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Questions to ask your APM provider before you buy

APM is something that some organizations either don’t fully understand or don’t put much thought into until it’s too late. When there’s a problem with an application, the organization scrambles to find a tool that can help solve the problem at hand. They contact the sales teams of various APM vendors to see which ones can help them.

Protecting Your Company Website as an ERM Strategy

Your corporate website is more than just a business card since it is the most significant assets your organization holds to providing vital information to customers. A security breach on your company’s website from hackers can be devastating to your organization’s reputation amongst your clients. Exposing customer data to attackers impedes all efforts made to build a strong brand since customer trust is compromised.

Checklist for enterprise executives and boards

Executives drive the most sensitive and confidential discussions within your business. So, it’s sobering to think that many of the work processes today are still organized and built around email, paper documents and insecure messaging and file sharing services in many Fortune 1000 companies. These conversations are often extended to board members - external parties to the organization and outside the corporate firewall.


Monitoring Box Security with USM Anywhere

We’re proud to announce a new USM Anywhere App for Box! We use the Box Events API to track and detect detailed activity on Box. This new addition to the set of USM Apps arrives to provide an extra security layer to cloud storage services that many enterprises are outsourcing to Box. Beyond monitoring and data collection, USM offers early detection of critical events and alerting, thanks to event correlation and business intelligence.


Why Open Port Monitoring is Both an Essential and Flawed Security Control

In the cybersecurity world, testing for the existence of exploitable vulnerabilities isn’t always an exact science. Checking for open ports (CIS Control 9 - Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols and Services) sounds simple enough, but the reality is a long way off.


ServiceNow transforms the quarterly close

All companies must close their books at the end of every quarter and fiscal year. Historically that’s been a painful, time-consuming process. Help is on the way with ServiceNow® Finance Close Automation, recently previewed during the Knowledge 2019 keynotes in Las Vegas. We also held breakout presentations on the conference show floor to discuss this new technology, which will be available in our next product release – New York – in the third quarter of 2019. So, what is it and what does it do?


Weekly Cyber Security News 24/05/2019

A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. An article that prompts many questions regarding use of PII in a passive way, misses one obvious question: Why was Wi-Fi enabled on 5.9 million devices while in transit? When you next get a moment, just check what, and why you need Wi-Fi and other communications features enabled all the time.


Building Docker Containers for our Rails Apps

In a recent post, we talked about Docker containers, and what you should know about them. Hopefully we cleared up any confusion you might have had about the Docker ecosystem. Perhaps with all that talk, it got you thinking about trying it out on one of your own applications? Well in this post we’d like to show you how easy it is to take your existing Ruby on Rails applications and run them inside a container.