Tutorial: Shipping Docker Metrics to Logz.io

Docker is an essential bridge in modern DevOps. Despite Kubernetes overtaking Docker on orchestrating containers, the Docker container itself remains the standard and likely will for the foreseeable future. We developed the Docker Metrics collector to operate as its own container that will run Metricbeat using the modules you are running in real time. Now, in addition to the Docker module, we are now releasing an AWS module for operations in the cloud.


Runtime Security in Rancher with Falco

Runtime security for Rancher environments requires putting controls in place to detect unexpected behavior that could be malicious or anomalous. Even with processes in place for vulnerability scanning and implementing pod security policies and network policies in Rancher, not every risk will be addressed. You still need mechanisms to confirm these security barriers are effective and provide a last line of defense when they fail.


Mobile Help Desk Apps: Benefits & Customer Support Tips

Poor customer service can result in negative reviews. And, that alone is enough to damage your business reputations and lose your customers to the competition. You missed responding to a customer email seeking support or your agent was not available when the customer was trying to reach you desperately. Such mistakes are quite common. But the implications of such mistakes on your business can be devastating. Then, how do you prevent such mistakes?


How ITSM Can Support an Emergency Response Plan

As federal, state, and local government agencies scramble to create emergency response processes and procedures, be advised that IT service management (ITSM) can play a critical role in supporting emergency response plans and associated processes. Government and commercial business emergency response plans define how agencies and commercial organizations respond to catastrophic events in the environment.