Avoidable Pitfalls: Common Mistakes in the Job Search Process

Avoidable Pitfalls: Common Mistakes in the Job Search Process

Whether you are a fresher or have prior work experience, searching for a new job is never easy. Thousands of people search and apply for work on a daily basis. A report suggests that people use networking for 60% of all jobs instead of online boards or portals. There are many factors that will affect your job search process and some of them are not under your control.

For some, old styled job portals are good, while some prefer using a modern tool for better opportunities. Having a high probability of establishing solid footing in the job market is achievable by following the right procedures at the opportune time. The present post is dedicated to common mistakes that people make while pursuing job opportunities and how to avoid them.

Common Mistakes You Must Avoid During Job Search

If you or any of your close ones are actively searching and applying for jobs,keep in mind the following mistakes that are common during job search. 

Unclear Career Goals & Objectives

Your search will become more difficult if you are not totally sure about your career aims and goals. It will be hard for you to choose from multiple roles vacant in an organization, or even finalize the type of companies you want to apply in. Some aspirants apply for several vacancies in a company which confuses the employer regarding your field of expertise.

Consider various factors like work profile, schedule, work environment, responsibilities, location, etc. to narrow down your choices. Being clear about your short and long-term goals will help shortlist potential opportunities for you.

Not Making Use of Modern Technology

Some people just look out for and apply to jobs that are posted online or in the print form. This cuts down the number of opportunities that are available to them. As technology is advancing at a rapid pace, you should make full use of it to help with job search. 

Using an AI job search tool can help you find possible job openings for you based on your resume and past work experience. It gets tiring to manually search job portals or visit company websites to check for vacancies. An AI tool makes the process faster, helps improve your resume, and matches you with jobs that you’ll definitely be interested in.

Applying Only to Large, Well-Known Companies

Not everyone gets to work in Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other multinational organizations. If you are waiting for an opportunity to arrive from these well-known companies, you are missing out on a lot of good jobs at lesser-known companies or budding startups.

You can enter your resume and other factors you want in a job into an AI job search tool and it will show you relevant results based on your skill-set, both from large as well as small organizations.

Not Having a Proper Online Presence

With the arrival of the digital age, people now must have a strong virtual presence. Those who have no online presence these days stand a less chance to get hired. It is highly recommended making your E-CV on LinkedIn as well as other professional networks, especially if you are looking for a job with a front-stage aspect.

Most of the recruiters when searching for applicants rely on the online profiles/ those people are on social media not only professionally but also personally. For creating an online profile your education level, skills, work history, hobby and other things should be properly mentioned.

Not Utilizing Networking

Rather than just applying to jobs posted online, you have a better chance of finding work through your network connections. Regularly speak to your connections who work in your field and ask them about potential job opportunities. 

You can ask them to refer to your profile in their organization and tell their hiring manager some basic information about you and your skills. If you have strong relationships with people, they will surely assist you in finding a job that suits you. 

Speaking Badly About Past Employers

Remember never to speak badly of your previous employers while talking to a recruiter or during any interview. Many candidates do this and discuss their bad experiences with past co-workers or senior management at an organization.

Try to avoid doing this as it is really unprofessional and leaves a negative impression of you on the recruiter. Hiring managers are likely to think that in future you will leave bad remarks or reviews about their organization after leaving. Always stay positive and speak about what you’ve learned in the past.

Making Errors in Your Resume or Cover Letter

A perfectly-written resume without errors or spelling mistakes will show your attention-to-detail to recruiters. Proofread all documents and check them for silly mistakes before sending them forward in your job application. 

Your resume should be personalized and must focus on your skills and past work experiences. An AI job search tool will help create the perfect resume for yourself and also notify you regarding errors and mistakes in your resume or cover letter. 


The process to search for a job can be really hard, especially with the large number of candidates and organizations out there. If you avoid the above-mentioned common mistakes during your job search, you will see results quickly. 

Make sure to tailor your resume for every application, make use of your network connections, and prepare properly for interviews. With the right help and efforts, you will surely get your dream job.