic changes are occurring that are challenging traditional monitoring tool and are forcing IT teams to reevaluate their approach.
Feb 4, 2019   |  By Nexthink
The underlying trend of M&A activity is upwards, meaning more downward pressure on IT to execute IT integration strategies. The key to success is ensuring IT has the right data to make informed decisions.
Feb 4, 2019   |  By Nexthink
Outside work, your employees lead connected lives. The apps and devices enhancing their leisure time have set a new benchmark for workplace IT performance, and it's high. Meeting these expectations results in increased employee satisfaction and far better productivity through a more connected workforce. When employees are satisfied with their working environment the business enjoys an 81% increase in happy clients.
Feb 1, 2019   |  By Nexthink
The very essence of IT is all about innovation - finding ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently. When incidents are out of sight and out of mind, IT has the opportunity to refocus on its core mission and become a strategic business enabler - lighting sparks of innovation instead of putting out fires.
Feb 1, 2019   |  By Nexthink
Top companies focusing on employee experience tend to have four times the average profit and more than twice the average revenue. Companies who fail to understand the individual digital needs of their employees are squandering opportunities to have a more engaged, energized and productive workforce.
Jan 1, 2019   |  By Nexthink
Bringing new technology and tools into organizations increases productivity and is critical for achieving digital transformation. But according to a study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting, 63% of managers believe that the pace of technological change in their workplaces is too slow, primarily due to "lack of urgency" and poor communication about the strategic benefits of new tools. Increasingly, savvy managers are realizing that the key to realizing the full potential of IT investments lies in their users fully adopting and embracing it.
Jan 1, 2019   |  By Nexthink
Learn everything you need to know about how to create the ultimate digital employee experience in this free guide.
Dec 1, 2018   |  By Nexthink
Move beyond standard data consolidation to a more pro-active approach with the Nexthink-ServiceNow CMDB Connector.

Nexthink is a global leader in digital employee experience. Our product allows enterprises to create highly productive digital workplaces for their employees by delivering optimal end-user experience. Through a unique combination of real-time analytics, automation and employee feedback across all endpoints, Nexthink helps IT teams meet the needs of the modern digital workplace.

Put your employees at the heart of IT. Gain real-time visibility into the workplace, fix IT problems automatically and best of all, delight your employees.

Why Nexthink:

  • Improve quality of IT services for end-users: Win the favor of your employees by helping them win back the 22 minutes a day they lose on IT issues. Nexthink helps proactively prevent the creation of incidents and reduces the MTTR for open incidents while providing deep insight into the end-user experience.
  • Empower digital workplace transformation: Change is a constant in the enterprise. With Nexthink, IT can seamlessly handle change management and deliver migration projects smoothly with complete span of control and visibility.
  • Ensure endpoint security and compliance: Your bedrock in the age of disruption: Safeguard compliance and security to minimize risk exposure. Nexthink ensures compliance and fixes security threats automatically, anytime and all the time.

Transform the IT experience of your employees, transform your business.