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Oct 21, 2021   |  By Mat Ball
For application developers and service owners who build and troubleshoot modern enterprise software, resolving production issues requires identifying poor performance across multiple networks, operating systems, servers, configs, and third party dependencies. When the problem is the code itself, code profiling helps identify service bottlenecks by periodically taking CPU snapshots, or call stacks, from a runtime environment.
Oct 14, 2021   |  By Simon Davies
Many companies in Asia Pacific (APAC) were caught in a digital tailspin when Covid-19 hit, sacrificing security practices in their hurry to adjust to the new reality of remote work. Two years on, hybrid work is still the norm as the pandemic continues and seems to be a new way of life moving forward. Catalyzed by the coronavirus, firms big and small are now adopting cloud technologies as we tread deeper into a new data age.
Oct 13, 2021   |  By Gordon Morrison
To quote the UK National Data Strategy: Splunk is an advanced data platform that delivers right-time analytics from diverse data sets and that enables organisations to ask questions of all their data. It can be used to mitigate cyber security risk, improve performance, increase reliability and observe what is happening in the cloud.
Oct 8, 2021   |  By Ori Broit
Developing modern applications is harder than ever, with microservices and cloud deployment models making it harder to get things working than ever before. However, anyone who’s deployed an application knows that that’s just the beginning of the work. The biggest part comes later: ensuring it works correctly, with maximum efficiency and great performance.
Oct 7, 2021   |  By Greg Ainslie-Malik
Many of you may have seen our State of Data Innovation report that we released recently; what better way to bring data and innovation closer together than through Machine Learning (ML)? In fact, according to this report, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ML was the second most important tool for fueling innovation. So, naturally we have paired this report with a new release of the Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK)!
Oct 5, 2021   |  By Wes Cooper
Some things just go better together. Like barbeque and blues, sunsets and beaches, cheese and fine wine — hey, even software and superheroes go better together! That’s why in this blog we are going to look at why IT Operations and Observability just go better together, through a superhero analogy. Enter the Dark Knight himself — Batman! He will represent observability. IT Operations will be represented by Lucius Fox.
Sep 21, 2021   |  By Bill Talbot
For the 7th year in a row, IDC has ranked Splunk as #1 in ITOA*. We’re thrilled with this news, but let me start by saying that our success is due to the continued success of our customers, and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. Need a refresher on ITOA? We know we know, another day another acronym. ITOA is IT Operations Analytics. IDC derived this market from portions of their IT Operations management (ITOM) software market.
Sep 20, 2021   |  By Anush Jayaraman
You might already be using Splunk to manage your Salesforce environment with the help of the Splunk App for Salesforce and the Splunk Add-on for Salesforce that allows a Splunk administrator to collect different types of data from Salesforce using REST APIs. This solution is great and the events give you an idea of how users interact with Salesforce. These events can range from Apex executions to page views.
Sep 16, 2021   |  By Jeremy Rissi
It’s never been more important for government agencies to embrace innovation than over the past 18 months. Citizens are relying on our government more than ever to provide critical services during the global pandemic — from developing COVID-19 vaccines at warp speed to extending benefits to the record number of unemployed Americans. The pandemic not only made government services more critical, it also challenged agencies’ ability to deliver those services.
Sep 16, 2021   |  By Johnathan Campos
It is no surprise that monitoring workloads are top of mind for many organizations to ensure a successful customer experience. As our applications become more distributed and cloud-native, we find that monitoring can become more complex. A single user transaction fans out to interact with tens or hundreds of microservices, each one requesting data from backend data stores or otherwise interacting with each other and other parts of your infrastructure.
Oct 22, 2021   |  By Splunk
Ingesting IoT / Industrial Data with OPC
Oct 15, 2021   |  By Splunk
Interested in seeing the new dashboard studio. Come follow along and we can learn together.
Oct 7, 2021   |  By Splunk
Learn how to use Splunk and go through Fundamentals 1.
Sep 28, 2021   |  By Splunk
With an influx of data and technology, financial institutions are transforming their digital services to adapt to shifting regulations, customer expectations and geopolitical trends. They need to digitally transform their business while protecting service performance and availability of their critical business services. Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a premium analytics solution that empowers these teams to gain visibility across their environments and predict incidents before they impact customers. Unlike legacy IT or point-monitoring solutions, Splunk ITSI correlates and applies machine learning intelligence to monitoring data for 360° service visibility, predictive analytics and streamlined incident management.
Sep 17, 2021   |  By Splunk
Join Grey Dziuba and Johnny Chen from Intel to discuss Splunk and OpenVino.
Sep 16, 2021   |  By Splunk
OpenTelemetry has the ability to democratize integrations between so many programs, says Morgan McLean, Director of Product Management for Observability and co-founder of OpenTelemetry. The advantages for Splunk and our Observability Cloud are numerous.
