Docker Container Monitoring: Definition, Tools & More

Monitoring systems help DevOps teams detect and solve performance issues faster. With Docker still on the rise, it’s important to get container monitoring right from the start. This is no easy feat. Monitoring Docker containers is very complex. Developing a strategy and building an appropriate monitoring system is not simple at all. In this post, we’re going to delve deep into what container monitoring is and why you need it.


Splunk and the WEF - Working together to unlock UK public sector AI

As I have mentioned in previous blogs use of AI can be challenging, but it can also deliver a lot of positive outcomes. Many of our customers believe that they have a skills and understanding gap when it comes to AI, which is why we are delighted to have been working with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to draft guidance on how these types of techniques can be used and assessed.


Self-Service Analytics for the Shop Floor [Part I] - Splunk Core Concepts

Despite the hype around predictive maintenance, basic data collection and analysis are still high priorities for manufacturing companies and key criteria for the success of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects. It is crucial that people who are most familiar with industrial assets, like process or control engineers, have direct access to industrial data. That way inadequate situations such as breakdowns can be resolved quickly.


PlanetDrugsDirect reveals security breach, warns customers their data may have been exposed

Canadian online pharmacy has contacted customers warning them that their data might have been exposed in what they euphemistically describe as a “data security incident”. In an email seen by Bleeping Computer, the website warned that exposed personal data could include the following: The email is, unfortunately, somewhat lacking in detail – meaning that concerned customers may have to contact PlanetDrugsDirect via email or telephone to ask questions.


How to Secure Serverless Applications - Part One

This article is part of a two-part series: First off before we dive into “how” to secure your serverless applications. Let’s first talk about “why” you need to secure serverless applications. As you can imagine, just because serverless is abstracting the compute resources doesn’t mean it’s abstracting all of the security considerations. Why do I need to secure a serverless application?


The New Normal For Databases and Dialects

Database and data warehousing technologies are evolving at a tremendous pace. Businesses are increasingly diversifying their critical data across multiple databases to remain competitive and capture the technical innovation each database vendor provides. With data modernization (and digital transformation), a key initiative for many organizations, leveraging the power of databases — particularly massively parallel processing cloud-based databases — is the new normal.


SecurityScorecard Alternative for Managing Cybersecurity Risk

There are many SecurityScorecard alternatives that offer the same core functionality your organization needs to successfully manage first-party, third-party and fourth-party risk. SecurityScorecard is one of the most well-known security ratings platforms but let's look at an alternative and see how they stack up. These security ratings providers are promising to reduce cybersecurity risk by continuously monitoring the security posture of any company in the world, instantly and non-intrusively.


What I would do if I was starting a software company today

Starting a software company today is very different than it was 15 years ago. The fundamental reason for this is that mega-vendors now exist across all product ranges. For any product you can think of there is already a mega-vendor in the space delivering it in the cloud. This means if you want to start a software business now you have to do it differently. If I was starting out today, there are three things I would do.


What's New in Looker? January 2020 Features & Updates

Welcome to “What’s New in Looker?”, a blog post aimed at making you say things like, “Whoa, I had no idea I could do that with Looker!” This post focuses on new product features of dashboards, Looks, and Explores (we’ll leave the coding to the developers.) Today I’d like to re-introduce you to an old friend: the table chart.


Raygun's best features of 2019: 5 new ways to create better software faster

Raygun is proud to deliver tools that help software teams discover software performance problems before they affect end-users. Last year was no exception. From improved language support to better performance, we released a host of new features designed to help you provide better digital customer experiences. Read on to see how our favorite features from 2019 will benefit you in 2020 and beyond.


Rapidly Identifying Systems Critically Vulnerable to CVE-2020-0601 and Reporting for CISA Emergency Directive 20-02

Yesterday, Jan. 14, 2020, on the first “patch tuesday” of the year, Microsoft released patches for critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows client and server operating systems.