The Best Tools to Monitor for Website Changes, Uptime, Performance, Malware, SEO and More

There’s a variety of critical website change monitoring tools that should be leveraged for business and mission-critical websites. Such tools and software eliminate the need for manual website monitoring, and automatically detect important changes and updates and then alert business users and technology owners.


Dashboards & Agile Marketing

I’ve recently started working with a very well known fast-food chain. In the early part of the program, one member of the marketing team told me that “there is a dashboard”. I haven’t yet been able to see the dashboard, but it’s early days. However, I notice that in these early days, I have also yet to meet a member of the marketing team that instinctively quotes any of the KPIs on this dashboard, or explains their own role with reference to it.


Golang Vendor Dependencies

We use Node.js extensively in our production apps. When we started with golang, the major discussion point amongst us was, for a beginner how golang dependency management is supposed to work. Vendoring was the only method for golang dependency management. In this, you save a local copy of the dependent libraries that your application shall use. In Node.js world, dependency is managed using packages.json.

VMware Horizon Monitoring with eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise is a total performance management solution that enables VDI administrators to monitor the health, availability and performance of VMware Horizon environment from end to end. All components of the Horizon infrastructure are monitored and in-depth performance metrics and actionable insights are delivered to resolve issues faster and improve virtual desktop performance for end-users.