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My Favourite Feature of SQL Prompt - Jeff Taylor | Redgate

Jeff Taylor, Principal Data Consultant at Fulton Analytics, shares his favourite feature of SQL Prompt. SQL Prompt enables users to write high quality SQL faster. As well as autocompleting your code, SQL Prompt takes care of formatting, object renaming, and other distractions, so you can concentrate on how the code actually works..

My Favourite Feature of SQL Toolbelt Essentials - Jeff Taylor | Redgate

Jeff Taylor, Principal Data Consultant at Fulton Analytics, shares his favourite feature of SQL Toolbelt Essentials. SQL Toolbelt Essentials helps you and your teams reduce manual, time-consuming work and increase productivity. It's the set of industry-standard tools built by SQL Server industry leaders to standardize SQL development across organizations.

Facing the Future of SBOMs: Are You Ready to Overcome Their Biggest Challenges?

In this session at Navigate North America 24, Cortez Frazier Jr. from Fossa delves into the critical world of Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs). As regulatory demands increase and the call for software component transparency becomes louder, mastering SBOMs is essential. Cortez unpacks the complexities of creating, managing, and distributing SBOMs, offering actionable solutions to streamline the process.

Building an Internal Developer Platform for 20k Engineers on a Single Tenant with Will Stewart

Explore the world of Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) with Will Stewart, co-founder of @northflank9144. Gain insights into developer experience, security, and scalability, drawing from Will's extensive expertise. Learn how IDPs empower engineering teams for enhanced productivity and innovation in modern software development environments. Dive into this comprehensive overview to unlock the potential of IDPs and optimize your organization's workflow.

NinjaOne Speedrun: From zero to fully functional IT in 60 minutes

Does the thought of switching to a new endpoint management solution make you go, “ugh!”? Worried about the time, effort, and frustration that will go into migration and implementation? Fear not! NinjaOne is easy to setup, implement, and use — 92% of customers say it takes them less than a month to fully implement NinjaOne (and 58% say it takes less than a week). Join this NinjaOne Speedrun webinar and conquer IT setup in 60 minutes flat. Our Field CTO Jeff Hunter will be your guide in this fast-paced session, showing you exactly how to.