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Showcasing AIOps for SD-WAN and Cloud powered by Broadcom Silicon at ONUG Fall 2019

Broadcom is a proud sponsor of ONUG Fall 2019 in NYC. Join us as we showcase how to simplify SD-WAN and Hybrid Multi-Cloud deployments by combining AI and ML with rich granular data captured at the Broadcom chip level for one-of-a-kind AIOps analytics and automation. Our customers are experiencing challenges today with managing complex network architectures like SDN, SD-WAN and NFV to deliver an innovative, reliable, and responsive digital experience.


From Homegrown to Hosted: How The Trade Desk Migrated to a Modern Monitoring System with Grafana Cloud

When Patrick O’Brien interviewed to become a Site Reliability Engineer at The Trade Desk™, it was clear that taking the company’s monitoring system to the next level was the priority. “A chunk of my interview was about The Trade Desk’s previous monitoring system and how to scale it,” says O’Brien, who joined The Trade Desk more than two years ago. “I had a good feeling that would be an early task.”


IAM Role Pod Delegation Checks on AWS Kubernetes Clusters

You can never be too safe when it comes to securing your applications. It’s essential that security is a part of the application framework and not just a protective outer layer. Enterprises are swiftly adopting the microservices architecture because of its numerous benefits. However, security still remains a concern. Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto container orchestration tool. And, on its own, Kubernetes seems to be decent for managing secrets.


GDPR One Year Anniversary: The Civil Society Organizations' View

GDPR is a landmark in privacy jurisdiction. Through its 99 articles, it sets a framework for both businesses and individuals on their rights and responsibilities when it comes to protecting privacy. The most important element in my opinion is that privacy functions a fundamental human right and needs to be protected.


Simple DateTime checks with ServiceNow Script Includes

I can’t remember the exact reason I created this script include, but after finding it figured I’d draft up a couple quick examples as the logic could be expanded to other checks, plus, I might need it again one day so its good to have on hand. The script include detailed below creates a new class type in ServiceNow that can be used both from the client-side with Ajax, and from the server-side as a simple object call.


Defining the "R" in Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

This spring, as the product and security operations teams at AT&T Cybersecurity prepared for the launch of our Managed Threat Detection and Response service, it became obvious to us that the market has many different understandings of what “response” could (and should) mean when evaluating an MDR solution. Customers typically want to know: What incident response capabilities does the underlying technology platform enable?