Cisco announces standalone Secure Application, offering increased flexibility to security teams

Cisco announces standalone Secure Application, offering increased flexibility to security teams

Cisco's Secure Application is now available as an independent application on the Cisco Observability Platform and can be deployed with or without Cisco Cloud Observability. This announcement increases the flexibility offered to IT professionals and allows in house security teams to harness powerful security capabilities without committing to cloud native application performance monitoring. This new standalone application supports two modules, Cisco's new Data Security module and Cloud Security module, purposely built to give organisations the flexibility to secure their data and cloud native applications independently or as part of an all-in-one offering.

As managing an organisation's security posture becomes increasingly more challenging, due to new bad actors, exploits and threats; organisations are becoming increasingly stretched and require more external products and support. Especially with evolving laws and challenges around data protection, organisations are increasingly shouldering the burden, and responsibility, to ensure their customer's user data safety is as secure as possible. Traditional solutions lack the shared business context needed to rapidly assess risks and align teams based on potential business impact. Organisations like Cisco are able to provide the bespoke Observability organisations need to tackle their most difficult security challenges.

Observability enables teams adopting a devsecops framework to secure their applications efficiently. However, not all organisations are structured the same way despite having similar security objectives which is why standardised tools like Cisco Secure Application act as a standalone Cisco Observability Platform application to streamline processes in a reliable manner.

Enhanced security measures have never been so important for organisations given the current ramifications for failures in protecting consumers' Personally Identifying Information (PII) and other sensitive data. Companies can result in hefty fines leading up to €20 million, or 4% of the previous year's annual revenue for noncompliance of (for example) GDPR processes – not to mention the reputational damage this can cause. The new Data Security module within the Cisco Secure Application helps to reduce the risks of these kind of failures whilst helping teams to regain control and proactively secure their sensitive data. Using leading AI technologies, it helps:

  • Unlock deep data visibility by automatically discovering and classifying sensitive data at scale
  • Efficiently control and secure data from both internal and external threats with continuous monitoring
  • Save time and effort by avoiding manual tasks and ensuring your data is compliant with the latest regulatory standards
  • Provide GenAI-powered alerting and guidance to expedite remediation of security issues

Cisco's Cloud Security Module will also provide real-time vulnerability analytics and business risk observability for cloud native applications. Because of the Cisco portfolio, Secure Application can ensure teams triage the threats that carry the most impact to each business and act with real-time guidance and actions.

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