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Securing software supply chain without panicking ft. Chainguard co-founder Kim Lewandowski

Chainguard co-founder, Kim Lewandowski joins Rob to discuss the ways she presses forward in the fear-driven world of software supply chain security. In any kind of mistake or failure, security breaches have to be something that we can learn from. On the other hand, particularly during investigation, there are often walls of trust and other factors affecting fully transparent communication. Does this impact our ability to learn? Is there something we have to do differently to get better at it?

Elasticsearch on Docker Tutorial | Elastic Docker Containers Configuration - Sematext

In this Elasticsearch/Docker tutorial, we will install and run an Elasticsearch cluster on a single Docker host. We will pull an Elasticsearch Docker image (and Kibana), create a Docker network for the cluster, and deploy it on a local host. Containerizing instances of Elasticsearch helps create a scalable and mobile infrastructure, while not sacrificing system performance. Follow along to create and configure a truly open-source Elasticsearch cluster in Docker.

What pressures are forcing rapid IT transformation? | Resolve

The business landscape is changing. IT resources are dealing with growing pressures from both inside and outside their organization, hindering them from keeping up with demand. In this video, Resolve CEO Vijay Kurkal describes in more detail the challenges that they are facing today and in the future.