Sep 16, 2021   |  By Splunk
Volume, velocity, variety, and variability. Distinguished Architect Arijit Mukherji discusses those four things, plus what makes the Splunk Observability Cloud product unique.
Sep 16, 2021   |  By Splunk
Monitoring your Kubernetes clusters within Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring has never been easier. Just click data setup and select Kubernetes to begin learning more about your Kubernetes environment and workloads. Test drive your free trial of Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring today to seamlessly get your data in to navigate effortlessly and pinpoint problems in real time.
Sep 10, 2021   |  By Splunk
Join Grey Dziuba, Chris Burnham, and Jonathan Campos to discuss Splunk's Observability Suite also known as 011y.
Sep 10, 2021   |  By Splunk
Wherever you are in your cloud journey and whatever your environment looks like, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring is a purpose-built metrics platform to address real-time cloud monitoring requirements at scale. Get real-time observability for data from any cloud, any vendor, and any service.
Nov 16, 2018   |  By Splunk
Gaining insights from your data requires more than collecting and analyzing metrics and logs. With the acceleration of customer and business demands, site reliability engineers and IT Ops analysts now require operational visibility into their entire architecture, something that traditional APM tools, dev logging tools, and SRE tools aren’t equipped to provide. Observability enables you to inspect and understand your IT stack; but what is it, and how does it differ from IT monitoring?
Oct 21, 2018   |  By Splunk
The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has exploded, sometimes overshadowing the real uses and innovations happening everyday at organizations across the globe. The reality is that applying AI and ML to data-dependent challenges presents opportunity for better security, faster innovation and overall improved efficiency.
Oct 21, 2018   |  By Splunk
Imagine a world where incident alerts arrive 30 minutes before problems even begin — you’d actually have the power to prevent outages and deliver a truly seamless experience to your customers. Sound impossible? Think again — the right AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) solution can help you maintain uptime, reduce manual incident-management tasks and increase productivity.
Oct 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
At Splunk, we make it easy for our customers to turn mountains of machine data in their Amazon Web Services (AWS) and hybrid environments into valuable business, operational and security insights that improve their businesses.
Oct 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
Most IT organizations have adopted event management as a central practice to help find and fix what’s broken, but today's tools focus on managing the volume of events—they do not deliver service context. Without context, you are ill-equipped to focus on the right problem at the right time. What you need is something different—something that makes IT events less eventful and more insightful—and now, you can finally do it!
Sep 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
From protecting customer experience to preserving lines of revenue, IT operations teams are faced with increasingly complex responsibilities while being required to prevent outages that could harm the organization. Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) utilizes AI powered by machine learning to deliver a predictive IT and ensure optimal application performance and quality.
Sep 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
The financial services industry has unique challenges that often prevent it from achieving its strategic goals. The keys to solving these issues are hidden in machine data—the largest category of big data—which is both untapped and full of potential.
Aug 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
Let’s face it — the struggle to monitor basic server metrics in modern hybrid infrastructures is real. But deploying and maintaining monitoring tools doesn’t have to be a major headache. Splunk Insights for Infrastructure can help your team index both Linux and AWS data, enabling them to quickly identify and remediate the root cause of problems.
Aug 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
Splunk is probably the single most powerful tool for searching and exploring data you will ever encounter. Exploring Splunk provides an introduction to Splunk -- a basic understanding of Splunk's most important parts, combined with solutions to real-world problems.
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
Digital transformation has led to complex environments that continuously generate new data. As a result, organizations are left unsure about how to best use their data to foster growth and edge out the competition. It’s not enough to just have mountains of data, it needs to be analyzed and made sense of in a way that best suits the business.

Splunk produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data, via a Web-style interface.

Splunk turns machine data into answers. Regardless of your organization’s size and industry, Splunk can giveyou the answers you need to solve your toughest IT, security and business challenges—with the option todeploy on-premises, in the cloud or via a hybrid approach.

Work the Way Your Data Works:

  • Real-Time: Splunk gives you the real-time answers you need to meet customer expectations and business goals.
  • Machine Data: Use Splunk to connect your machine data and gain insights into opportunities and risks for your business.
  • Scale: Splunk scales to meet modern data needs — embrace the complexity, get the answers.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) powered by machine learning for actionable and predictive insights.

Any Question. Any Data. One Splunk.