SolarWinds launches consultative sales model to help customers maximise value of ITSM solutions

SolarWinds launches consultative sales model to help customers maximise value of ITSM solutions

London – UK, 18thApril — SolarWinds is a leading provider of simple, powerful, secure observability and IT management software. Today, the company unveiled a ground-breaking new consultative approach to maximise the value of IT service management (ITSM) solutions for enterprises without the burdensome costs and staffing requirements typically associated with high-level IT consultancy. With the launch of a free online evaluation and assessment tool, SolarWinds now offers enterprises a deeper understanding of their current ITSM practices and provides a tailored, actionable roadmap toward operational excellence, cost reduction, and superior service delivery.

While most enterprises today leverage ITSM solutions to simplify day-to-day IT operations, standardise processes, and streamline workflows, ongoing challenges prevent them from realising ITSM's full potential. The SolarWinds ITSM Maturity Model provides an unparalleled way for IT professionals to understand, evaluate, and advance their technical and strategic readiness to deal with complexities and resolve issues amid escalating IT complexities.

"Today, IT services are the backbone of every modern enterprise, yet many don't realise the full, strategic potential of ITSM," said Cullen Childress, Senior VP of Product at SolarWinds. "SolarWinds is proud to offer the best of both worlds: the ease and simplicity of our solutions, complemented by the kind of expert, consultative support typically associated with much higher price tags. Our goal is to demystify the complexities of IT service management, making the journey towards maturity as seamless and straightforward as possible."

As IT environments become increasingly complicated due to hybrid and multi-cloud configurations, IT agents are often overwhelmed, and issues can be slow to resolve. SolarWinds offers step-by-step guidance on tailoring IT services to specific organisational needs, promoting proactive strategies to minimise the frequency and impact of IT problems, and integrating ITSM into the broader business strategy to drive future growth.

With this new approach, SolarWinds offers enterprises a customised, in-depth, and actionable consultative service without the complex, expensive, or cumbersome processes used by other service providers. By fostering a deeper understanding of an organisation's unique needs, challenges, and migration paths forward, SolarWinds can provide not only tailored recommendations but a comprehensive plan for continuous improvement as organisations scale or adopt emerging technologies like AI and edge computing.

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