Icinga Camp Berlin 2019

More than 150 monitoring maniacs found their way to the location. For another year Kalkscheune was the venue for the Icinga Camp Berlin. Among those maniacs were many well-known faces, but also surprisingly many new ones. A lot of talks and discussions and besides tasty food, you could also grab an Icinga shirt from the newest collection. As usual the event started with pretzels, coffee and a quick kick off from Icinga CEO Bernd.

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eG Enterprise Staffing Guidelines for Citrix Digital Workspace Services

Most Citrix professionals are well aware that when desktop or application performance is slow, the first finger tends to get pointed at the Citrix team. But even for complex ecosystems like Citrix, ITIL guidance like a Service Desk continues to be a long-standing ‘best practice’ and can help if IT staff work together. This post will outline some of the ITIL guidance from the perspective of eG Enterprise and a Citrix-based digital workspace.


AWS Nitro—What Are AWS Nitro Instances, and Why Use Them?

At Re:Invent 2017, Anthony Liguori, a senior principal engineer within the EC2 space, introduced the Nitro Hypervisor. In his presentation, he walked the audience through the Nitro Hypervisor’s development and the advantages it offered AWS and AWS customers, both in terms of performance and cost.


How a German service company used Wire to transform the way they do business

Making collaboration efficient and most importantly mobile isn’t always an easy task for small businesses. With the European GDPR regulation customer contact is now regulated, having a large impact on businesses in the maintenance, repair, service or construction industry. These businesses need to comply to the same regulations as Europe’s largest companies.


Discovering Issues Visually in your Serverless Architecture with Thundra

I was in Serverless Days Boston yesterday and would like to give a big thanks to the organization team for this great day! James Beswick spoke about their story of how they started to get rid of servers. He stated that either you start writing serverless with a lift and shift of existing architecture, or with a greenfield project, you start with one giant function which does everything.


The case for making security MORE visible

Traditional information security should, it has been argued, be like Victorian children; best kept out of sight. Most CISOs aim for security that is invisible to the end user, working away in the background but not impinging on the day or hampering business objectives. While there is a great deal of merit in avoiding security controls that deter productivity, for me, this doesn’t mean that security should be made invisible.

Investigating Raw Anomalies in Unomaly

Unomaly continuously learns from the streaming data produced by every aspect of your IT environment and surfaces new information or changes in patterns (such as accelerations of events, events lost, etc) that has not previously been identified. In this video tutorial we will show you how to investigate using Unomaly's raw list of anomalies from all of your log data.